American League Wild Card

At least I get to cover a postseason game this year even if the Reds aren’t involved. I’m in Kansas City helping with A’s coverage as they play the Royals in the American League Wild Card Game.

A fantastic atmosphere here at Kauffman Stadium for a city that hasn’t had a playoff game in 29 years.





Good for you. Have fun. I talk about you and your iPad daily on our tours at the ballpark. Love the pictures.

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Outstanding fan support given teams play this year…
2013,,,,2,492,101…31,151 per game…10th of 15
2014….2,476,664…30,576 per game…..8th of 15
This is what allows the Reds to increase team salaries.

Negative side of this is if 2,476,664 fans are willing to pay the price and watch a team finish 76-86 and only 3 games out of last place in division, then what is the incentive for the group that owns the Reds to change much of anything. After all it is a business for profit and the shareholders want a return on their investment. We’ll see what the off season brings, but I don’t expect big changes or a change in direction until the fans begin to stay away. Bengal fans learned the lesson, stayed away, and then things changed. Hope I’m wrong, because I am tired of waiting.

Those attendance numbers are great but if they have another year like this past one , I look for those numbers to drop . I hope that doesn’t happen . Fans can take losing for just so long regardless of the reason .

Congratulations!  Wasn’t sure you’d cover the AL.  Some game!  JHS

Wow Mark what a neat game you got to cover.

HoosierVirg is right–what a game ! Mark, I would like to see some comments on the Reds conditioning/training/rehab program. They seem to have an alarming number of injuries and inordinately long recovery periods. This leads me to wonder if something is lacking there.

Looking at the top photo – there must be a major air force base nearby or maybe a Missouri senator is chairman of the defense appropriations committee, because that is a major league flyover! The Reds get maybe a formation of four jets on Opening Day and that makes a righteous noise. I can only imagine how that air fleet sounded over the KC stadium!

One of the best and most excitingt games I’ve seen in quite awhile. Wasn’t played perfectly by either team, but the execution of the sacrifice bunts, advancing runners, and getting them in reminded me how great baseball is when it is played this way. Made me realize how far the Reds are from this kind of play. Going to take a lot more than a big bopper in LF.

Thanks for the pictures, Mark. Glad to see your talents are being utilized in the Post-Season. (You got to watch an exciting game. Good for KC. They needed that.)

Dunn finally made the playoffs with Oakland, but didn’t make it to the plate…
Dunn (with the Reds): 1087 G, 270 HR, 646 RBI, .247/.380/.520/.900
Reds LFers (post Dunn): 1015 G, 126 HR, 473 RBI, .250/.316/.407/.723
Dunn last played LF for the Reds in 2008; 6 full seasons ago

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