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I’m taking a few days off and won’t be updating a anything here or on Twitter. There will be some fresh stories appearing on this week and any breaking news will be covered.

In the meantime, feel free to use the comments section to fire up your own personal Hot Stove discussions. Thanks…


Just heard on ESPN that the Cardinals are getting Jason Heyward from the Braves for Shelby Miller . What are the Reds doing ? NOTHING !!!!!!!!

Okay, Mark…Thanks for the encouragement… Enjoy your time off…
TOPICS for Hot Stove League season:
How about ideas about an RBI hitter to play Left field…
Any minor league players out there? (I will admit I do not follow the minor leagues at all)…
Trade bait for an RBI guy?
Also… Is Cozart secure with his anemic bat ??
Does Walt deal any starting position players ?
Who backs up MeZ @ home plate?

Just throwing some potential topics out there..

Jesse Winker is the one guy who could make a name for himself in LF. He’s the one guy in the minors who could make the jump. But the organization does not feel he’s ready yet….so you gotta trust that. We are stuck dealing with Cozarts bat because he is the best defensive SS in baseball. Need to make a big push for Morse in my opinion. We need that righty power bat and he does provide that. Please stay awaqy from Marlon Byrd. Pena will be backing up Meso, well that would be my guess.

I would be all for us moving Homer Bailey if at all possible. Should be able to get a solid LF’er for him.

Sadly Walt asleep again.. The Cardinals ALWAYS get what they need. The Reds always HOPE they get career years out of every player instead of Fixing what is wrong with the team…And ACCEPTING Failure.. That is NOT a recipe for a World Championship!!! The Reds ownership is lucky they have the All-Star game to pimp for season tickets or they would be seeing a decline because alot of Fans I know are tired of the false hope they keep throwing out at the fans..I predicted they would finish 4th last year.. How i hoped i was wrong when they ONLY changed the Manager and hitting coach..NOW I predict last because the Cardinals/Pirates/Brewers and Cubs wont be sitting by waiting for a miracle. They will be making moves to improve the team.. NOT sitting back and do nothing as Walt does. He probably is already getting his excuse quotes ready for Redsfest. I hope there is a decline in people going if they dont do anything…Now the Cards turn a tragedy into a gain., while Walt sits on his hands and does nothing..AGAIN!. I have been a fan since 1972 and I am thinking of taking a year off since they havent shown they have desire to get to the next level..Cubs are done losing, guess the Reds want to replace them at the bottom!!

Opening Odds to Win 2015 World Series (11/1/15)
Los Angeles Dodgers 7/1
Washington Nationals 7/1
Detroit Tigers 11/1
Los Angeles Angels 11/1
Kansas City Royals 14/1
St. Louis Cardinals 15/1
San Francisco Giants 18/1
Baltimore Orioles 20/1
Seattle Mariners 20/1
Atlanta Braves 24/1
New York Yankees 24/1
Cleveland Indians 24/1
Oakland Athletics 24/1
Pittsburgh Pirates 24/1
Boston Red Sox 25/1
Chicago Cubs 25/1
Cincinnati Reds 35/1
Texas Rangers 35/1
Toronto Blue Jays 35/1
New York Mets 40/1
Chicago White Sox 45/1
Milwaukee Brewers 45/1
Tampa Bay Rays 50/1
Miami Marlins 55/1
San Diego Padres 55/1
Colorado Rockies 125/1
Arizona Diamondbacks 150/1
Philadelphia Phillies 150/1
Houston Astros 200/1
Minnesota Twins 200/1

So that means the Deads aren’t going to win the World Series . Imagine that !

By Joey Nowak /
In what amounts to a procedural move, the Reds released reliever Carlos Marmol on Monday a few months after he left the team’s Triple-A affiliate in Louisville.
Marmol, 32, signed with Cincinnati on May 28 and made three appearances with Triple-A Louisville before returning home to the Dominican Republic for the remainder of the season without club permission.
The right-hander has nine years of Major League experience, including seven with at least one save. Marmol was an All-Star with the Cubs in 2008 and saved a career-high 38 games in ’10.

