Game 162: Pirates at Reds


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Was very happy for Cueto. What a great year he had almost winning the triple crown for pitchers: SO’s 1st, Wins 2nd. ERA 2nd. Sadly he won’t even win the Cy Young Award as Kershaw has it locked up but it doesn’t take away from the fantastic year he had. He really should have won 25 or so games at least but the lack of offense and untimely bullpen failures hurt him as well as the rest of this great starting rotation. Also people will be talking for a long time about the dominating performance this year by Aroldis Chapman. An unbelievable year and to think it almost didn’t happen because of that horrific injury at the beginning of the season. To strike out more than half of the batters you face is astounding.Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that Jocketty can get some much needed offensive help and Votto can rebound from his leg injury!! A new manager and third base coach would be nice too but don’t think that’s going to happen!n🙂
Great job this year Mark, Thanks for keeping us updated!!

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