Bell up for D-backs job

According to my colleague Steve Gilbert of, the D-backs have confirmed they have eight candidates seeking to be their next manager.

Reds bench coach Jay Bell is on that list. From Steve:

— Bell, who played in the big leagues for 18 seasons, is currently the bench coach for the Reds after serving as the Pirates’ hitting coach last season. He played for the D-backs from 1998-2002 and also served as bench coach in Arizona under Bob Melvin from 2005-06 before taking a few years off to spend more time with his family. —

Bell was the right-hand man for first-year manager Bryan Price. If he were to move on and up, it would be interesting on how this affects Price and the coaching staff.


Bell gets job…Corky joins staff? Please, even if Bell stays…

Bell gets job…Takes Steve Smith with him. Please.

Of all the people in the Reds organization who deserves a coaching job with Reds to me it has to be Corky. Watching him work first hand with the guys in Louisville made it all the more obvious to me that he is an excellent coach.

Bell is a great candidate, but has some stiff competition. Sandy Alomar, Jr, and Turner Ward to me are the most likely to manage the Dbacks in 2015.

Wish he was the Reds manager instead of Price.

Two issues will weigh on Bell’s decision if offered to leave; 1) he appreciates working with Price, and 2) moving from Pittsburgh to the Reds allowed Bell to see his son play ball in high school; something he hadn’t been able to do while with the Pirates.
I believe his son is a senior this coming year.

Family is very important and I appreciate that side of it but a chance to be a big league manager would be tough to turn down. Either way , I hope it works out for him and his foul .

That is supposed to be family not foul .

Take Price with you please

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