Cueto’s option picked up

In moves that were of no surprise, has learned Wednesday that the Reds exercised the $10 million 2015 club option for ace starting pitcher Johnny Cueto and declined options for outfielder Ryan Ludwick and infielder Jack Hannahan.

The mutual option for Ludwick was worth $9 million and it was bought out for $4.5 million while Hannahan had a $4 million club option bought out for $2 million. Both players automatically become free agents.

None of the moves have been announced yet by the Reds.


Whomever thought Ludwig was worth that kind of money needs to be held accountable. Jocketty? Ridiculous.

Neither one will be missed. The total amount of money the club has paid out for injured players [Ludwick (last yr.), Hannahan (this yr.), Marshall (this yr. +?), Shumaker (parts of this yr.), Bailey (latter part of this yr.), Phillips (part of this yr.), Votto (the major part of this yr.), Latos (early part of this yr.), etc., etc. must be enormous. Injuries are most certainly a part of the game, but the Reds have suffered enormously in this department.

So far , so good on moves made by the Reds !

Shoemaker actually played hard and well filling in admirably for a bunch of hurt guys. Too bad he hurt himself in the process !

All good moves and starts the process of clearing salary dollars for a substantial move or two. Of course, trades can also clear salary dollars.

the fact that it cost so much money to get rid of 2 guys who were of no use to the reds shows you what kind of job jocketty has done as gm. no other club was going to pay a .230 life time hitter like hanahan that kind of money. and while a effort should have been made to resign ludwick he certainly did not deserve the contract he go based on the great summer he had in 2012. the cardinals,padres, and pirates all got rid of him because he sucked but jocketty once again ignored that because of their cardinal ties. who were the reds bidding against when they gave him that deal? themselves!

I have to agree. Let’s see what the future holds .

Hey Mark, write me a check for $4,500,000.00 not to comment on your blog and I’ll accept it and go away. Aw shucks, I’ll do it for $2,000,000.00.

Nothing surprising here with these moves. Ludwick and Hannahan we’re definitely not going to be here next year. Starting to get a little space in the 40 man roster now. Most teams need hitters so competition for such is going to be tough. Batting average for major-league baseball is almost at an all time low.

I think we are about to find out if Jocketty is good at what he does or not . I don’t have confidence in him at all . Hope I am wrong.

With the Cubs getting Joe Madden to manage, you know they will go hard after Lester, Price, Sherzer and will not be a bad team next year. The experts will pick the Reds last in 2015 and the Cubs the surprise team of the NL Central. Hate thinking Walt gave away 6.5 million to Ludwick and Hannahan To have them off the team. To even agree to those contracts was ridiculous!!! Let’s see how committed to winning Walt and Bob really are. Or is the All-Star game their ONLY focus????

I can’t think of a good Walt contract. Everything from overpaying Votto, Phillips, etc to the ridiculous Ludwick, Hanahan deals. Walt seriously needs to be fired.

What a performance by Bumgarner!

i am officially sick of the Giants as much as the Cardinals..time for new Blood.. hope its RED blood as in our Reds.. but we shall see.. Walt and Bob have to have a plan that will work!! not sit back and do nothing and make belive they will be better than the Cardinals/Giants/Pirates and soon the Cubs!! never dreamed i would say that till now

I heard a rumor that Kevin Towers is coming over to the Reds… this spells further doom and gloom as we now have 2 of the lowest ranking GMS in all of sports controlling this team.

Sadly I predict a basement with the current team lineup and management collective. Zero chance that all of the players return to health and zero chance of the “perfect storm” that we would need to field a winning team.

The Sharks are circling. With a loaded NL central , the Reds could very well finish last . So much for the good ole buddy system of hiring .

Hmmmm… Would not say that. A healthy Reds team for next year with that pitching is just as good as anyone in baseball. No reason to think they cant win with this team. They just need a healthy Votto, Bruce, and Phillips. Lets not go crazy here. Oh and hated the Ludwick and Hannahanhahanan and Broxton signings. Did not like the Marshall trade. All others I am fine with and agreed with when done. I was ok with the Votto signing and still am. The Phillips one was a little more than I wanted but still think his defense helps the deal, if only he had not gotten injured the past two years. The biggest issue is signing such huge contracts to back up players. Let the rookies earn it back up. The Cards do that as well, when someone goes down bring someone up. There is no other choice here and they throw money away signing these guys to sit the bench. Dont waste money on bullpen and bench players and you will have your money for the starting pitching and top players.

I agree on the signings of backups . Right now , I don’t know if the Reds have the talent at the minor league level to do what the Cardinals do . Also, it seems the Reds’ philosophy is to sign VETERAN major league backups and groom the minor league players until they are 25 to 30 years old . I also agreed with the Votto and Phillips signing. Nobody can predict injury .

How much is Griffey, Jr. still owed and when is it due.

When the Reds signed Ken Griffey Jr. to a nine-year, $116.5 million contract in February 2000, it was hailed as a great thing for Cincinnati baseball because Griffey signed for under market value and more than half the money – $57.5 million – would be deferred.

The Reds would pay Griffey only $6 million up front each year. The other $6.5 million of his annual salary would be paid from 2009-2024 ($3.593,750 per year).

So that’s around 10 million being paid to 3 individuals that the Reds get zero production from next year . I wonder if that is normal cost of business with other organizations . Oh well . The Reds have plenty of money . Just 2 or 3 games of concession sales ought to make that up .

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