No Silver Sluggers for Reds

The latest accolades for 2014 achievement were presented on Thursday when Louisville Slugger announced its 2014 Silver Slugger Awards. No Reds were winners this year. I thought catcher Devin Mesoraco or third baseman Todd Frazier might have the best chance at one.

Were they shortchanged? Below are the numbers.

The Giants’ Buster Posey won the NL catcher Silver Slugger.

Posey: .311/.364/.490, 22 HR, 89 RBIs, 143 OPS+, 144 wRC+ in 147 games and 605 PA.
Mesoraco: .273/.359/.534, 25 HR, 80 RBIs, 149 OPS+,147 wRC+ in 114 games and 440 PA.

Anthony Rendon of the Nationals won the Silver Slugger for NL third basemen

Rendon: .287/.351/.473, 21 HR, 83 RBIs, 125 OPS+, 130 wRC+ in 153 games and 613 PA.
Frazier: .273/.336/.459, 29 HR, 80 RBIs, 123 OPS+, 122 wRC+ in 157 games and 660 PA.

Unlike the Gold Gloves and BBWAA awards, no finalists were named for the Silver Sluggers, so there are no voting results or sense of the consideration Frazier or Mesoraco might have received. Votes are cast by Major League coaches and managers, who consider a combination of offensive stats — including batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage — as well as basic impressions of a player’s value at the plate. Those who cast a ballot may not vote for players on their own team.

I do wonder if Mesoraco’s two stints on the disabled list hurt his chances even if his injury-shortened season numbers were about as good as Posey’s. As for Frazier, he played 43 games at first base this season with Joey Votto out. It prevented him from racking up his numbers solely at third base. Again, I wonder how that might have hurt his chances at winning the award.


Understandable decision re Posey. The two stints on the DL hurt Mesaroco. Maybe this will spur him to an even better 2015. As for Frazier, baaaad result. He deserved the award. He was clearly the MVP for the Reds for everyday performers ….and, in my book, trumps Rendon’s performance. (Cueto, obviously, would challenge for this designation. But the everyday position play would govern for me.) Oh well, maybe this will, also, be an incentive for Frazier to have an even better ’15. We can certainly hope so.

We wonder as well, Mark. We wonder why Mes did not get the opportunity to play first base like Posey did. Had that happened instead of sitting out when Pena caught he would have played in more games and the team would have benefitted from his production. Notice that Posey only sat 15 games – a little less than 10% of the games. If Mes had remained healthy he would have sat 20-25% of the games based on the line-ups Bryan posted. We wonder why Todd had to play first base instead of Mes or Lutz when he was on the roster. He could have stayed at third and played his position to allow him to focus more on his hitting. We wonder about many, many decisions that Bryan and Walter made this past season.

Very well put Tradebait . I wondered all season why Mr. Price didn’t at least try Mesoraco at 1st base . It may have something to with the ” happy system” this organization seems to embrace . He put Bruce there a couple times but that was probably because he hit the ball so well .

BTW, just saw where Brian Sabean (GM of the Giants) said that he would be looking to add to their rotation during the off-season. Michael Morse is a free agent and, given a chance to play, had produced well for both the Giants this yr. and for the Nat’s (big time) just a couple of yrs. ago. For some reason, Rizzo felt he was expendable (others had priority as starters in their lineup?? -he forgot to factor in injuries) and let him go to the Mariners during that off-season. He was a big fan favorite (as well as that of Davey Johnson who was his mgr. that yr.). That move did not go over well with the Nat’s fan base. (He was a dominant force during that break-out yr. ) Now that he has recovered his swagger, he might well be a very good bat for the Reds to pursue during this off-season. Let the Giants negotiate his free agency contract, and then see what Sabean would need from the Reds pitching depth in order to get Morse. He is a potential 30 HR, 90-100 RBI guy who plays a more than adequate left field, as well as being an above average 1st baseman. Seems to me that this is a great fit for the Reds. Just a thought.

Addendum The problem re Morse would be getting SF to agree to let him go. They have also seen his potential impact over and above what he gave them this yr. and in the WS.

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