NL Central looks tough

While the Reds haven’t completed any deals yet here at the Winter Meetings, some of their NL Central rivals have been frisky. The Cubs are arguably the “winners” of the meetings by signing pitchers Jon Lester and Jason Hammel and trading for Miguel Montero.

“They’re certainly going to be a lot better than they were last year because of some of the key moves they’ve made,” Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said on Wednesday.

The Pirates brought back A.J. Burnett recently and re-signed Francisco Liriano this week and added reliever Antonio Bastardo on Wednesday.

It all points to one competitive division for 2015.

“I think all five teams in our division will be competitive and will probably be in contention most of the year,” Jocketty said. “We’ll probably be knocking each other off all year. I don’t see the winner of our division winning a lot of games. It will be tough to 100 games in our division. Somebody might step up.

“I don’t think the division gets a lot of notoriety for whatever reason. It’s the middle of the country, I guess.”

On soon, I will have more on today’s briefing with Jocketty.


This division is going to be too good to NOT do something big if you want to still compete!

Broken record RBI T2 here…. You win games with runs…. To get runs you need at least one strong consistent 130+/yr RBI hitter aka Tony Perez “Doggie”…. The division pitching is getting much better…. The Reds lack run production…aka… bottom of the division, even with Votto and Bruuuuuce coming back at 100%..They need a big bopper.

The only way all 5 teams are competitive is if Walt gets this team what it needs. If not then only 4 teams are going to be trying to get to the playoffs and Walt’s Reds will be taking the old Cubs place at the bottom of the Central. The other 4 teams made moves while Walt of course cant do anything. Doesn’t make me feel he will do anything to get the Reds better or even to the next level. Why did they bother to even go to the winter meetings. They accomplished nothing.

Walt has retired but hasn’t announced it, his logic and approaches are antiquated by the nature of the game. His mismanagement of the team bodes well for farther destruction of this organization. Sad state of affairs!

Does anyone really take Jocketty seriously anymore . He is such a broken record . There will be 4 teams in the division that will be competitive and the DEADS are not one of them . It’s time for fans to wake up and do the only thing we have control of . Stay away from the ball park . Hit them on the wallet .

Duh !!! The Cubs are going to better . No kidding !! What ? Did you wake up from your nap ? They almost caught you last year with a AAA roster . lol Oh , the Refs were injured and if , if , if .

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Tigers Nearing Deal To Swap Porcello For Cespedes; Reds May Also Be Involved
By Jeff Todd [December 11, 2014 at 9:08am CST]
The Tigers are nearing a deal with the Reds to add a starting pitcher, Jon Morosi of FOX Sports reports on Twitter. It is not clear if that swap is part of a three-team deal or, instead, is a separate transaction under contemplation.

Mat Latos: ESPN Insider Keith Law is hearing from a source close to Walt Jocketty that the Reds GM is highly interested in trading Latos, who is set to become a free agent after the 2015 season. Teams have also inquired about starter Mike Leake, whom the Reds are not as interested in dealing.

Pro Sports Daily Tweet…
CJ Nitkowski @CJNitkowski
Told Cespedes to Detroit, Porcello to Boston is done.

Miami is making progress with the Reds on a deal to acquire Mat Latos, Jon Morosi of FOX Sports tweets.

The question is…is it for salary relief or to get a LF/Clean Up hitter…or both.

Good question . Looks like Jocketty is finally waking up from his nap. Traded Simon to Tigers .

The Tigers are talking about a deal with the Reds to add a starting pitcher and could be close to an agreement, Jon Morosi of FOX Sports reports on Twitter. Discussions are completely separate from Detroit’s talks with the Red Sox, C. Trent Rosecrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer tweets.

According to Jon Morosi of FOX Sports, the Tigers will also “obtain a starting pitcher” from the Cincinnati Reds in exchange for some prospects. That pitcher could be any of the Reds starters who are set to enter free agency following the 2015 season, but Mat Latos seems to be the likeliest candidate to get moved today.

C. Trent Rosecrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer said the Reds had balked at the idea of dealing away Latos’ salary just to take on a similar amount of contract commitment in return, which is why they aren’t the team announcing a deal for Cespedes instead of the Tigers. However, shedding salary in order to give them free agent signing flexibility is exactly what the organization wants to do.

The deal being discussed is not for Latos, Jason Beck of tweets. That would appear to mean that Cincinnati is having active discussions on two of their starters.

Wonder if they can find a way to move Phillips with a pitcher. That would put this team back in the drivers seat for budget.

The Tigers have officially agreed to a deal with the Reds for starter Alfredo Simon, . A pair of 23-year-olds will be headed to Cincinnati in the trade: shortstop Eugenio Suarez and pitching prospect Jonathan Crawford.

I think the only deal Phillips might approve would be to the Braves
Upton for Phillips?

Its Simon to Tigers. Awesome

If they do that and Latos to Marlins, that makes it interesting. I only hope they dont waste money bringing in a has been for a few million to start and just hand it over to youth.

Cingrani is smiling ear-to-ear.

Confirmation on Latos to Marlins…
The Reds are working on a trade to send starting pitcher Mat Latos to the Marlins, Jon Heyman of has confirmed.

If Latos goes, then our fearsome foursome would be…
I can deal with that…as long as we have a certifiable LF/Clean Up guy.

The Reds are working on a trade to send starting pitcher Mat Latos to the Marlins, Jon Heyman of has confirmed. The Marlins are sending prospects Anthony DeSclafani and Chad Wallach to the Reds, according to FOX Sports reporter Ken Rosenthal.

6’1″ 190 lbs.
6’3″ 210 lbs.

We have a left field bat – if Mez moved there. Why not? Bring up Barnhart.

Not sure there is a need with Winkler coming up in 2016. That pretty much clogs
LF and 1B. Although there was talk during the year that this winter they would have
Mesoraco field a few balls in different positions in an attempt to get him more AB’s.

With Simon ($5.1m) and Latos ($8.5m) gone, that frees up some monies for
our LF FA!

I should have said “temporary” LF FA; 1 year or so.

Anyone know anything about these prospects? The SS is interesting.

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