Heisey traded to Dodgers

With a few hours to go before the non-tender deadline, the Reds have traded outfielder Chris Heisey to the Dodgers, MLB.com confirmed on Tuesday. ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick first reported that a deal was made. It’s not yet clear who is coming back but it will likely be a pitcher.

In 119 games last season, Heisey batted .222/.265/.378 with eight home runs and 22 RBIs. His wins-above-replacement number (WAR) was 0.9. His four pinch-hit homers led the Majors, however, and his 10 career pinch-hit homers are three shy of the team record. His best season was 2011, when he hit 18 homers with 50 RBIs in 120 games.

UPDATE — Reds announced the deal at 9 p.m. ET. They acquired RHP Matt Magill. A 25-year-old, Magill has six games pitched in the big leagues for the Dodgers in 2013 and a 6.51 ERA. Last season at Triple-A, he was 7-6 with a 5.21 ERA in 36 games, including 12 starts.

The club also announced that RHPs Logan Ondrusek and Curtis Partch were non-tendered contracts. They become free agents.

More to come on MLB.com.


Righty Matt Magill is coming back to the Reds for Heisey

What kind of pitcher is he ? Stats , etc .

So the book finally closes on Ondrusek; fellow was sought after by other teams a few years back and Reds turned down offer(s). Thought by the Reds to be the future closer at one point.

Ondrusek can be back if he and the Reds so choose, could be much cheaper going the non-tender route. Dodgers have a glut of outfielders now, I look for some thinning of the “herd” there.

They have been trying to thin that herd for quite some time now; especially Ethier and Crawford, to a lesser extent, Kemp. Puig is not touchable. The Dodgers have even let it be leaked that they would pick up a sizeable portion of salary for the traded fielder. My take is that of the three they are attempting to trade, all of them make HUGE salaries that extend for multiple years. In other words, the Reds are out of any Dodger fielder movement.

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The 39-year-old outfielder has agreed to a one-year, $10.5 million contract with the Twins, FOX Sports reported on Tuesday night. The Twins have not confirmed the deal, but a source confirmed the agreement to MLB.com.

Sorry, left off the name; Tori Hunter. Seems to me that he would have been perfect
for us for one year. However, I don’t think the Reds were on his list of teams that he wanted to play for.

Tori’s preferences were AL teams.

$10.5 million for one year of 39 year old Torii Hunter? What is this world coming to?

I see the Cards signed Belise for their bullpen.

MLB Trade Rumors – 12/2/14…
Reds GM Walt Jocketty says that his club has not discussed Yoenis Cespedes with the Red Sox, John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer reports via Twitter. There has been some speculation recently about a possible match, fueled in part by a recent spate of rumors, but it appears that nothing is in the works in that respect.

MLB Trade Rumors – 12/2/14…
The Orioles are showing “strong interest” in free agent outfielder/first baseman/DH Mike Morse, reports Bob Nightengale of USA Today (on Twitter).

would have much rather the Reds hang onto and try to correct Partch than Magill

i’m glad the Reds did not pursue Hunter

I would just like to see some kind of plan that shows they are going to improve the dang team!!!.. now they need a Starting LF and a backup outfielder.. they clearly dumped Heisey and got nothing in return..Partch to me had more upside than HOOVER!! And to top it off? Walt hasn’t even discussed about Cespedes,.. what the heck is he doing?? pulling out his excuse book for the day after the GM meetings??? he is lucky he has the All-Star game to pimp, because I don’t see this team getting better but going backwards…The other teams in this division wont be sitting on their butts doing nothing…The window is closing VERY fast unless true moves are made to get this team better!!.. I am not a dumb fan that just hopes every red has a career year and no need to do anything will work to get to the next level in the playoffs!!

Again the Reds dont want need or should have anything to do with Cespedes. There is a reason everyone is trying to trade him. The Heisey trade makes no sense other than trying to shed payroll for a Cueto signing. Same with the pitchers. I am completely fine with letting go all this dead weight the Reds have built through the years on these back ups. I like using younger cheaper guys from the minors than these career back up guys. Sad I remember when Heisey was part of huge trade rumors many years back and the reds refused to let him go. I always like getting a sure thing for what ifs and hopefullies in the minors (aka prospects). But we currently have 2 outfielders, so something is going to happen. The one thing Heisey did well though was to back up Hamilton and still produce great defense. That will be our biggest loss here

Ok so this also makes me think that we would not do another trade with dodgers for one of their outfielders since Heisey would be a good trade piece. I dont see the Reds doing anything more than bringing in low cost LF and replace the depth with minor league players. I am ok with that if we sign Cueto. I think the Reds plan to just take the draft picks for their pitchers leaving. Not the worst thing ever

Heisey had ample opportunity to make it happen for him in LF; he would be the first to tell anybody that that was so. He just couldn’t make it happen. And, with the Reds in a cash crunch moving forward, Heisey’s salary of what is suspected to be $2.2m this coming season (2nd year ARB), coupled with the fact that we are going to obtain another LF…he just couldn’t be maintained. With the Dodgers, they have bucket loads of $$$ and can play Heisey where he plays best; off the bench PH and late inning speller. Dodger Stadium suits him and his speed, so he was a perfect fit for LA.

