Reds listening on Cueto, Chapman

There has been some buzz at the Winter Meetings on Tuesday that the Reds were listening to clubs seeking trades for Johnny Cueto and Aroldis Chapman. reported the story about Chapman.

Reds general manager Walt Jocketty didn’t exactly deny the rumors. But he is not actively shopping either pitcher.

“I don’t know where the Chapman stuff came from. I got hit with it,” Jocketty said. “I walked into the room today and asked our guys if there was anything on Chapman. I got three texts and a phone call this morning. I’ll listen to anything that makes sense. It was not something we initiated.

“Nobody has given us anything, really. They want to know if the rumors are true. It’s whatever you want to think. I don’t consider, unless we get proposals from clubs, that it’s anything legitimate. It’s just inquiring.”

Jocketty met with no clubs face-to-face but did talk on the phone. Most of the club’s in-person meetings were with agents, including Cueto’s representatives. Jocketty also noted he thought the team was close on a couple of trade this week but thy didn’t materialize a deal and fell apart.

I’ll have more about Tuesday on soon.


the reds don’t want to win

The deals the Reds work on never materialize. I think they want to win . They just don’t know how . They’re a joke .

Oh ye of so little faith.

Maybe they can trade Jocketty for a couple clubhouse boys . At least they would be somewhat productive.

Trade Chapman for some power.

Trade Chapman (and a mid-level prospect if needed) for Yelich.

Every year, it’s the same thing…deal fell through, deal didn’t materialize. BS.Walt, you are worthless. If only deals would fall through when your after a retread Cardinal, we’d be in much better shape

The Reds have a one year window to “win now”

If they keep Cueto, Chapman, and others they have a fair shot at the division and could make a run…then after this year, it’s heavy rebuilding likely with at least 2-3 bad years due to lack of pitching…Cueto is gone, Chapman is gone, just a numbers game.

However, if you move Cueto and/or Chapman, look at the haul the Whitesox gave up for Samardzija…Cueto will command even more. The Reds could (and should) move Cueto while his value is so high. The return would be an elite prospect, one or two decent prospects, and an acceptable major leaguer. Even without Cueto, the Reds have an outside shot this season (though the Cubs are making moves to go along with the perennial contenders) ….but more importantly, their long-term window is thrust open.

The window is CLOSED ! They need to to rebuild now . They are behind every team in the division. The Reds need to wake up and deal with the facts . Quit feeding us all the BS and think we still believe them . They lied to us the last two trade lines saying they were buyers and then did NOTHING !! Enough is enough . I believe attendance will fall below 2 million this year . They will sell out opening day and the all-star game but after that it will be hard .

You need Cuetto!!!

In my opinion the Reds wiill be better without a trade. If the team is healthy they will revert to 2013 form. If they can get a goodd, experienced left fielder with at a reasonable cost or trade, even better. I have followed our boys since I was thirteen and I am now seventy. I have been through the good, the bad and the ugly. Thanks for the read.

If,If,if!!!!!! It is not going to happen . Quit dreaming . The Cubs just got Lester . Say hello to last place . Walt Jocketty is a joke !!!!


Cueto had a career season last year. Any other team interested in him realizes this. His value at the moment is high, but perhaps not as high as we think. The fact is even with a healthy roster the reds will need a great season to win the division, (those pesky Cardinals!) let alone get further than that. Why wait a year or two to rebuild? Trade Cueto for the best offer, keep Chapman. He’s young and hungry, the team needs him and more importantly the fans want him playing for Cincinnati.

MLB Trade Rumors…
•Lester becoming a Cub shifts the balance of power in the NL Central, and the New York Post’s Joel Sherman wonders (via Twitter) if it will be what causes the Reds to begin rebuilding.
•On a related note, Lester’s contract sets the standard for extension talks between the Reds and Johnny Cueto, who is eligible for free agency after 2015, C. Trent Rosecrans of the Cincinnati Enquirer writes. Rosecrans also notes that, with Lester heading to Chicago, the Red Sox figure to be clearly in the market for starting pitching, and there might be a match between the Red Sox and Reds, who could offer Mat Latos or Mike Leake.

2014 NL Central
76-86 Reds
73-89 Cubs
2015 additions
Cubs: Manager Joe Maddon, SP Jon Lester, SP Jason Hammel, catcher Miguel Montero
Reds: 3B coach Jim Riggleman

And Riggleman’s not going to over worked waiving runners home .