Walt checks the paper to see what ex cardinal personell are looking for jobs. He is lazy and has blinders on. He talks but afraid to pull the trigger.

Winker just wrapped up the Arizona Fall League with the league’s batting title, hitting .338. He was also second in on-base percentage (.440) and second in slugging (.559), good for a league-best .999 OPS.
Baseball is unlike the other sports where someone else does your development for you. In baseball, teams have their own development system and no two players develop at the same rate. But for just about everyone (Mike Trout is the exception to just about every rule) it takes some time and at-bats.
Right now, Winker is just 21 and has a grand total of 21 games and 92 plate appearances at the Double-A level. Many of those plate appearances were after the wrist injury that ultimately ended his season, but it should still be noted that he hit .208/.326/.351 at Double-A.

The Reds are a day late and a dollar short on everything they do . I said it before . People need to stay away from the ball park . It’s the only way they will even think of doing anything to improve this team . The Cardinals ( the gold standard ) are proactive . The Reds just sit around on their collective hands and feed us a bunch of BULL !! Don’ give me the line of real fans will support their team ! Give me something to support and I will .

I don’t see this team being much better next year. Morse or Aoki would help a little, but not enough to make them major contenders. Looking at the glass half full, Votto, Bruce and Phillips could all stay healthy and have big years next year , which would be a big lift. Looking at the glass half empty, Frazier, Mesoraco, Cueto and Chapman all had big years this year and it got the Reds nowhere. Any blockbuster trades this winter would have to include Cueto, Chapman and/or Bruce. One thing is for certain. The Reds can’t stand pat again this offseason.rpayne35

The Stanton deal (reportedly 13 years and $325 M!) reminds me when back in the day, Steinbrenner signed Catfish Hunter for $1 M, we thought it was the end of baseball, and I still think we were right. This can’t be a good signing, for the team or for the rest of the league. How do salaries keep getting ratcheted up? Well, not ‘How’ – ‘Why’?

Two simple words: Television money.


The Stanton deal is insane and will haunt the Marlins for a long, long time. On a similar, but smaller scale, I think the Reds have handcuffed themselves with contracts like Bailey and Votto. I believe in trying to keep your top players, but not at the expense of watering down the overall talent of the 25 man roster. Will any of us live to see the first Billion dollar player in baseball?

It’s one of two things . Either the Marlins over spent or teams are making a lot more money than they let on . If it’s TV , I would think the Reds make more money with their contract than the Marlins . Maybe Neb knows those numbers . I’d be interested in knowing . I agree. It’s a bad signing . Reds’ fans should know one when they see one .

The more I see what is out there for the Reds the more I believe that Aoki would be a nice fit and it would not take away from our strength in our pitching. Of course he may have other ideas of where he would like to play. I hope we extend Cueto, not real smart to let your ace go especially a home grown one. We could backload his contract to when BP comes off the books in a couple of years. There is a strong core here if it just can remain healthy.

Is Tori Hunter a possibility. What’s the down side. I’ve heard his name thrown around but not overly familiar with him.

Cardinals are rumored as a sleeper team to get Tiger Ace Scherzer per bleacher report. And now I just read on mlbtraderumors, the Cardinals are interested in Lester. Makes 2015 look like ALL ABOUT THE DANG ALL-STAR GAME and nothing else matters for Reds ownership. Like to be proven wrong but all I see is a book of more excuses!!!

The only thing we can do is stay away from the ball park !!! That is the only chip the fans have . Bob , Walt and company don’t know what they are doing or they just don’t care .

Jim, Please tell all of us how YOU really feel?

Ok hold up. Heyward is not great he is decent. Its not like the Cards just got Stanton and its one year. Lets not over react. Cards make a lot of moves and about half turn out good ones, the difference is they are willing to make bold moves. The Reds just dont make as many bold moves, not to say that is good or bad. Remember they will get draft picks for Latos and Leake and all these other upcoming free agents. Cueto will get a multi year contract and I cant wait. He is going to be great. If Votto comes back healthy and plays it changes everything. He is still a great player. Oh and Bruce had just about the worst year of his career, not going to happen again. They still have great players and they know that.

