Winker and Howard AFL All-Stars

The Arizona Fall League revealed its All-Star teams that will meet in the ninth annual Fall Stars Game, which is on Saturday at 8 p.m. ET and airing on MLB Network and

From the Reds organization, the West division All-Stars will include OF Jesse Winker and RHP Nick Howard.

Through 11 games, Winker is batting .341/.451/.585 with two home runs and 13 RBIs. ranks him as the Reds organization’s No. 2 prospect.

Howard has a 7.84 ERA in three starts with nine earned runs and 13 hits allowed over 10 1/3 innings. He was a first-round selection by the Reds in the 2014 Draft and the Reds’ No. 5 ranked prospect.


after this great performance is there any chance the reds do the logical thing and give him a shot in left field this spring? I for one and tired of hearing he needs more experience. if the reds had been fortunate enough to draft trout or harper they would still be getting the experience in the minors instead of playing in the big leagues. winker may not be in their class but just because he lacks minor league experience should not disqualify him from getting a shot at the job. anything is better than watching jocketty over spend on another washed ex-cardinal or cardinal flop like rasmus. and let’s face it you know jocketty will find a way to to over pay that guy and make him the reds starting left fielder. and yes he is a bust or he would still be a cardinal. if he was any good the jays would not let him leave in free agency.

Understand the desire to make the Reds better…especially in left field (which is an obvious hole). But let the kid develop. Two weeks in the Ariz. Fall League is hardly a decent talent evaluation stint for the big leagues. (It qualifies more as a “he has talent and is a prospect”.) Give him some time in Triple-AAA and see how he adjusts. Rushing a kid to the bigs does a disservice to all parties concerned. (In most talent evaluations, Winker is not a Trout or a Harper.) But, hey, see what he does in spring training and let that become part of the mix. A bit more seasoning is probably in the cards.
As for Colby Rasmus, I do not believe that Jocketty would seriously consider that even a temporary fix for the Reds (left field or elsewhere). What they do will, probably, depend on what pitching they are willing to give up, plus what $$$ the club is willing to spend (or, more correctly, on what they have available to spend).

I agree on most points . I just don’t have a lot of confidence in Jocketty and company right now . I just hope they do SOMETHING right that gets this team over the hump . It is in dire need of leadership .

How in the world does Howard get picked for the All Star game with those stats. Also, isn’t he the closer the Reds are trying to make a starter. Hope these stats aren’t indicative of the final result of the closer to starter experiment.
Jim, cheer up. Jocketty is going to bring another old time buddy whose time has come and gone into the front office to help him. Good things are coming…………NOT.

My main concern is if Howard is the 5th rated prospect in the Reds’ farm system, it must be a very weak system .

Tiny sample on which to make generalizations. On the other hand, you might be right about the weakness of the organization, particularly at the topmost levels.

I have been following the AFL pretty closely and Howard has really had one bad outing out of 4. He is 2-1 also and had a very good outing today. Remember he is only 21 and has just started pitching as a starter again. I really believe he has a very good shot a a #2 or #3 starter in the fairly near future.

That clears things up and it’s good to know . Thank you !!

Thanks for the info.

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