Simon, Latos traded

The Reds traded All-Star starter Alfredo Simon to the Tigers for right-handed pitcher Jonathon Crawford and infielder Eugenio Suarez.

Meanwhile, the Reds dealt power arm Mat Latos to the Marlins for 24-year-old right-hander Anthony DeSclafani and catcher Chad Wallach.

“We’re in a better position to start looking at some other possibilities to improve our club – the hitter we’re looking for and some bullpen depth,” Jocketty said during the press conference to announce the Simon trade.

More to come on


OK. Now the Reds are moving . Thank you .

So Heisey, Latos, Simon, and looks like Cozart soon. That should really adjust this budget to sign Cueto. We need a leader for all these prospects. This gives the Reds probably about 3 to 4 legit starting options for these two open spots now. All controled for a long time. Now do they go big on LF or continue with trades?

Agree. Hope you are right about Cozart. Need hits.

Looks like another fire sale. don’t recognize any of those named. By the way….no left fielder or a left handed pitcher. Should I be excited?

I think these are good trades for the Reds. Desclafani was the #2 prospect in the Marlins organization, and should fill in as our #5 starter this year. Hopefully these two trades gives us enough cap space to go sign a left fielder.

Agree . If you’re going to dump salary , Latis wads good choice . I agree bigblu on Cueto .

With the quality he trade me should have been able to get what we real wanted and what Cincinnati really needed instead of just preparing for what he wanted, if he is talk free agents. They were is not guarantee we will get what he really wants and probably end up with second best or nothing at all.

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