I respectively disagree . I don’t think Bruce will ever live up to expectations and Votto is a head case . The Reds don’t only do not make bold moves . They don’t make ANY moves !!!!

I also agree with the Reds strategy this season. Unfortunately, there have been some pretty good pickups over the last few seasons and the Reds have whiffed. LF has not seen a solid everyday player in 6 seasons (2008-Dunn). They constantly believe they have a fix, only to end up platooning. What the Reds lack is a R and RBI guy that can play LF, and of course, solid relief pitching; one plates the R and the other prevents the R. But the list of thumpers that are capable of knocking in a bunch of RBI is waning. We are now down to Aoki (no power but terrific OBP) Morse (lot’s of power, iffy D) and from what I have read, Torri Hunter (seasoned old vet with great, prior, numbers…awesome locker mate). In the category, coulda, shoulda, woulda…I think the Reds should have, and might have, picked up Cruz at the beginning of the 14 season, however his “Ped” incident cuts the grain of ever dressing in our reds. Just look at Hamilton…we had him on a bus in a heart beat. One last observation…if Cueto goes, the team should undergo a minor overhaul, imo. However, we have to keep in mind that last season was an anomaly in that we literally played without Votto and Bruce stunk up the place. We platooned LF, 3B and lB with a host of players and our SS couldn’t hit water in a shower! Bright spots were obviously Hamilton in CF, Frazier at 3B and Mesoraco behind the plate. Overall, I would tinker with the team but not overhaul the team. However, with that said…we need a bona fide RBI-cleanup guy that can play LF everyday. That is…if Price plays his ‘well rested’ players every day rather than trying to be their patronizing uncle. I clearly disagree with his lineups and with his soft ball mentality when playing players all over the diamond. I didn’t care of Baker, but Price certainly didn’t learn all of his first year managing moves from him. Maybe Riggleman will help put an edge on Price, but I am not so sure. Good luck to all of us Reds fans; it’s literally hurtful to see them flounder like a tazzed bad guy in a ‘Cops’ re-run, given the talent each player possesses.

Neb . I agree with most everything you said . However to get something , you have to give something and the Reds have been reluctant to move a “name” player . Tinkering is not going to get it done in my opinion .

The fact that Hamilton comes to be viewed as a plus for this club tells you all you really need to know about their cellar-dwelling prospects for 2015 and for as far as the human eye can see!

@Denny. ????????????????? What is wrong with Hamilton. Pretty good rookie year. Runnerup for ROY.

His OBP is atrocious. That ought to be his selling point. Instead… He hit badly all around after the season’s midpoint and after the league made adjustments on him, and he had not come close to figuring it out and making counter-adjustments before the season’s curtain came down. He is actually a bad baserunner, his percentage of success unacceptable and hurting the team overall. He lacks basic instinct on the basepaths that his speed does not overcome often enough. He strikes me as fatuous, willing but probably unable to learn and adjust.

Again, rookie year. will see what next year brings. I expect much better from him next year. If not, then I’ll change my opinion.

We need to trade Cozart to the Rockies along with any pitcher on the staff (with the exceptions of Cueto and Chapman) for Troy Tulowitski. They need pitching and we need hitting. Finding a suitable left fielder is not going to happen.

I would love to get him. Two things. First, number one rule out of Colorado, dont trust the stats ever. So best to never pick someone up out of there. Second, that is a big bill to pay. You cant pay Cueto and Tulo. You would have to choose.

Jim, Votto will be fine. Bruce will be fine. They had bad years. If and only if Bruce has another poor year this year and Votto gets injured again will I agree. Until then I believe they will bounce back just fine. No reason to think other wise at this point.

You need the agreement of a key missing part: The Rockies.

Bigblu. I hope you are right about Bruce and Votto . I would be more than willing to eat crow .

