Promo schedule, tix on sale date

Good afternoon on this Monday. I’m going to be taking some days off the clock to burn off some unused 2014 vacation days. will have all the breaking news and developments.

Before I go, the Reds announced all of their 2014 promotional dates today. You may remember that I recently had some of the bobblehead dates revealed here. This will have the rest of those and more.

Courtesy of the Reds:

Opening Night – Wed., April 8 – Reds vs. Pirates, 7:10 pm
• Reds players and coaches walk the red carpet in the Kroger Fan Zone to meet and greet with fans
• 2015 Reds Team Calendar fan giveaway
• Postgame Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks show

Fireworks Fridays
• Every Friday night features a post-game fireworks show from Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks

Super Saturdays: New for 2015 – premium giveaway every Saturday and more bobbleheads (nine) than ever before:
• April 11 vs. Cardinals: Todd Frazier Bobblehead
• April 25 vs. Cubs: Commemorative Nasty Boys Triple Bobblehead
• May 16 vs. Giants: Johnny Bench “Stars of the Queen City” Bobblehead (one of three)
• May 30 vs. Nationals: Billy Hamilton Bobblehead
• June 6 vs. Padres: Barry Larkin “Stars of the Queen City” Bobblehead (two of three)
• June 20 vs. Marlins: Brandon Phillips Bobblehead
• July 4 vs. Brewers: 2015 All-Star Drawstring Bag
• July 18 vs. Indians: Reds T-Shirt
• Aug. 1 vs. Pirates: Devin Mesoraco Bobblehead
• Aug. 22 vs. Diamondbacks: Tony Perez Day, Tony Perez Replica Statue
• Sept. 5 vs. Brewers: Reds Stein (German Heritage Night)
• Sept. 12 vs. Cardinals: “Stars of the Queen City” Bobblehead TBA (three of three)
• Sept. 26 vs. Mets: 2015 Reds All-Star Player Bobblehead TBA

Family Sundays

• Enjoy family days at the ballpark with face painters, circus performers and more
• Giveaways for kids on every Sunday, including a series of Reds player posters
• Run the Bases Days for all fans on April 12, June 7 and Sept. 27
• Family ticket offer every Sunday

2015 Reds tickets ON SALE NOW:

• Season Ticket Plans: Want tickets to the 2015 MLB® ALL-STAR GAME® at Great American Ball Park? Guarantee your chance to buy ALL-STAR GAME® tickets by purchasing Reds half-season ticket plans and above starting at under $9 per seat.
• 13-Game Mini Plans: Three to choose from (13 Fridays, 13 Saturdays or 13 Sundays) and each plan includes one ticket to the 2015 T-Mobile All-Star FanFest®
• “Nasty Boys” Pick-6 Plan: Guarantee the new “Nasty Boys” triple bobblehead featuring 1990 relief pitchers Norm Charlton, Rob Dibble and Randy Myers when you buy the Nasty Boys Pick-6 plan, presented by McDonald’s®. This six-game ticket plan includes the Sat., April 25 Reds vs. Cubs game (Nasty Boys bobblehead night), six free McDonald’s® Extra Value Meals® and five additional regular season home games of your choice, exclusions apply. Save up to 28% with this first ever Reds commemorative triple bobblehead.

Single game tickets are scheduled to go on sale Feb. 28.

The full 2015 promotional schedule can be found at

To purchase tickets visit or call 513-765-7500.


Dang it. It sucks I live so far away that I can’t buy a package in order to get All-Star game tickets. I would love to go to that, and wanted to get tickets. But it looks like I won’t be able to get them at all, or at a fair rate. #boooo

The Reds are truly killing me! I mean they are paying for bad contracts and they say they are cash hamstrung. Do you really think other than opening day people are going to come out like they did last year and watch this team? I HOPE NOT! I am an avid Reds fan. Have been for 45 years. I now live in Michigan due to my job, but originally from Dayton. I am passionate to see the Reds win a Championship. Been way too long. The year I was married to be exact….1990. The Padres are all in and I can’t believe it. Where do they get their $ with them also being a small to mid market team? We now have taken 2 starters away, we have no left fielder to speak of and we are counting on everyone to have return to form years to even make us competitive. Jocketty drives me nuts and I am also tired of hearing from him they are cash strapped. Give me a royal break! Castellini started out making good on his promise, but due to stupid and hideous long contracts we are hamstrung and probably will be a last place team in 2015. It just hurts!!! Your thoughts?

One. Regarding San Diego, they just signed a new TV deal of gargantuan proportions, reflecting mostly the growth underway in that region of the country and the expectation of continued growth. That hands them an enormous windfall. The Reds are also up for re-negotiation by 2016, and it will increase, of course, but not nearly with the same sizable jump, reflecting the fact that the Reds operate out of a slowly dying region of the country. So, yes, it does come down to revenue stream and dollars available, as it always has in the New Age of Television and Free Agency.

Understand that TV deal and how we get ours in 2016, but San Diego probably will still not get the attendance we got last year and the midwest has better fans. Bottom line is I think we would fill more butts in the stands if Castellini showed us a little faith this year with maybe one good free agent signing for LF. That’s all.

Part of my point is that attendance no longer matters as much as it used to. TV rules the roost!

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