Jocketty on Latos trade to Miami

Just talked to Walt Jocketty about the second trade of the day…

“Mat had a great career with us while he was here,” Jocketty said. “When I spoke to him he was grateful for the opportunity here. We’ll miss him because he was obviously a great pitcher for us. I think he will do well for Miami.

“We think DeSclafani will be a guy that will pitch in our rotation. He made some great strides at the end of the year. He went to the [Arizona] Fall League to work on some things. They say he made a lot of improvement. We see him fitting in the rotation.

“Chad Wallach adds to our catching depth. We really lacked depth in catching and middle infield. This will improve that.”


We’re looking for catching depth? Really? What about the depth of our left field? Latos and Simon for unproven pitchers still working out their kinks. I thought we had pitching down on the farm. I just don’t get it. We lose both pitchers and no leftfielder in return. What’s Gomer gonna do next?

Jockstrap needs to go! 2 all star type quality pitchers. We get ANOTHER no hit SS,2 class A prospects and a guy who MIGHT make it as a LeCure type.Look what the Tigers got for Porcello! Anyone who thinks Latos isnt better than him and we get nothing.Jockstrap needs to go!

Yall complain when he doesn’t do anything and you complain when he does most off that was for money to pay the other pitchers or maybe a free agent to fill our needs

A little color on our new four guys…
Crawford, 23, went 8-3 with a 2.85 ERA in 23 starts as a Midwest League All-Star for Class A West Michigan in 2014. Suarez, 23, made his Major League debut last season and appeared in 85 games for the Tigers, hitting .242 with four HRs and 23 RBIs. DeSclafani, 24, made his Major League debut last season with five starts and eight relief appearances for the Marlins. Wallach, 23, combined to hit .322 with seven HRs and 57 RBIs in 97 games last season for Class A Jupiter and Greensboro, where he was a mid-season South Atlantic League All-Star.

There are so many confused fans here. We could not take on a 10 mil a year guy in LF. We are trying to reduce payroll not add to it. We need as many pitching prospects as possible to replace our starters. We now have 3 spots filled next year with a guy who couldnt get out of the 4th inning as an option and another prospect who has never pitched in the majors.

A cheap number 2 starter given up for maybe an average #5 starter in 2 years. Ownership/ Joketty keep saying they are in win now mode, this proves they are in “shave payroll and blow smoke up fans as*&s”. I will take back my remarks if we get a solid left fielder and bullpen arm but don’t hold your breath. I can hear it know from Walt around February when then sign no free agents of note , “We were close, we were close but nothing panned out. I like our offense.” The same way you like it last year Walt and again spent no money. I was close, close walt to going to a few games this year but it just didn’t pan out.

I’m encouraged by today’s activities. Now it’s wait and see what kind of LF we end up with and what else we have to offer to get one. I’m hopeful.

If they had to dump payroll , these are good moves . If they now go get a quality left fielder , it will be even better . If they don’t get a quality left fielder , then it will be strictly a salary dump . Let’s wait and see if they are serious about winning .

Just read where Jocketty said that this was it for now and they MIGHT be looking for additional help . He said they have the payroll were it needs to be . I have a sick feeling that this is the team that will be going to spring training . If they don’t get a bat , this will be sad team . Doesn’t look good boys and girls .

I hope he meant thats all for right now and will get us a LF before spring training. Think we’re probably in for an extended wait and see.

So exactly where are the Red’s deep? And why aren’t they deep? Could it be they have drafted poorly in the last several years?

They were deep at starting pitching . They did need to trade to get a LF/Bat. Most of their depth went to San Diego two years ago for Latos . Problem is that they haven’t improved and won’t unless they get that LF/Bat . Jocketty doesn’t sound like that is going to happen .

The Orioles “kicked the tires” on Reds outfielder Jay Bruce but couldn’t match up on a trade with Cincinnati, Joel Sherman of the New York Post tweets.

One of the tires needed repaired ?

Lol. There were probably two . The ones that swing the bat .’s Jayson Stark says that “with the Reds acquisition of Suarez, other clubs say they expect Reds to turn around and move Zack Cozart.”

With the loss of two experienced starting pitchers, perhaps Cosart could be moved to the New York Mets in exchange for Dillon Gee. The Mets are open to a shortstop acquisition, and though they reportedly turned down a rumored Gee deal with the Minnesota Twins for Eduardo Escobar, perhaps they may feel Cosart is indeed a big enough upgrade over Wilmer Flores to make a deal happen.

just what they need MORE pitchers.. maybe the can teach Leake to play LF… because I don’t see anything exciting they are doing.. and telling fans, the ALL Star Game is their true only focus, because winning is secretly not a concern for the share holders.. making millions off the All Star game is!!!..GRRRRRRRRRRR..wont it be embarrassing, they are in last place at the All-Star game and fans don’t vote any Reds to the team??

