All-Star Game patch

The Duke Energy Center is being transformed into a Reds Mecca for Redsfest, which begins Friday afternoon.

Reds catcher Brayan Pena was on hand to talk to reporters and is on a media tour around the city all day.

While he was wearing his No. 29 jersey, you could see a slight — and expected — uniform modification for the 2015 season.



Hi Mark,

has anyone wrote an article about the Reds and payroll. Kind of a dumb question I know because there’s probably been dozens. For instance I did a list the other day of players and monies committed for 2015 and it was like 122 million dollars. Based on guesstimates too for all the arbitration eligible guys, and the 6.5 mill to Marshall and I think the number for Ludwick, Hanahan and money owed to Arroyo was 7.9 million. Not to mention the 3.5 mill to Para and 2.5 mill to Schumaker.

I think from the 122 million I still had 9 open spots on the actual 25 man roster that has no money included in the 122 million if that makes sense.

Just a concerned fan !

Thanks Mike

Would be good if we could somewhat understand the revenue sources for the Reds, ticket sales, advertising, radio, tv, revenue sharing, etc.
Los Angeles

Yes . Good question . That might make things more understandable . Thanks Paul .

The reality is that with the AS game ownership will make big bucks. The team may suck, and the team may be broke, but the ownership will be smiling all the way to the bank.

Not true. MLB gets the proceeds from the game. The only thing the club gets is a little exposure, much like the hosting town outside a tick up in tourist revenue for a single, isolated shot. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the hosting team does not make out with a bonanza take. In fact, as recently as 2013, when Citi Field in Queens staged the event, the Mets actually lost dollars!

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