Cueto 2nd for NL Cy Young

In voting results announced Wednesday by Baseball Writers Association of America, Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw was the unanimous choice for the National League Cy Young Award. It was Kershaw’s second-straight win and the third for his career. Reds starting pitcher Johnny Cueto finished in second place.

While Kershaw received first-place votes on all 30 ballots for 210 points. Cueto received 23 second-place votes and six third-place votes and one fourth-place vote for 112 points. Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright was third after he received seven second-place votes and 23 third-place votes for 97 points.

Cueto, 28, was 20-9 with 2.25 ERA while finishing first in innings (243 2/3), starts (34) and tied for first in strikeouts (242). Along with Wainwright, he was tied for second in wins behind Kershaw, was alone for second to the Dodgers lefty in ERA and WHIP (0.96) and tied for third with four complete games. Cueto was the Major League leader with a .194 opponents’ batting average while Kershaw was second at .196.

For the voting breakdown, click here.

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Nothing wrong with 2nd; he had a very outstanding season, and the future looks super bright for the guy. If we can’t afford the guy in the future, two things must happen: 1) we get a great deal for him in trade, and 2) he does well regardless of the team he plays for.

Too bad Kershaw had the year he did. Most other years Cueto’s stats would have earned him the award.

Congrats to Cueto. Neb is right . Second is good . Kershaw’s deserved to win it but Cueto has nothing to be ashamed of . Great job .

GM MEETINGS OVER: Jocketty and the Reds’ front office members are scheduled to return to Cincinnati on Thursday after the three-day GM Meetings in Phoenix.

While the Mets and Tigers made big signings during the meetings, the Reds did not.

“I think we’ve made some interesting contacts with people on different things, but I don’t know we’ve gotten closer to anything,” Jocketty said.

Very good article about MLB payrolls @
I was taken by the teams in our division with smaller payrolls than the Reds, yet finished ahead of them. Maybe it isn’t that as a small market team we don’t have the money, but rather they don’t spend the money they have wisely. “Some interesting contacts” does you no good when you’ve dried up the well.

Any given year’s payroll is not an indication of market size, necessarily, nor of the potential to grow over the long haul. What it is an indication of is that the Front Office decided to overspend for the present, thinking this was the window of opportunity, now quickly closing if not already slammed shut. It hasn’t worked, unhelped by the decision to change horses in mid-stream. But none of this changes the fact that they remain the third smallest market out of the 30, trailed only by rabid Milwaukee within their own division.

That’s Jocketty’s same OLD company line . The same one we heard all last winter and at the last two trade deadlines . Competing GMs have to love the Reds’ approach to business . None have to to worry about the Reds beating them on a deal . What a bunch of losers .

It’s the company refrain because it reflects the sad reality…

Marlins, Giancarlo Stanton Agree To 13-Year, $325MM Contract…
I have never seen a long term contract turn out right; instead, it
velcro’s the player to the team through thick and thin, and forever.
Unfortunately, the contract also handicaps the teams progress as
other teams are not in a financial position to take over such lengthy
and financially burdensome contracts. The worst one is A-Rods, imo.

…13-year, $325M works out to a paltry $154,321 per game.

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