Who and where is the next left fielder coming from? I don’t disagree that the Reds will have one ,but Who ? The choices are very limited . Also, will this player improve the team ?

Agree with the salary dump. We are hamstrung by the the contracts whose effects will go on for years to come. I hope I’m wrong but this team will be in trouble for 2015.

Yes I really liked Chris but for the fourth outfielder he was becoming expensive and besides we have Skip who can back up the outfield positions.

Excerpt from John Fay; Cincinnati.com. Illustrates succinctly why the Reds are in a
cash crunch moving forward.
Arbitration is going push the payroll up significantly. Players win in arbitration – even if they lose. Consider what these players made this year and what mlbtraderumors.com estimates they’d make in 2015:
•Latos — $7.25 million $8.4 million
•Leake — $5.925 million $9.5 million
•Simon — $1.5 million $5.1 million
•Chapman — $5.0 million $8.3 million
•Cozart — $600,000 $2.3 million
•Frazier — $600,000 $4.6 million
•Mesoraco — $525,000 $2.8 million

So those nine made a combined $24.51 million in 2014. They would make $45.5 million or so in 2015. That’s $21 million bump. Even with letting both Heisey and Ondrusek walk, it’s still a $16.5 million hike.

The Reds already have $75.5 million committed to 10 players for 2015. That puts the payroll at $120 million for 19 players. It was a record $114 million in 2014. Attendance was slightly down from 2013 to ’14.

That’s why the Reds are not shopping for top-shelf free agents.

Again, arbitration is a great driver of salaries. Leake is projected to make $9.5 million to Johnny Cueto’s $10 million. That shows the value of signing players before the reach arbitration and free agency, which, of course, is risky.

Then trade someone !!!! Quit sitting around with no plan and flying by the seat of your pants . No action is as bad or worse than keeping these players with the huge contracts ‘

how many millions have we wasted over the past couple of years on back ups. When a minor leaguer would have been just as good if not better. Reduce back ups and relief pitching. I agree though you have to trade a starter to reduce payroll. I just hope they dont eat that up on a wasted back up SS.

Agree! 100 percent !!!

I think within a week, we’ll see Latos gone bringing in a new LF’er in exchange. A pretty darn good one for the price of Latos, because he is a top 50 pitcher in baseball, stuff wise.

Royals eye Cabrera, but Reds, Jays and others are also in Melky mix
CBSSports.com “The American League champion Royals, looking for bats, have been in contact with former Royal Melky Cabrera, although ultimately their small-market budget might make that a tight fit and force them to consider something more cost attractive. Cabrera’s market should be strong coming off a season…”

Interesting rumor…
*30 years old this next season
*made $8m last two seasons
*able to play either RF or LF
*568 AB last season
*16 HR, 73 RBI
He is the epitome of a contact hitter;
strikes out 60-70 times per year and
walks seldom as well.
He’s a FA so maybe we can swing a trade and sign
in order to free up the $$$.

Sounds good . Hope they can as well .

Steve Adams at MLBTradeRumors.com predicts that Cabrera will land a five-year deal worth more than $66 million.

That leaves the Reds out .

The Braves have officially agreed to a four-year deal with free agent outfielder Nick Markakis, as Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports reported on Twitter. He will be guaranteed $44MM in the pact, per Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun (Twitter link).

when will Walt bring out his excuse notes from last year and the trade deadlines??? “they wanted to much”, “We have better coming back from the DL than what was available”, “I am Happy with this team the way it is”, “we tried but couldn’t see a fit”, yep sounds like 5th place to me…The supposed interest in Cabrera is to send smoke signals. why they think they can get him cheaper than Morse??? not!!.. and Saunders got traded for a 32 year old pitcher.. he couldn’t see what Seattle wanted?? better than the year to year excuses.. if you can play poker, then hire a GM that can..

supposed to have said if you “can’t” play poker, then hire a GM that can

Like a caller said on MLB radio, will somebody wake up Jocketty? Hard to believe they re-upped his contract. He would have been the first to go. Maybe they are waiting to release him with Price. What is he doing?

The scary thing is that he is awake!

My question is Cingrani still alive??? He’s not mentioned in ay press release. Is he rehabbing? What’s going on with him ?? We haven’t heard anything on him since last August.

09/29/14 Cincinnati Reds recalled Tony Cingrani from Louisville Bats.
Although he didn’t pitch the rest of the season, I heard during the season
that he was working on his pitching and control. Flat fastballs, regardless of
their velocity, are met with a great deal of bat inertia much too often, once
the pitcher has been seen a few times.

BTW…that’s also one of the reasons the Reds were able to non-tender Ondrusek and Partch.

I agree with you on the flat fastballs. I thought Cingrani had shoulder problems which was why he went on the DL in Louisville. I’ve heard in Sept. he was rehabbing and strengthening his shoulder but I haven’t heard a single word on him since then. When the GM or Mgr. talks about pitching his name is never mentioned. When they talk about trading starting pitching, they talk about Stephenson taking that position but never mention Cingrani. I’m just amazed at how a guy can disappear so completely.

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