Reds news and notes

I’ve got a quick smattering of Reds items for you on this Thursday evening….

*Reds general manager Walt Jocketty has yet to hire former Padres and D-backs GM Kevin Towers to his front office. Buster Olney of ESPN reported that Towers’ hiring was likely. He and Jocketty are good friends.

“Not yet, no. We’ve talked about it but nothing has been done,” Jocketty said from Arizona. “He still has a year left on his contract. He wants to take some time and figure out what he wants to do.”

*Cuban signing and RHP Raisel Iglesias is no longer going to pitch winter ball in Puerto Rico. After two scoreless outings in the Arizona Fall League, Iglesias will remain in the desert.

“We’ve had a change of plans there,” Jocketty said. “It’s easier to manage his workload here than it is over there. That’s what we’re most concerned with.”

*The Reds have made no progress on hiring a new third base coach to replace Steve Smith on manager Bryan Price’s staff.

“Bryan took some time off and I’m going to get with him the next week or so and hopefully work on that a little more. We’re not really in a big rush,” Jocketty said.

It does not appear that former third base coach Mark Berry will be a candidate for his old job. Berry battled throat cancer during the 2013 season.

“I don’t think so,” Jocketty said. “Bryan has talked to him and I don’t think he has interest in doing that.”


Perhaps the Reds have an interest in Kevin Youkalis (sp?) now that he has retired to join their coaching staff in the minors? Could Ron Oester come back to coach 3rd base? Billy Doran? The mayor of Cinti – Shawn Casey? All could really add fire in the clubhouse.


How about Greg Vaughn as a coach. He didn’t let teammates get away with zero focus. Bet that would be nice to see with him as a coach

I doubt if Oester takes it ! He was pretty upset when he got passed over for manager to Bob Boone .

Jim: Very true…but if “O” wants back in, he will need to “MAN-UP”…..

Someday I would like to see Corky on the Reds coaching staff but probably not third-base coach. He is retired now. He would provide a good bench presence.

Hoosier VIRG: GREAT idea….A loyal RED journeyman catcher that really knows the GAME! I retract all of my suggestions (except Casey) and vote for the mustache man…

MARK: who is you “fan-type” pick for 3rd base coach…???

Casey would be too busy talking to the opponents 3rd baseman and umpire. Lol


Would the Reds try to hire Renteria as a bench Coach since he was fired by cubs and maybe move Jay Bell to 3rd base coach? Not real sure what’s really out there as a legit hire for the Reds unless they can sneak a former player in that spot.

Not a bad idea .

Jesse Winker on a variety of subjects (looks like a box boy at the supermarket)…
If the Reds believe he will be ready in 2016, they obviously would attract and obtain a fill-in for LF (again) rather than sign a large/multi-year contract; cost less and there is always the avenue of trade in the future. Can’t believe I am saying this, but I think the Reds are looking at an Aoki kind of hitter; there won’t be any major hitters (Stanton) coming. One last note, starting in 2016 I believe the Reds will receive a new contract for their TV deal; a very lucrative deal could mean a great deal to the team budget and bottom line, and we know Castellini is behind the team and doesn’t pinch pennies. Looking at the team’s salary levels since 2003 confirms this fact.

So you’re saying the Reds are going to what they’ve done the last two years. NOTHING !!!! Welcome to the basement!!!!

You also have to be smart and not has been Cardinals!!!!

Personally, I didn’t like Aoki watching him in the playoffs. Thought he was a “lucky” outfielder. Got played by the ball a lot but made several recoveries to record the out. Also, didn’t like the way he hits. would expect it from a weak hitting infielder, not an outfielder. Statistics wise OK, I just don’t like him.

You want fire in the dugout, they should see what Greg Vaughn is doing and be the replacement coach. He won’t pull no punches as he was a player leader in 1999!!!!. Now the Brewers made the first player move by trade in the division. The Cubs got a very good manager and let’s see if there is any urgency to better this team and not lip service!!! The Cubs won’t be sitting still and will be very active this winter. We all know the Cards and Pirates will be active too. I don’t want to hear excuses why nothing is Done by the Reds front office.

You know the Reds will not let anyone know what they are doing. The past two years they have been a day late and a dollar short ! I honestly don’t have any confidence in this organization right now. I hope they prove me wrong.

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