Never happen…contract is bloated and lengthy. Reds would pay a RBI/LF before replacing a GG SS, even if he can’t hit much.
2015 30 Colorado Rockies $20,000,000
2016 31 Colorado Rockies $20,000,000
2017 32 Colorado Rockies $20,000,000
2018 33 Colorado Rockies $20,000,000
2019 34 Colorado Rockies $20,000,000
2020 35 Colorado Rockies $14,000,000
2021 36 Colorado Rockies *$15,000,000 $15M Team Option, $4M Buyout
Earliest Free Agent: 2021

Cards and Jason Heyward…
The Cardinals’ trade was a bit of a shocker. But maybe it shouldn’t have been: It’s the Cardinals. As I Tweeted yesterday: The Cardinals get things done.
The trade, of course, comes in the wake of the death of Oscar Taveras. Taveras was the Cardinals’ right fielder of the future.
There were rumors that Heyward was available. He becomes a free agent after the 2015 season. He hit .271 with 11 home runs and 58 RBI in 2014. He’s a great defensive player. He won his second straight Gold Glove and was among the highest-rated defenders overall.

Again. The Refs asleep at the wheel .

Excerpt from MLB Trade Rumors…
It’s an open question as to whether or not the Reds will sign Johnny Cueto to a new contract, though an extension shouldn’t be ruled out on purely financial reasons, John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer opines. Though Fay thinks extending Cueto would cost “probably north of $150MM,” the Reds will be seeing a revenue increase over the next few years thanks to a new TV deal. If Cueto will take a back-loaded deal, that would lessen the burden on the Reds’ payroll until Brandon Phillips‘ contract is off the books following the 2017 campaign.
Fay thinks there is a “close to zero” chance that the Reds would trade Cueto this winter, since “owner Bob Castellini is not going to have a fire sale. Period. He thinks this team can win and he wants to win badly.” While Cincinnati seems likely to deal a starting pitcher this offseason, recent rumors suggest that Cueto will stay put.

This team ,as it is , will not win the division or secure a wild card berth . They don’t have a prolific RBI guy or the leadership . IMO

Hmm. I am completely in the other boat here. I would take a team of non RBI guys if they all got on base at a 350 clip. I think strike outs are the most under rated stat. You have to at least put the ball in play to try and make something happen. I would give up 20 hrs from Bruce if it would reduce him down from 200ks to under 100ks, same with Votto. I want a team of guys that have 15 to 20 hr potential but are more worried about contact and getting on base. I want contact at the plate, strong defense and good starting pitching. I would put all my money in that. If you do that you are in the playoffs every year. That means you dont over pay for Power bats and relief pitching. The two biggest wastes of money in baseball.

Bigblu…simple equation….The team with the most RUNS wins….The Reds are anemic in scoring and RBI’s…. Look at the teams pitching the last two seasons…. What would two or 3 more runs per game done for the REDS record…? Small ball works if you can drive in runs…. The REDS need players that can situationally advance runners over, hit sacrifice fly’s and drive runs in… Bottom line…
I am not sure if this puts us in two different boats….BUT without a team that has consistent RBI production from two or 3 main guys, a World Series ring is just a fantasy. Clean up hitter is the term I think baseball has used for ages…. Lately the Reds have lacked filling this position with a productive iron man.

Bigblu. I don’t necessarily disagree with your reasoning. However , this team does not fit that mold either . They don’t have eight guys who will get on base at .350 clip . That’s why I think they have to make some moves . I don’t think this team as it is can keep up with the other teams on the division.

Reds Listening On Jay Bruce; Padres Have Shown Interest
MLB Trade Rumors
By Steve Adams [November 20, 2014 at 8:00pm CST]

The Reds have long been known to be open to dealing a starter this winter — Johnny Cueto, Mike Leake, Mat Latos and Alfredo Simon are all free agents following the 2015 season — but Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports reports that they’re also open to moving other high-priced players. According to Rosenthal, the Reds are listening to offers for Jay Bruce and have had preliminary trade discussions with other clubs, including the Padres.

