Bobbleheads, Pick-6 ticket plan

The Reds announced Tuesday that a “Nasty Boys” Pick-6 plan of tickets will go on sale on Monday. The pre-sale email went out today to many fans who have bought plans in previous years.

Buying this Pick-6 plan includes:

*Guaranteed Commemorative Nasty Boys Triple Bobblehead on Sat., April 25 vs. the Cubs
*Five additional games of your choice (excluding Opening Day and Postseason)
*Six McDonald’s Extra Value Meals
*Savings of up to 28 percent off regular ticket prices

Included in the email was a list of just some of the “Super Saturday” promotional dates for 2015, including bobbleheads. I can’t recall a year where this many bobblehead dates were held.

April 11 vs. STL — Todd Frazier bobblehead
April 25 vs. CHC — Nasty Boys triple bobblehead of Myers, Charlton and Dibble
May 16 vs. SF — Bobblehead TBA
May 30 vs. WAS — Billy Hamilton bobblehead
June 6 vs. SD — Bobblehead TBA
June 20 vs. MIA — Brandon Phillips bobblehead
July 4 vs. MIL — MLB All-Star Game bag
July 18 vs. CLE — T-shirt giveaway
Aug. 1 vs. PIT — Devin Mesoraco bobblehead
Aug. 22 vs. ARI — Tony Perez statue
Sept. 5 vs MIL — Reds beer stein
Sept. 12 vs. STL — Bobblehead TBA
Sept. 26 vs. NYM — All-Star logo bobblehead

For more information on the Pick-6 plan, click here


Hell yes! (now waiting for somebody to ruin the news with negative comments about next year’s roster)

Enough with Bruce, Phillips and Votto. Year after year we see those. How bout Sam LeCure or Leake…

Leake… we don’t need a bobblehead for our #5 starter. Lecure would work just for the facial hair alone. I’m wanting more 90 team guys. No Rijo bobblehead as of now or O’neill, Hatcher, Joe Oliver. Lou would be nice as well. The Nasty Boys bobblehead is a great idea. No Leake, No Cozart… I agree though, enough Phillips and Votto/Bruce.

I like 9 bobbleheads though. If the Reds HOF does bobbleheads again I will have 14 or 15 new bobbleheads in one season which is crazy. I like crazy though.

There is so many promotional days to lure fans in that I am thinking there is a good chance the fire sale is on if my Reds don’t get off to a hot start. Here’s to a playoff bound 2015 Reds team.

Does sound like a lot of promotions but probably not much different than any other organization.

I’d like to see a fan vote for bobbleheads. something differenct running out the same ol’ same ol’ every year. no creativity at all. the nasty boys is cool? what about the fans voting for a Mt. Rushmore like the big ten network did for football. then give those away? I’m just an electrician so what do i know.

i love the mt. rushmore idea. that would be so cool. i’d buy a ticket to collect those. love me some bobbleheads

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