More from MLB Trade Rumors…
•Other teams feel that the Reds will look to trade Zack Cozart now that they’ve acquired Eugenio Suarez, ESPN’s Jayson Stark reports (Twitter link).
•With Mat Latos and Alfredo Simon respectively traded to the Marlins and Tigers, Reds GM Walt Jocketty told reporters (including’s Mark Sheldon) that the team can start to explore other upgrades now that they’ve addressed their payroll concerns. “We’re in a better position to start looking at some other possibilities to improve our club — the hitter we’re looking for and some bullpen depth,” Jocketty said. “We’re close to where we need to be, [payroll-wise]. Now we can concentrate on filling some of the needs.”
•In an Insider-only post, ESPN’s Keith Law looks at the Reds‘ two pitching trades and feels the team got more from Detroit than they did from Miami. Law thinks Suarez is an improvement over Cozart and Jonathon Crawford could potentially be the Reds’ closer of the future.

Thanks Neb. Seeing the Reds making moves with more to come, gets the juices flowing with anticipation and excitement for opening day. I’m ready for spring training. GO REDS.

Adding catching depth is a precursor to mesoraco being moved to left field. Barnhardt and Pena behind plate. Money saved. There’s your big bat in left

According to Hal McCoy , Jocketty is in the market for ” a relatively cheap acquisition in left field .” I guess they are bagging the 2015 season . If anyone thinks they can sign Cueto and get better in 2016 is dillusional . They need to quit blowing smoke up our skirts and do the inevitable and blow this team up and start over . Otherwise it’s going to take a very long time . If Castillini doesn’t have the money then maybe he needs to sell to someone who does . Facts are facts . I will not attend a game or even follow them if management continues to lie and lead us along into thinking they are serious about winning . Enough is enough!!!

Selling the franchise to someone with more money (not a whole hell of a lot of suitors would have at their disposal more than Castellini’s excess of two billion!) won’t change a single thing about their financial plight. No sane businessman is going to fritter away proceeds from other, more reliable and solid ventures within their holdings/portfolios. the tiny market remains what it is!

Except Barnhart hits like Cozart. Keep Mes at catcher and find an OBA guy for 2015 until Winker is ready.

Jim – Sounds like you would be doing us all a favor if you follow your plan and don’t follow the Reds next year so that you can spare us your ignorant tirades. Facts are facts: Castellini’s group bought the team in after the 2005 season when the payroll was approx. $61.9 M the highest it ever was. Since then the payroll has been as follows:

2006: $60.9 M
2007: $68.9 M
2008: $74.1 M
2009: $73.6M
2010: $76.2M
2011: $80.8M
2012: $87.8M
2013: $106.9M
2014: $114.2M

It looks to me like Castellini and friends have been doing there share of spending money. The reality is that the Reds have spent their money on keeping the talent they have rather than spending big on free agents that rarely live up to their contracts. The moves make sense. Walt and Bob have always placed their focus on their home grown talent. Cueto, Leake and Bailey have spent their entire careers in the Reds organization. They can’t afford to pay those three plus a Latos or another top flight pitcher, so I have no problem with them getting something for these guys when they would have gotten nothing for them next year. They also have big money allocated to other home grown products Votto and Bruce, plus will eventually have to pay Frazier, Mez and Hamilton as the time moves on. Spending a ton of money in Left Field will do nothing for this team, finding someone that can get on base and gel with the core that they have is what they need along with their core being healthy together for the whole season.

I am hopeful that the Reds will be better in 2015 than they were in 2014, they have been competitive for the most part now for the past 5 years, they are working to stay competitive for the next 5 without having another 10 year gap of not being competitive. As long as they stay competitive all it takes is getting hot for a couple of months and they can bring home a winner.

Since 2001 the team with the highest payroll won the WS once. Of the ten teams that made the playoffs last year only five of them had higher payrolls than the Reds. In fact the Reds had the 12th largest payroll of MLB teams last year. They also ranked 14th in attendance. They are spending what they should be, and should to continue to spend at a level that makes sense without overspending for no results. Ask the Phillies how that has worked out the past few years.

jbar. Excellent info. Agree with staying competitive. No long droughts please. I’m too old. The only negative input is a point I have made before. The amount of money spent is important, but how you spend it is even more so. I continue to believe that this ownership and management has squandered a lot of the money on unwise contracts that has handcuffed the Reds and created the money crunch dilemma. I hope they have learned a lesson and will not repeat it. Yes, we are a small market team and as a result fiscal responsibility is imperative.

We’ll see who is ignorant come July .

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