Multi-year contract for Jocketty

Reds general manager Walt Jocketty agreed to an extension to remain to the club.

“Yeah, it’s done. It’s multi-year,” Jocketty said on Friday. “I’ve got a great relationship with Bob [Castellini, the Reds CEO]. In my position, there are two things that are important. You have to have a great relationship with your owner and you have to have a great relationship with your manager. I have that here with both those guys.

“I’m fully committed to trying to get this team back into the postseason because I think we’re good enough to do that with a little bit of help here. I think our ownership certainly deserves it and our fans deserve it.”

First-year Reds manager Bryan Price, who has two years remaining on his contract, received a full endorsement as well after what’s been a disappointing season for Cincinnati. Jocketty voiced his satisfaction with Price’s work.

“Absolutely,” Jocketty said. “I feel bad for him – the things he had to overcome this year, the injuries and bringing in a new staff and new ideas. I thought he did an excellent job. I know the players feel that way.”

When asked about the future of the coaching staff, Jocketty declined comment.


Well that sucks ! He did nothing to help Reds after all star break even though they were in the heat of the race and we needed bats !

Well I certainly like what Walts done with the pitching. But thus far the offense has failed to come with it. I don’t think you can focus on offense first though. I’m old school and defense wins so as much as I whine and complain I like Jocketty’s philosophy. It hasn’t fully paid off yet but history shows focus on defense first then offense will eventually come. So I support the extension. Hopefully someday it all works out.

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How many years is “multi-year”? Since he didn’t tell anyone, and none of the writers asked, I presume that it is a two-year contract.

I did ask. He wouldn’t say anything other than “multi-year”

Thank you Mark.

AZ fires manager Gibson.

Personally, I am not happy with Jocketty’s extension and especially a multi-year one. Would have preferred a one year or else contract at best. Where is the accountability for next year….there isn’t any. What’s done is done. No sense compaining about it anymore. Will sit back and watch next year unfold.

Bet he couldn’t look anyone in the face while he was talking

Leake was a hot bat tonite. Taking him out for pinch hitter just seems too much by the book.

Only time will tell. They have to do something if it’s just to satisfy a a very unhappy fan base . I think a lot depends on money and who , if anyone can be moved. Let’s cross our fingers .

Agree. Even if you were going to relieve him for the 8th.

Potential 2015 FA Outfielders
Norichika Aoki
Emilio Bonifacio
Melky Cabrera
Nelson Cruz
Michael Cuddyer
Chris Denorfia
Jeff Francoeur
Jonny Gomes
Franklin Gutierrez
Tony Gwynn Jr.
Scott Hairston
Torii Hunter
Raul Ibanez
Reed Johnson
Ryan Lukwick *
Nick Markakis *
Darnell McDonald
Mike Morse
Colby Rasmus
Alex Rios *
Nate Schierholtz
Grady Sizemore
Seth Smith
Alfonso Soriano
Denard Span *
Ichiro Suzuki
Ryan Sweeney
Josh Willingham
Chris Young
Delmon Young
(* – player whose current contract includes 2015 option.)

Not too many that really standout in that list.

I still like Nelson Cruz.

I agree Neb, probably the best of all of them. I liked Willingham at one time but he is about to retire. His time like Ludwick’s has passed.

What the heck has he done to deserve an extension? There’s a reason the Cards fired him.

He was mainly luck go because of a change of Philosophy by the Cardinals on how they wanted to build the team in the future.

Developed a Reds team that has gone to the playoff in 3 of the last 5 seasons.

This is not a great step to encourage season ticket sales. Perhaps Wayne Krivsky is available as a special assistant. At least he seemed to be able to draft and develop some minor league depth.

I remember a comment made by ownership when Wayne went in for his interview. They were totally impressed by his knowledge of talent in the farm system. I was always a Mr K fan because of his ability to find talent. I’d love to see him come back as an assistant to Walt.

Krivsky/Narron years (2006-07) were both sub-.500 years and progressively worse
year over year.

Yep, but Mr K helped pick and start to develope the talent that was a main part of the teams that went to the playoffs three out of the last five years as you pointed out.

In June 2008 Krivsky was hired by the New York Mets as a Major League Scout. In November 2008 the Orioles hired him as Special Assistant to the President of Baseball Operations. His duties included scouting, contracts and other administration responsibilities. In November 2009 the Mets hired Krivsky as Special Assistant to the President of Baseball Operations. In 2011, Krivsky was hired by the Twins, as a special assistant to the GM.
He was never offered another GM position and has bounced from team to team in lesser positions; for six years now. He was clearly over his head in the GM role with the Reds and was terminated. This action was validated by all of MLB; no other team offered him a GM role.

I wouldn’t say at all that Krivsky was in over his head. And his not being hired as GM by other clubs doesn’t validate that. He moved from the Mets because the guy that hired him — Omar Minaya — was fired. And he left the Orioles to essentially go back to his old job with the Twins.

Let’s not forget Krivsky pulled two of the best trades in franchise history — and they were his first two deals — to get Bronson Arroyo and Brandon Phillips for virtually nothing in 2006. Team went 80-82 that first season before falling apart in 2007.

Tonight’s attendance: 35,611.

If Walt thinks this team will advance in the Post Season just by being healthy, we are in for another losing season in 2015

Again, Is that people who actually showed up or tickets sold . I agree on Krivsky. I don’t the actual numbers on who on this current roster were his .

There definetly was not 35,611 in attendance. The 35,611 includes all tickets sold for that game, which would include season and advanced ticket sales. My guess on actual people there would be around 28,000. Just a guess.

Mark, we’ll have to disagree on Krivsky. For six years now the GM market has churned and no other team offered Krivsky a GM position. In the private sector, including your job, should you be fired and never rehired in a like position, that is evidence that the market (MLB) does not believe you are capable of performing your previous job and related duties. Rattling around in relationship based and less responsible jobs does not suggest you were successful in your previous job as GM for the Reds. Castellini hired Krivsky, and then fired him. Why? Castellini thought he would not and could not obtain the desired results of a Red’s GM; his results for 2 + years bear this out. As for trades, Krivsky also made a very unsuccessful trade. On July 13, 2006, and sent outfielder Austin Kearns, shortstop Felipe López, and right-hander Ryan Wagner to the Washington Nationals for right-hander Gary Majewski, left-hander Bill Bray, shortstop Royce Clayton and minor-leaguers Brendan Harris and Daryl Thompson. One last note about Krivsky’s teams; they were the reverse of Jocketty’s more results oriented teams; Krivsky’s were power hitting, high run scoring with mediocre pitching, while Jocketty’s teams emphasize quality pitching.

I think Mark answered the question concerning Krivsky . He is not totally inept! The GM job is a tough one . Krivsky did ok. I think part of the reason Castillni hired Jocetty was because of his familiarity with his work , not because Krivsky was inept.

Well the Reds Screwed up again here comes another losing season. Walt & Bryan Price both should of been fired.

Comon’ really these statements sounds like a politician, Mr. Jockerty doesnt care about the city nor its fans, only about the money.if not why not of hired a major league coach, instead of a dusty replica. No its always money, but we fans arent stupid, you don’t put out hard earned money before you see the will come u need to do it on the field first, tv money, tickets, reach in ur pockets yeah right

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