Free agency begins

As you know, the World Series is over. (Wow, what a series it was too!) In the Major League calendar, the end of the World Series also marks the start of free agency.

On Thursday, 121 players became free agents. They are eligible to begin negotiations and sign with any club beginning at 12:01 a.m. ET on Tuesday, Nov. 4. At the bottom, I have the full list of free agents as provided by the MLB Players’ Association.

Only three Reds players are free agents — OF Ryan Ludwick, INF Ramon Santiago; INF Jack Hannahan.

I think Santiago has a good chance at returning. He told me last month he wanted to come back and liked playing for the Reds. And within the scope of his role, the club was pleased with his performance — namely manager Bryan Price. Santiago batted .246/.343./.385 in 75 games while earning $1.1 million in 2014. The 35-year-old also played well defensively at shortstop and second base and was a good veteran clubhouse presence.

On, an offseason primer is coming soon. Be sure to take a look.

Free agent list:

1 Bonifacio, Emilio AT
2 Doumit, Ryan AT
3 Floyd, Gavin AT
4 Harang, Aaron AT
5 Laird, Gerald AT
6 Santana, Ervin AT
7 Casilla, Alexi BA
8 Cruz, Nelson R. BA
9 Johnson, Kelly BA
10 Miller, Andrew BA
11 Santana, Johan BA
12 Saunders, Joe BA
13 Young, Delmon BA
14 Badenhop, Burke BO
15 Dempster, Ryan S. BO
16 Ross, Dave BO
17 Uehara, Koji BO
18 Villanueva, Carlos CC
19 Hannahan, Jack CI
20 Ludwick, Ryan CI
21 Santiago, Ramon CIN
22 Giambi, Jason CL
23 Belisle, Matt CO
24 Cuddyer, Mike CO
25 Masset, Nick CO
26 Morales, Franklin CO
27 Konerko, Paul CWS
28 Lindstrom, Matthew CWS
29 Chamberlain, Joba DE
30 Coke, Phil DE
31 Hanrahan, Joel DE
32 Hunter, Torii K. DE
33 Johnson, Jim DE
34 Martinez, Victor DE
35 Scherzer, Max DE
36 Albers, Matt HO
37 Crain, Jesse HO
38 Veras, Jose HO
39 Aoki, Norichika* KC
40 Downs, Scott KC
41 Frasor, Jason KC
42 Hochevar, Luke KC
43 Ibanez, Raul J. KC
44 Shields, James KC
45 Willingham, Josh KC
46 Grilli, Jason LAA
47 McDonald, John LAA
48 Thatcher, Joe LAA
49 Beckett, Josh LAD
50 Correia, Kevin LAD
51 Hernandez, Roberto LAD
52 Maholm, Paul LAD
53 Perez, Chris LAD
54 Ramirez, Hanley LAD
55 Wright, Jamey LAD
56 Furcal, Rafael MIA
57 Gregg, Kevin MIA
58 Johnson, Reed MIA
59 Penny, Brad MIA
60 Duke, Zach MIL
61 Gorzelanny, Tom MIL
62 Overbay, Lyle MIL
63 Reynolds, Mark MIL
64 Rodriguez, Francisco MIL
65 Burton, Jared MN
66 Abreu, Bobby NYM
67 Matsuzaka, Daisuke NYM
68 Capuano, Chris NYY
69 Drew, Stephen NYY
70 Headley, Chase NYY
71 Hill, Rich NYY
72 Jeter, Derek NYY
73 Kuroda, Hiroki NYY
74 McCarthy, Brandon NYY
75 Robertson, David NYY
76 Suzuki, Ichiro NYY
77 Young, Chris B. NYY
78 Callaspo, Alberto OA
79 Gomes, Jonny OA
80 Gregerson, Luke OA
81 Hammel, Jason OA
82 Lester, Jon OA
83 Lowrie, Jed OA
84 Nakajima, Hiroyuki* OA
85 Soto, Geovany OA
86 Adams, Mike PH
87 Kendrick, Kyle PH
88 Nieves, Wil PH
89 Barmes, Clint PI
90 Liriano, Francisco PI
91 Martin, Russell PI
92 Volquez, Edinson PI
93 Stauffer, Tim SD
94 Beimel, Joe SE
95 Chavez, Endy SE
96 Denorfia, Chris SE
97 Gutierrez, Franklin SE
98 Morales, Kendrys SE
99 Quintero, Humberto SE
100 Young, Chris SE
101 Morse, Michael SF
102 Peavy, Jacob SF
103 Romo, Sergio SF
104 Sandoval, Pablo SF
105 Vogelsong, Ryan SF
106 Ellis, Mark SL
107 Masterson, Justin SL
108 Motte, Jason SL
109 Neshek, Pat SL
110 Pierzynski, A.J. SL
111 Baker, Scott TE
112 Cotts, Neal TE
113 Lewis, Colby TE
114 Rios, Alexis TE
115 Cabrera, Melky TO
116 Janssen, Casey TO
117 Kawasaki, Munenori* TO
118 Rasmus, Colby TO
119 Cabrera, Asdrubal WA
120 Hairston, Scott WA
121 Schierholtz, Nate WA

*Eligible per contract terms

Another 32 players may be eligible for free agency pending the option provisions in their Uniform Players Contract (UPC).


you wasted allot of space with all those names when walt is interested in only one and will do what ever it takes to sign and over pay. we all know he wants coby rasmus because of the ex-cardinal factor. he will also trade a top prospect or 2 to get freese from the angels. he will not be happy until he can get as many of his beloved former cardinal players as he can.


I don’t care what his statistics are….Bring back Jonnie Gomes…. His personality and enthusiasm are more contagious than EBOLA….
The guy is a winner.
OH and as a new hot stove league season begins —I throw out my “parroting” challenge:
HOW WILL the REDS improve the RBI production, dramatically….what moves can they afford?

MARK, GREAT posting!

I agree on Gomes ! If nothing else to have him the clubhouse and add a little kick butt attitude .

This list reminds me of the old saying: “Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink.” I don’t see a soul on this list that the Reds can expect to have an interest in.
The good ones will be retained by their current clubs, and the ones (two) that might help (Nelson Cruz and Alex Rios) will be waaay to expensive for the Reds to pursue.
Dream on. Pitching will be the strong suit the Reds have to exploit in a major trade. Will be interesting to see who is viewed as expendable.

Agreed . They are going to have to unload salary somewhere . It’s anybody’s guess who that will be . My guess is Matt Latos .

Good guess.

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