Winker is AFL player of week

The Reds No. 2 prospect, OF Jesse Winker, is off to a nice start in the Arizona Fall League. On Tuesday, Winker was named the AFL Player of the Week.

In the first week of play for the Surprise Saguaros, Winker leads the AFL with seven RBIs, a .909 slugging percentage and 1.472 OPS and was fourth with a .563 on-base percentage. He was 5-for-11 (.455) with two doubles, one home run and scored four runs in three games.

The 21-year-old Winker, who was with Double-A Pensacola, hadn’t played any games since July 17 because of a right wrist tendon injury sustained in a car accident.

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Is this a possibility Winker will be the 2015 left fielder?

not a chance with jocketty in charge. he has to many washed up ex-cardinals to sign and over pay than take a chance on one of the reds own prospects. but hey if he keeps putting up numbers maybe he will get the call in 5 years and be able to sit on the bench like all reds prospects do when called up.

Probably a year away. Winker had only a few weeks at Double-A this season. Plenty to learn still.

If Winker proves he can be the everyday left fielder give it to him. Give the young guy a chance.

Let’s hope that wise heads prevail and Winkler gets the proper time down in AAA to hone his skills so that when he comes up he is prepared and not learning on the job in the majors.

How long is proper time. What defines it. Does everyone have to do it to be ML ready. Is learning on the job bad or is dependent on how quickly a player makes the adjustments. My point is a player should be looked at with an open mind not put into boxes A, AA, AAA. If Winker is the best natural hitter to come along in a long time, which is how he is being described, then don’t treat him like everyone else because he isn’t everyone else. Outside the box, please.

I’m sure the fan base would be thrilled, just thrilled, with young players learning (and often struggling) at the big league level. If you want the 2012-13 Astros, that’s perhaps acceptable to you. But as your handle “tiredofwaiting” indicates, you might not be so patient with Mr. Winker should he battle a 0-for-32 streak or something while learning on the job.

Good comments, Mark. Agree with you….and believe most of the Red fan base does, too. BTW, thanks very much for your pics/commentary during the playoffs. Nice to read an informed insider during this slack time (for Reds fans). Keep them coming.

he needs time in AAA first. everyone talks about his power, what about his fielding and base running? It wouldn’t be fair to the guy to let him learn in the bigs on a contending team. I’m more worried about short stop then left field.

Mark. WOW. What a jump from talking about one player to a whole team. I’m talking about Winker, one player. I was not suggesting that Winker is ready or will be ready for 2015. Only that we evaluate based on performance, especially in spring training, and not apply a preset group of rules that must be followed. Don’t think the Astros analogy applies as I’m not talking about dismantling the team in favor of youth. Also, as far as 0-32 reference, it wouldn’t be the first or the last time a player suffered through a similar slump.

They do evaluate on individual basis, especially on performance. That’s how Hamilton reached the big leagues after less than a year following switch to CF. It’s how Jay Bruce moved quick and reached big leagues at 21. It’s how Cueto came up after only four starts in Triple-A. It’s not pre-set rules. It’s time tested understanding that many players need development at lower levels before exposure to top level.

If you look at my first comment it was in reply to the statement: “Let’s hope that wise heads prevail and Winkler gets the proper time down in AAA”. My point was we don’t know if he needs anytime, maybe like Bruce didn’t. I agree with what you are saying and I understand the evaluation process.

And by proper time I am saying proper time if it’s three months six months or 2 years I just don’t want to see him rushed. That is as bad as not bringing him up when he is ready.

@HoosierVirg. Agree. Don’t want him rushed. If and when he does come up, I hope he plays and doesn’t sit.

How enjoyable it was to watch Kansas City play baseball the way it is supposed to be played . Congratulations to them !!!

As Boomer on ESPN would say, “THEY COULD GO ALL THE WAY”!!!

Hope they do !

The Royals remind me of the ’90 Reds – not the best team in the tournament but touched by magic (and with a shut down bullpen).

Exactly. They are a TEAM that is focused and executes the fundamentals of baseball .

This discussion of the time a player spends in the minors always reminds me of the main exception to the rule. Until recent years I always followed the future Reds players in the minors. There was this 17-year-old kid playing in Buffalo who stats I checked every day and they just stood out. By the age of 19 he was playing with the Reds and was the most mature 19-year-old in my humble opinion I ever saw play major-league baseball. Of course his name was Johnny Bench. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind he was ready for the major-league the classic exception to the rule.

Thanks. Didn’t realize Bench was only 19. How about Rose? Do you have any personal info on him?

Rose was 22 his rook season.

Do you think CORKY WILL be a coach for the Reds? Do you think Mez Ko z Fraz will get a raise?

The Reds have “rushed” many players to the majors. Sheldon mentioned the most recent one in Cueto,Bruce, and Hamilton. There is also Leake, who often forget went straight from college to the majors and only saw a small stint at the minors the following year. Clearly Winker is an advanced hitter his OBP and ability to take balls when put him #2 or #3 in OBP if he started tomorrow. If Votto is a no go I would bet Vegas money that Winker would have the highest OBP, Walks, Average, and slugging percentage on the entire team. What other option doe the Reds have when their bullpen is in need of complete rehab, Bailey and Latos are both massive question marks, and we have the leagues worst everyday hitter in Zach Cozart. If Zach wins that gold glove we should trade him for the best hitting shortstop available. Frazier and Phillips are both above average fielders so we could easily get by with an average or slightly below avearge fielding shortstop. What we cannot afford is to assume that just upgrading Left Field is going to make this team instantly be able to stand head to head with St. Louis, Pittsburgh, and Milwaukee.

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