Awards season is here

Monday night marked the beginning of a two-week stretch where awards for 2014 performances will be announced. It began with the MLBPA Players Choice Awards. No Reds were winners but two were finalists.

For NL Outstanding Pitcher, Clayton Kershaw from the Dodgers won over finalists Johnny Cueto and Adam Wainwright.

For NL Outstanding Rookie, Jacob deGrom of the Mets defeated fellow finalists Billy Hamilton and David Peralta from the D-backs.

On Tuesday night — American League and National League Rawlings Gold Glove Awards for defense will be announced. (7 p.m. ET on ESPN2). Billy Hamilton, Zack Cozart and Brandon Phillips are finalists.

We will also learn this evening who the finalists are for the 2014 BBWAA Awards.

On Wednesday — the Wilson defensive players of the year will be announced. This award began in 2012. It will air at 6 p.m. ET on MLB Network.

On Thursday — AL and NL Silver Slugger Awards.

Next week:

Monday, Nov. 10 — AL & NL Jackie Robinson Rookie of the Year Award
Tuesday, Nov. 11 — AL & NL Manager of the Year Award
Wednesday, Nov. 12 — AL & NL Cy Young Award
Thursday, Nov. 13 — AL & NL Most Valuable Player Award

All awards next week will be broadcast by MLB Network at 6 p.m. ET.

Also –you can have a vote in our GIBBY Awards (Greatness in Baseball Yearly). Click below to participate:


Of the 3 nominees for Gold Glove – Cozart- Phillips- Hamilton-who has the best shot ???
good debate material,–It will make you think.

MLB is so screwed up….on the timing of these announcements every year……. College Football is in the final home stretch…NFL is in full gear where every game is serious….NBA has started their season, as has the NHL and College BB is just starting its preseason…….. MLB needs a serious major Marketing team to fix this and maximize their exposure,not minimize it…. These announcements could be developed into a gala on the level of an NFL draft, in my opinion….ESPN and FOX would FIGHT over the broadcast rights… Maybe one week after the Superbowl, as a lead in to Spring training and fodder for the final hot stove league discussions. And don’t get me started on the elimination of Playoff and World Series games during the weekday….two generations of school age boys and girls have been lost without the experience of watching the World Series late in the afternoon, as dad came home early to watch the game with his son and daughter.

Very well put!! I agree 100 percent on everything in your post T2 !!!

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