Road food

On Monday upon the postponement of ALDS Game 3 in Kansas City, Orioles manager Buck Showalter seemed to know the pulse of the media gathered at his press conference.

“I think, if anything, it’s great for the restaurant business in Kansas City, that’s about it, I don’t know,” Showalter said. “I know you all ‑‑ room service is expensive at that hotel, boy.”

Sure enough, several of my colleagues were later tweeting pictures of their dinner. Most of them were from Joe’s Kansas City — formerly known as Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ. I was pretty envious.

While I really like Kansas City BBQ, I had never experienced Joe’s until the AL Wild Card Game a couple of weeks ago. Yahoo’s Jeff Passan kindly offered to take orders and bring it to the press box. I had ribs and turkey and it was marvelous.

In KC, I’ve long been a fan of Jackstack and I’ve sampled Gates and Arthur Bryant’s. But Joe’s will be on the top of my list to visit next season when the Reds are there to play the Royals.

Tastes in food are about as subjective as it gets. What I like, others may hate. But I do get to eat on the road a lot and experience different restaurants we often don’t have in Cincinnati.

So here is an incomplete list of some of the places I try not to miss when traveling. They usually skew towards the casual place and unhealthy and you’ll probably notice that I REALLY like pizza.

Running helps counter the caloric overload.

Chicago – Giordano’s Pizza
Pittsburgh – Primanti Bros.
St. Louis – Pi pizza (which has opened a location in Cincinnati this week)
Milwaukee – Smoke Shack BBQ

Los Angeles – In-n-Out Burger
Phoenix – Culinary Dropout, Federal Pizza, Pizzeria Bianco
San Francisco – Zero Zero

Minneapolis – Brit’s Pub, Manny’s Steakhouse
New York – too many to count but get an Italian hot chocolate at Max Brenner’s. It’s pretty decadent.

And I may as well mention …

Cincinnati — local favorites for me in no particular order are: The Eagle, Bakersfield, Taste of Belgium, Montgomery Inn, Dewey’s Pizza, Brooklyn Pizza and Pasta, Terry’s Turf Club, Zip’s, Arthur’s, Incline Public House, Via Vite, Tom and Chee, Moerlein Lager House.



THIS is the reason I originally signed-up for your blog….because Marty Brennaman recommended it for your dining suggestions!

Thanks again…I don’t travel as much as I used to but I will definitely try these.

Thanks again!


Timothy P. Heidel (513) 787-1391

*”Let no one come to you without leaving better and happier” — *Mother Teresa

*”History will be kind to me for I intend to write it”* — Winston Churchill

*”The things that we do for ourselves die with us but the things that we do for others live on forever”* — Dr. Gary Clemons, DVM

Oh my beloved in n out burger, I can never get enough of those when I visit my son in California. I think I know every one of them between the bay area and Lake Tahoe. When they did a poll in Reno about what store they would like to come in in n out burger won hands-down there is now one in Reno right off the expressway heading south towards Carson City and there is also one in Carson City now.

OFF TOPIC: HV…I live in Southern California and have and in and out within a mile; my entire life.
I find it fascinating that “out of state” folk find it top of their list, but they do; family, friends and outsiders. In any event, I have talked to several folk over the years about how they wanted in and out…out of the So-Cal area. We, many of us as a team attempted to do this, from sending all the ingredients by itself, cooked, to sending all the ingredients raw. The last answered the question…cook it yourself as the in and out secret since 1949 is freshness; it separates itself from any other fast food place.
Sorry I couldn’t just send you a “double-double animal”. Neb.

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