Rosenthal’s sources indicate that the Reds made a pair of extension offers to Bruce prior to the 2014 season, but Bruce rejected each scenario. Bruce, of course, went on to have his worst season in 2014, due largely to an early injury that required knee surgery. Bruce missed just 15 days following the operation and never felt right after that, GM Walt Jocketty admits. The two-time All-Star and Silver Slugger winner batted just .217/.281/.373 with a career-low 18 home runs this year.

The Reds certainly aren’t committed to moving Bruce, Rosenthal notes, adding that owner Bob Castellini’s preference is likely to try to win in 2015. Adding a left fielder and receiving full, healthy seasons from Bruce, Joey Votto, Homer Bailey and Brandon Phillips could go a long way toward that end, but the Reds do have somewhat of a payroll crunch on their hands that could limit their flexibility this offseason if they don’t trade at least one significant salary away.

Though Bruce struggled in 2014 following his operation, he’s been a force at the plate throughout his career. The 27-year-old batted .262/.337/.489 and averaged 30 homers from 2010-13. He’s owed $12MM in 2015, $12.5MM in 2016 and has a $13MM club option with a $1MM buyout for the 2017 season. Clearly, the Reds wouldn’t move Bruce simply to save cash and would be looking for a significant return in terms of prospects and/or young, MLB-ready talent in a potential deal.

“Rosenthal’s sources indicate that the Reds made a pair of extension offers to Bruce prior to the 2014 season, but Bruce rejected each scenario.”
If Bruce won’t extend, or the Reds are now of the mind to not extend him, his time
with the Reds is numbered, based solely on finding a beneficial deal. And, of course, the other ‘needs’ of the Reds could come into play. When such a trade may take place is anyone’s guess. Then again, it may not happen at all. The 2015 season will also have a dramatic impact of Bruce’s worth, coming off a poor outing in 2014; if he plays back to 30 HR and 100 RBI or whether he plays as he did this last season. I would suggest that 2014 was an aberration.

I hope we keep Bruuuce for one more go.

Sure seems Walt’s plan is for the Reds ownership and stock holders to make a lot of money thru the fans buying season tickets because of the All-Star game. Then the Reds can do nothing to help the team as Walt says they are not close on any deals but you hear from Rosenthal they are shopping Bruce. So it’s hard as a Reds fan to see any true plan to better the team. Then if they do suck so bad they are only trying to get the #1pick for 2016, I hope they see many Fed up fans that cancel their season tickets after the 2015 season…. sadly if they do the wrong moves and this team is screwed for the next 5 years, I hope the fans really show their displeasure with their wallets staying in their pockets.

I don’t think Walt has a plan . I think he flys by the seat of his pants. He hasn’t had a plan for two years ! That’s why the Reds are in the position they’re in now . They seem to live on ifs . If this guy is healthy , if they free up money , etc . Meanwhile they have done NOTHING !!!!!!

No different than most other teams.

From John Fay…
Reds general manager Walt Jocketty said the Reds haven’t made a lot of progress since the General Manager meetings in their search for offensive help.

“We’re still talking to both agents and clubs about trades,” Jocketty said. “We really aren’t close on anything.”

Jocketty earlier confirmed to The Enquirer the club’s interest in free agents Nori Aoki and Michael Morse. He would not do that when asked about Torii Hunter.

“I don’t want to got into that,” he said. “When I talked about Aoki, I got hounded by the media. Let’s put this way: We’re talking to a lot of agents, and (Hunter) is a pretty good player.”

Hunter, 39, hit .286 with 17 home runs and 83 RBI for the Detroit Tigers this year. He made $14 million.

Best Cincinnati sports moments last 25 years
John Erardi, Enquirer
1. Cincinnati Reds shock the world (but not themselves), winning their fifth World Championship (1990).
2. Cincinnati Bengals roar into the Super Bowl in Miami vs. the San Francisco 49ers (Jan. 22, 1989).
3. Junior Griffey comes home (2000).
4. Jay Bruce belts walk off HR at Great American Ball Park, sending Reds to playoffs for first time in 15 years (2010).
5. Native son Barry Larkin enshrined in Cooperstown (2012).

