Monday at the Winter Meetings

Good day from San Diego, everyone…

The Winter Meetings are underway and the lobby here at the Manchester Grand Hyatt is filled with baseball scouts, executives, managers and of course, media. Plenty of mingling going on. Of course, a lot more stuff is happening out of sight in the suites with the club GMs, agents, etc.

Reds beat writers will be meeting with GM Walt Jocketty at 5 p.m. PT today for a briefing. Manager Bryan Price is available to all media at 2 p.m. PT.

Other tidbits thus far:

*I just ran into former Reds bench coach Chris Speier in the lobby. Speier, who was on Dusty Baker’s staff, spent 2014 as a special assistant to Jocketty but is now looking for a new job. He’s hoping to land something that puts him back on the field but isn’t ruling out any position that might present itself.

*The Indians acquired OF/1B Brandon Moss from the A’s for a Minor Leaguer infielder. Moss is another outfielder that might have been a good fit for the Reds. He’s under club control through 2016 and not very expensive.

*Last night Reds director of Minor League administration Lois Hudson was the recipient of the seventh annual Sheldon “Chief” Bender Award. It’s presented “to an individual with distinguished service who has been instrumental in player development.” Hudson has worked for the Reds organization the past 27 years.

*UPDATE: No one got into the Hall of Fame today via the Golden Era committee. Former Reds GM Bob Howsam was among the candidates but received three or fewer votes from the 16-person committee. Twelve votes were needed for election.


It always seems like the guys the “would have been a good fit for the Reds” in terms of payroll and what it cost to acquire them never end up in Cincinnati. This roster has enough players on it that the Reds could have traded a couple of them to fill this necessary slot with a guy like Moss. Now, perhaps Moss preferred Cleveland or the AL, and that had something to do with it. All I know is what I see so far in the off season, and so far I see teams like St. Louis, and Cleveland adding good pieces while the Reds haven’t yet done anything.

I still maintain that the Reds do not know how to get out from under these big contracts and still keep fan interest for 2015 season . I agree . They always seem to be a day late and a dollar short . Wait long enough and you’ll get the same old lines around the trade deadline.

But we did sign three more minor league free agents. WHOOOOPPPEEE.

Would Kemp at 10 mil a year be worth a top pitching prospect? Added payroll expense plus we would not have a cheap arm to replace our depleted starting rotation next year. I would be thinking it would take Stephenson though I would much rather give up Lorenzen, Lively or Travieso just because of the need we will have for Stephenson next year to step into the rotation. Would the Reds be able to afford 10 more mil a year on top of what they are and will need to be paying the likes of Cueto and or Leake, soon Frazier and Mez. That is a tough one.

Kemp is owed $107 million over the next five years. That’s too much for Reds and I doubt the Dodgers would eat most of that contract.

I was going off the idea from Red Reporter that the dodgers offered to pay half the remaining salary to give up a top pitching prospect

Kemp’s remaining contract…
2015 30 Los Angeles Dodgers $21,000,000
2016 31 Los Angeles Dodgers $21,500,000
2017 32 Los Angeles Dodgers $21,500,000
2018 33 Los Angeles Dodgers $21,500,000
2019 34 Los Angeles Dodgers $21,500,000

The Reds are going to need to adjust their budget somehow or someway. They are never in the market for a top talent. All we se is how that player would of been a great fit for the Reds, but no action ever. Something needs to change, or we will not see any championships in the near future in Cincy. I am personally sick of it.

You and everyone else . This organization is going nowhere fast !

When you are not good stewards of the money the fans put into the coffers thhrough gate receipts or TV revenue, this is what happens. Poor money management not “small market team” has created the problems. It’s going to be a painful process to right this ship.

By the way, I would not pay Kemp one million a year. Anyone who thinks that Kemp would be a good fit with that type of contract needs to get help. The monies some of these guys are getting is a joke. I understand the Reds trying to stay within their marketplace, but we could find someone out their to fill the void in left field. If we had a guy who could hit .275, 18 homers and 75 rbi’s, pay them 5 million a year, we would be fine. Is that available? I do not know.

Say goodbye to Brandon Moss ! Indians got him for a prospect . I guess something the DEADS don’t have .

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