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Obviously this wasn’t a 2014 Reds season that thrilled many of you, or probably any of you, who come to this blog for information, commentary, etc. Regardless, you still frequented this blog often, occasionally or once. And for that, I offer my sincere gratitude.

Each season, whenever it ends, I’m fortunate to have a forum to publicly thank the people who get their Reds news from me — whether it’s on this blog, my Twitter feed or where my main outlet of content resides on I take the responsibility of covering this team seriously and hope that it comes across in my work.

I do expect this to be an interesting off-season for the Reds but can offer you no predictions of exactly what they might do. Clearly, getting more middle-of-the-order offense should be the No. 1 priority and they could use some bench and front-end of the bullpen help.

Whatever the club decides to do — or not do — I will have it covered for you. Please keep stopping by as I continue my efforts to earn your trust and readership.

Once again, thank you all.


Thank YOU, Mark…looking forward to your “dining recommendations” in the future. Marty B’s mention of that caused me to start following you…

And thank you, Mark, for all you do in following our favorite team and then keeping us abreast of any and all news. Thank you for providing a public forum whereby anyone can post their thoughts and opinions about the Reds. I also think that the off season will have a few twists and turns, as Jocketty pushes the buttons and pulls the levers.
I am a bit saddened that you won’t be writing as much this off season as you might have should the team have performed a bit better, however I am sure you can use the time off, or less time on, in the short term. Have a good off season! Neb

Thank you very much. Go Reds.

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Thanks for doing a nice job covering the Reds. It is appreciated.

Your work is much appreciated Mark and I come here for my information on the Reds. Thank you very much!

I look forward to your postings and information nearly every day during the season, Mark. They help and are very much appreciated. Bring the truth, we can handle it better as die hard Reds fans. We know where the club is good at as well as where it needs help. Look forward to your insight during the off season.

At least, Mark, your comments are not totally biased like a lot of comments I see in response to a Reds loss, or setback. That’s because you have considerable journalistic integrity. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for all u do, catch you in spring training.

Thanks Mark for your wonderful Blog. I am in the Navy currently on month 7 of a 9 month deployment, and for the first time since 1995 (the year I joined the Navy) I had to miss an entire Reds season! Your blog, along with Redleg Nation, was a Godsend to a die hard Reds fan on deployment with limited internet access. I was able to get game results and Reds news sent directly to my email. I will be retiring from the military next year and although I dont know where I’m gonna live yet or where I’m gonna work, I do know where I’ll be spending my summer weeekends, At GABP! I bought the Weekend season ticket plan! Hopefully well take this setback of a season as a stepping stone to propel us back to the playoffs in 2015! GO REDS!!

Mark, thanks for all your efforts this season and I look forward to your continued coverage of Reds baseball!

Thank you Mark.

Mark. I know we had our differences and I appreciate your patience with me. I’ve tried to be less emotional with my comments . I have learned. I really enjoy this blog ! Thank you .

Really enjoyed following the blog this season – and the analysis of the on field play!

Thank you Mark for your tireless reporting. I find it interesting to read your observations of the Reds. I hope you continue to do your reporting. It gave me something to look forward to each day. Have a good off-season, if you get one.

Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2014 18:32:52 +0000 To:

Thanks Mark. This is my first year on your blog. It’s been informative, thought provoking, exasperating, and a good ride. I’m still tired of waiting and hope next year is the big one. GO REDS !

Thanks Mark for a job well done ! looking forward to the Hot Stove League.

Not the year we wanted, and the things we’re looking for in this off-season are the same as last year, and I strained my finger pointing it at people to blame and so on and so on. But baseball remains baseball. Every game we might see something we’ve never seen before. Pena’s flipper play at 1st base. Brandon Phillips’ any number of plays at second. Santiago’s most unlikely grand slam of the season. Cueto’s twentieth win. The graphic in the ninth inning yesterday afternoon: Chapman struck out 106 of 202 batters he faced! When things like that happen, no game is meaningless and no season is a waste. Thanks, Mark, once again! How many days to ‘pitchers and catchers report?’

Thanks Mark for your blog this year. I don’t comment often but read your blog often. Keep up the good work!

Really appreciate all the coverage Mark. Have a good winter bud!

Mark: As many have said before me,….THANK YOU……

Let us know when you will begin your HOT STOVE LEAGUE Postings…

Let’s hope a BIG Bopper is within the radar of GM Walt…. a name synonymous to names like Foster (got him for a SS named Duffy), or Perez; or K Mitchell; or?????

Thanks for keeping us informed. Looking forward to following you in the off season.

Well said and well done.  JHS 

thank you mark

Mark: Thanks for your good work.

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