The Bengal trip to the Super Bowl is now MORE than 25 years in arrears, and the last Red championship soon will be, though, technically, it would still qualify under this self-selected rubric. If the Griffey Era, so to speak, was such a total bust, and it most certainly was, then how can his mere acquisition rank with the greatest Cincinnati sports’ moments of the past quarter-century? And Bruce’s 2010 moment was highly concocted, especially given the fact that the Red lead had bulged in September to a very comfortable one! Larkin is right…that’s only two out of the five that I would give my assent to, and one of those is about to fall outside the rubric. Not a well-supportable list.

Erardi – along with, it seems, any veteran talent left at that former “newspaper” the Enquirer – is slotted to be dumped by year end. There will be no place left for real writers. Hope will still be able to read Erardi somewhere. What a loss for Cincinnati fans!!

If you compare recent Enquirer baseball prose to that of a generation or two or three in the past, then it ceased being a place of quality several decades ago. Progress, of a sort, marches on! In other words, Progress is an illusion in a sying culture…

Supposed to be ‘dying culture.’

Denny . You’re right . The Reds fall into the “most teams” category. The ones that often sit at home and watch the post season on television .

There are good reasons. Limited resources. What’s a poor franchise to do?!

Can’t disagree with you on that . I definitely don’t want them to do what the Marlins did .

Fox Sports Florida
The Tampa Bay Rays traded veteran reliever Joel Peralta and minor-league left-hander Adam Liberatore to the Los Angeles Dodgers as part of a flurry of moves to reach the 40-man roster deadline by midnight Thursday.

In sending Peralta and Liberatore to Los Angeles, Tampa Bay received right-hander Jose Dominguez and minor-league right-hander Greg Harris.

In addition, infielder Cole Figueroa, right-hander Michael Kohn and catcher Jose Molina were designated for assignment. To bring the 40-man roster to full capacity, the Rays added Dominguez and selected five others: right-hander Matt Andriese, infielder Ryan Brett, left-hander Grayson Garvin, outfielder Mikie Mahtook and catcher Justin O’Conner.

“Joel’s significance to the Rays transcended his on-field performance,” said Matt Silverman, Rays president of baseball operations. “He was a clubhouse leader who always sought ways to make the organization better. We thank him and Jose Molina for their contributions and veteran leadership, and we will wish them well in their futures.”

“The roster deadline is always a busy day, and today we added six new players with very bright futures to our 40-man roster,” said Chaim Bloom, Rays vice president of baseball operations. “We also welcome Jose Dominguez and Greg Harris to the Rays. They’re intriguing pitchers — €”a reliever with electric stuff and a young starting pitching prospect — and we look forward to their contributions in the years to come.”

Peralta, 38, and Molina, 39, were the most significant names to part ways with the Rays. Peralta set club records with 296 appearances and 115 holds in four seasons with Tampa Bay from 2011-14. Molina made 70 starts at catcher in 2014, and he has caught 33.6 percent of attempted base stealers throughout his 15-year career.

Meanwhile, Dominguez and Harris will offer pitching depth.

Dominguez, 24, made Los Angeles’ Opening Day roster in 2014 and combined for five appearances throughout four stints with the Dodgers in the campaign. He posted a 1-2 record with 10 saves, a 3.24 ERA and 39 strikeouts in 31 appearances with Triple-A Albuquerque in 2014. Harris, 20, went 7-6 with a 4.45 ERA in 22 games (16 starts) with Class-A Great Lakes in 2014. Taken by the Dodgers in the 17th round of the 2013 draft, he’s 9-9 with a 4.69 ERA in two minor-league seasons.

Update on Bruce…
FRIDAY: In response to the report that Bruce rejected the Reds’ extension offers, agent Matt Sosnick went on the record with ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick to offer the following statement:
“It is true that the Reds made Jay two offers during the season. The fact the deal didn’t get done had nothing to do with Jay’s desire to remain a Red for life, which is still the case. It was more about his desire to make sure that contract talks didn’t become a distraction during the season. But Jay still greatly appreciated the offers.”

