Soto outrighted to Louisville

On today’s transaction page, it shows that infielder Neftali Soto was sent outright to Triple-A Louisville. That means Soto has been taken off of the Reds 40-man roster.

Soto made the Opening Day roster but didn’t do much at the plate in his limited chances. He batted .100 (3-for-30) in 21 games that jncluded four starts in two big league stints.

A third round pick by the Reds in 2007, Soto had long been a prospect at first base that was blocked by Joey Votto. His lack of hitting and quality defense at first base, third base (and a brief look at catcher) were not enough to keep him in a bench role.

It was telling that Soto was not included among this year’s September call-ups, so I’m not stunned he is off the roster.


First Chapman gets a new agent, now this; what’s a body to do?

his lack of hitting? 4 starts in 21 games is enough to see he can’t hit even though he seems to be able to hit in the minors because he PLAYS. the reds do this with all the prospects they bring up and it is getting old. they had no production in left field and yet they never gave Lutz a chance to make an impact there and instead of going with the uselss tandem of skippy and luddy. no comes the he does not have the experience argument the reds and experts love to use. so please explain to me how you get experience if you do not play? in the mean time when the cardinals call up a prospect they play. they may not put up fantastic metrics but they are playing and getting experience on a division winning team. their way of doing things seems to be working out much better than the reds with the ex-cardinal in charge.

I have to agree. I remember a few years back when they wanted to try Yonder Alonso in left . It was determined after minimal playing time that he couldn’t do it. This while the Reds were out of the race. Much like this year when they had to protect the integrity of the game . There is a reason why Jocketty is not still in St. Louis after early success . The Cardinals have not missed a beat while Jocketty’ new team struggles. I don’t believe that is just coincidence.

Hope Soto is an add on in a trade during the off season. Would like to see him get a chance somewhere, not just 30 at bats with only 3 starts. Can’t mature at the major league level without playing.
RE: Cardinals. Very sad about Traveras, but I expect they will have someone else ready to bring up who will suddenly produce. That just seems to be the way the Cardinals are. They don’t seem to miss a beat.

Good chance someone takes Soto in the Rule 5 draft.

Probably the Cardinals .

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