Reds injury reports

I’ve written a lot of stories from Redsfest — all of which are on You’ll find stuff on Jay Bruce, Joey Votto, Homer Bailey, Todd Frazier and more.

Got some odds and ends, mostly pertaining to injury updates from manager Bryan Price.

*Mat Latos, who had a stiff elbow at the end of the season and was shut down, is doing well.

“He just had a little bit of elbow stiffness in the back and soreness in the back of the elbow at the end of the year and we just decided not to pitch him,” Price said. “He’s feeling excellent.”

*Bailey (flexor mass tendon surgery) is rehabbing and feels about week ahead of schedule.

*Catcher Brayan Pena has some loose bodies in his elbow that were removed at the end of the season.

*LHP Manny Parra had a procedure to remove a bunion from a big toe. He’s doing fine.

I’ll be in San Diego, starting Sunday evening, for the Winter Meetings. Hopefully, I will have some news to report from there.


I will believe the injuries were all minor when I see them playing at the start of the season and not on the injury list until July. remember they said the same thing about Latos last year and he did not pitch until july.

It’s hard to trust this management team . Believe it when you see it .

Latos is major headcase with great arm,

The Orioles have “limited” interest in Nori Aoki, a source tells’s Roch Kubatko. With the O’s linked to such bigger-name free agent and trade targets as Melky Cabrera, Justin Upton and Matt Kemp, it’s safe to presume that Aoki could be more of a backup plan for the Orioles if they can’t land any of those other outfielders.

MLB Trade Rumors – 12/6
The Reds signed pitchers Jose De La Torre, Marcus Walden, and utility infielder Irving Falu. De La Torre, 29, offers big strikeout stuff with control issues out of the bullpen. He appeared briefly for the Red Sox in 2013. Walden is less flashy than De La Torre, and he has spent most of his minor league career in the rotation. The 26-year-old has posted a 3.92 ERA, 5.4 K/9, and 3.1 BB/9 over 622 minor league innings. His results in the upper minors have been markedly worse. Falu, 32 next season, has appeared briefly for the Royals, Brewers, and Padres over the past two years.

Here we go. Signing never has beens and maybes, so Jocketty can say he’s doing everything he can, even though this is the same management team that got the Reds in this mess with the ridiculous contracts with inflated buyouts that THEY negotiated. In the meantime we have Votto still being totally oblivious to the fans who pay his salary with his disengaged “I dont want to talk about it” attitude. He is a head case who will never be back physicaaly, mentally or performance wise. Also, read John Fay’s column concerning his interview with Votto and felt the same way. Votto is an egotist laughing all the way to the bank.

your right about these signings and it would not be so bad if they were strictly bodies for Louisville but you know some of them will end up as bench players because of their “experience”. in the meantime their top prospects spend another year in the minors when they could be doing the same job or better at a much lower cost. you wait and see walt’s big move will be to sign rasmus and continue his dream of signing every former cardinal that has played in the last 20 years. I really hope I am wrong but I think he will do it and is just tossing the big names out just to say we tried.

why can’t Jocketty improve the Reds —-look Votto wold wave his no trade,Bruce looks good in pinsstrips and Chapman should bring a few players back, also signing a free agent they act as if they have no sense of what it is about —-fan since 1950 worse winter ever.

The Reds have gotten themselves in a situation that they can’t get out of without totaling blowing this team up . They have too many contracts bad contracts . Some of it is their fault some is just the nature of the business . They also move extremely slow which is very frustrating .

MLB Trade Rumors…
The Padres have discussed a trade with the Red Sox involving Ian Kennedy and Yoenis Cespedes, tweets Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports. Boston, however, feels Cespedes can bring back a pitcher better than Kennedy.

The Reds aren’t involved in any major trade rumors ?? Imagine that . Still waiting on that left fielder . Lol

Along with the Dodgers (Kemp) the Braves (Justin Upton and Evan Gattis), Red Sox (Yoenis Cespedes and Allen Craig), and Phillies (Marlon Byrd) also have right-handed power bats available to trade.

Let’s hope the Reds are in the mix somewhere . I doubt it but we can hope .

I think Craig would be interesting though he is not worth one of our starting pitchers unless more is coming back in return. Would be an interesting trade for him and another prospect. I wouldnt mind just trading Latos for a bunch of prospects and getting the salary relief. Then throwing our minor league hitters to the fire in LF. Holding the money relief to help sign Cueto and Leake. The reds also have Frazier and Mez coming up soon. The reds have a lot of decision looming and the answer is not always to increase payroll.

Interesting that this far into the offseason and Jocketty says he has had no contact with Red Sox concerning Cespedes. Why not?

Because we dont want Cespedes. haha… I still dont understand why we would want him. That is one of the last players I want to deal with next year. He will be one of the least liked players on this team and will drive everyone nuts. He makes too much money and his OBP is lower than Phillips, which is very bad.

I tend to agree . I’ve read bad things ,attitude wise ,about him. However. Jocketty hasn’t done squat to improve this team and with each passing day it will get harder .

Agree. I hope we’re not. I’ve posted anti Cespedes in the recent past. My point put a stop to the speculation or just say “I won’t discuss particular players but we are persuing a lot of avenues.

MLB Trade Rumors…
Reds pitcher and regular MLBTR reader Mike Leake keeps track of offseason trade whispers but tries not to worry about them, Mark Sheldon of writes. “I’m curious. I check MLB Trade Rumors every day just to see what’s new,” says Leake, a potential trade candidate this winter. “There’s nothing you can do about it. You sit and wait and see if your name is thrown in a trade.” Leake notes that he would be happy to remain with the Reds, but would be understanding if they traded him.

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