He need only return to his previous form at the plate. He’s a very good RF and possesses an above average arm; often holding speedy base runners from further advancing on relatively deep hits. I would venture to say that if he does, he’ll be a Red for quite some time, if not…well…The good news is that he has the ability, has proven himself for a number of seasons (possesses two SS awards), and knows all the above all too well. Ball is in his court now. Lastly, it may well be very difficult to find a replacement RF with his overall proven attributes, and at his age (27). Let’s not forget we have him locked up for two more seasons, with a club option in 2017; very attractive arrangement; one that cannot be duplicated very often.

Week In Review: 11/15/14 – 11/21/14
By Charlie Wilmoth [November 22, 2014 at 9:12am CST]
Here’s a look back at this week at MLBTR, a week in which teams set their rosters in advance of the Rule 5 Draft.
Key Moves
•The Marlins signed outfielder Giancarlo Stanton to a 13-year extension.
•The Blue Jays signed catcher Russell Martin to a five-year deal.
•The Cardinals acquired outfielder Jason Heyward and reliever Jordan Walden from the Braves for starter Shelby Miller and pitching prospect Tyrell Jenkins.
•The White Sox agreed to terms with first baseman Adam LaRoche on a two-year deal and signed lefty Zach Duke to a three-year deal.
•The Athletics signed designated hitter Billy Butler to a three-year deal.
Signed / Agreed To Terms
•Pirates – P Radhames Liz (two years)
•Orioles – P Oliver Drake (link)
•Dodgers – acquired P Joel Peralta and P Adam Liberatore from Rays for P Jose Dominguez and P Greg Harris
•Cubs – acquired INF Tommy La Stella and an international bonus slot from Braves for P Arodys Vizcaino and an international bonus slot
•Angels – acquired OF Dan Robertson from Rangers for a PTBNL or cash
•Mariners – acquired P Sam Gaviglio from Cardinals for INF Ty Kelly
•Royals – acquired OF Reymond Fuentes from Padres for P Kyle Bartsch
•Dodgers – acquired 1B/OF Kyle Jensen from Marlins for a PTBNL or cash

Great recap Post NEB. Thanks

Have te Reds made any moves ? Lol

The Reds have signed right-handed reliever Jose Cisnero, tweets Chris Cotillo of SB Nation. Cisnero is entering his age 26 season and has a 4.66 ERA, 8.57 K/9, and 4.84 BB/9 in 48 and one-third career innings – all with the Astros. Cisnero was outrighted by Houston earlier in the month and has inked a minor league deal with Cincinnati.

Sounds like a good signing. At age 26 ,hopefully his best years are with the Reds !!!

Sandoval signs with Red Sox, so Giants will likely sign Headley, (nice to see Sandoval in AL).

Boston has a log jam in the OF. And, with Cespedes a FA in 2016, there is talk that they might trade him. He makes $10.5m in 2015. He would look good in LF and in clean-up. Unfortunately, it would take a great deal to get him; he would trade at the high end, but if we ever looked for a one-year wonder, well…this guy can stick. Just more dreams of what could be, I am afraid.

Has anyone else heard that Red Sox want to get rid of him because of his arrogance and attitude. I read awhile back that team mates and coaches did not like him. Not a good team player or leader, all about him.

More on Bruce. The rumor on the street is that the Reds have been approached by San Diego. The further rumor is that the trade would be for either Andrew Cashner,
Pitcher, 28 years old, 5-7, 2.55 ERA, GS: 19, 123 IP, 2014: 2.4M, 2015: ARB eligible, or for Tyson Ross, Pitcher, 27 years old, 13-4, 2.81 ERA, 31 GS, 195 IP, 2014: 1.9M, 2015: ARB eligible. Since it is somewhat of a dated rumor, it might not have any wings, but we will never know until it happens; Jocketty is very, very good at keeping
trades or acquisitions close to the vest.

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