Catching up

It was probably hard for you to tell, considering the quiet of the early offseason, but I was off all of last week on “staycation.” Hence, that’s why there were no blog entries, stories or tweets from me.

There was some Reds news that trickled out.

*Steve Smith was let go as third base coach on Monday. I can’t say this was a shock considering how many runners got thrown out at home this season. Late in the season, Smith had approached reporters to defend himself about the number of runners thrown out that were actually on his ledger. That was a sign that even he knew things didn’t look good. The rest of the coaching staff remains.

*Raisel Iglesias made his debut in the Arizona Fall League with a scoreless inning last Monday. On Thursday, Iglesias pitched again and worked another scoreless inning.

*My colleagues at have written some really good stories from the World Series this past week. Alyson Footer provided my favorite one thus far with her piece on the fans with kayaks floating outside AT&T Park in McCovey Cove. Be sure to check that out.

*Finally, the news Sunday that promising Cardinals outfielder Oscar Taveras and his girlfriend were killed in a car accident is just awful. Taveras was 22 and his girlfriend was only 18. On her blog, Cardinals beat reporter Jenifer Langosch provided some personal memories about Taveras.


Missed the news about Oscar Taveras. What a tragedy…..such a young, heralded talent and now gone. Heart-felt condolences go out to his family. Live every day to its fullest.

So sad for Oscar Taveras and his gitlfriend. Both ,as well as their families, are in my prayers .

I think it is fair to say that when you don’t blog and don’t write articles for MLB, that you have turned in your short list of Cincy offseason issues for your long list of honey-do’s.

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