Let’s look at the entire picture
Phillips numbers have been declining at the plate, .250 hitter with a great glove
Votto has not been the same since his first knee injury, personal issues have contributed, He may never be what he was.
Bruce is to inconsistent to be a good hitter.
That makes 3 of the top 5 hitters in the sand come playoff time, if they are not on the injured list

Get ready for the fire sale come August ! It’s coming .

Choices seem to be:
1. Stand pat and try to win in 2015. Then you’ll be looking at 3-5 years rebuilding and not being competive. If not inthe playoff hunt come August, let the firesale begin.
2. Make some moves now and be competive while you rebuild over 1-3 year period. Might even be in the running for playoffs in 2015.

Reds need to be ALL IN approaching this year which means NOT trading a quality pitcher, especially Cueto or Chapman! You can’t tell me the All Star Game isn’t going to mean BIG BUCKS for the Reds. If we go ALL IN on this team with a decent LF bat and it doesn’t work… THEN start the rebuilding process and trade whoever the heck you want!

Sad thing is the ownership and management got us into this mess. Yet, we have to rely on this same group to correct it.

I don’t quite understand where fans think the Reds will make big bucks for the All Star game, I was always under the impression that the money went to MLB not the individual franchise in fact I have heard that some clubs have lost money on the game. Teams want the game to showcase the city, their franchise and give their fans a special “gift”. Putting on the game is a major headache with all the activities and planning that goes with it but is worth it for the PR for as I said the city involved and the franchise. Like Joe just said , get a left fielder and go for broke. The window is now.

The club makes the extra money in sale of ASG logo material, additional festivities, parking, concessions but most of all by the additional season ticket sales and suite sales for the rights to purchase ASG tickets.

My special gift would be a management team that has a clue as to what they’re doing .

Where is that decent LF bat coming from AND who are you going to trade for him . He ‘s not in. the Reds’ minor leagues and they sure as hell aren’t going to get a free agent .

Trading either one would be the worst thing they could do these players are the strength of the team.

MLB sees record $9 billion in revenues for 2014 | Dec 10
With 2014 soon coming to a close, Bud Selig and Major League Baseball can look back and say, “It was a very good year.” The league will see approx. $9 billion in gross revenues for the 2014 calendar year, a new record. Adjustments are still be calculated that could push the league slightly over the threshold with the value being described as “right there” in relation to $9 billion. That figure is up from $8 billion just last year, a staggering increase of 13 percent.
The reason for the increase? The league saw revenues double for new broadcast deals with their national network partners FOX, ESPN, and TBS that added an additional $788.3 million a year to the league’s coffers. Add that to additional local media rights deals such as the Los Angeles Dodgers (between $7 billion and $8 billion annually that sees over 30 percent distributed as revenue sharing), and multi-billion dollar deals for the Rangers, Angels, Mariners, Padres, Phillies, and soon-to-be Astros (the club is mired in restructuring their CSN Houston deal), and you get a significant bump.
The Reds renegotiated contract and increased contract is due for 2016.

Joe, I seriously doubt the extra money is much of a profit as there are major expenses with all those things you mentioned. I also serious doubt that the additional revenue from any additional season and suite sales is much when you consider the amount just an average MLB player’s salary is now. I don’t think that kind of money is going to help get a left fielder. TV contracts are the big difference maker in major league sports now. Besides each team’s share of the big MLB broadcasting contract each team has a local tv contract and boy is there a difference in those. One of the reason the Dodgers have gone on a spending spree is their new $350 million contract, compared to the Reds $30 million a year, which is also about the same as the Cardinals.

On the All Star game, the county is doing some regular scheduled maintenance for next year right now for the sprucing up of GABP. They will do this year and next at the same time so as to give the park a nice look, Hamilton County is spending that million dollars a year early once again as I said to showcase the city and franchise to the world.

Home team for All-Star game…
The hosting City may have an economic impact of several hundred thousands of dollars due to an All-Star game.
However, all revenues associated with the All-Star Game, Home Run Derby and Futures Game will go to MLB. That includes ticket sales, parking, concessions and merchandise.
What the hosting team gets in exchange for hosting the game is essentially a marketing tool. And despite the sellout crowds expected for three days of festivities, there will be virtually no direct financial benefit for the hosting team.

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