Hamilton robs Braun of homer

A good guess for defensive play of the night…

UPDATE — Hamilton left the game in the 5th inning, diagnosed with “a mild concussion,” according to the Reds.


In my opinion his defense is the key factor on why he should still be the NL Rookie of the Year. I know the pitcher from the Mets had a good year but he didnt play everyday and hasnt had to go through that end of the year grind that Billy has had to endure this Septemeber. But i guess we should be used to our Reds not getting the hardware after Votto and Frazier didnt get it either.

Hope this year change that and Hamilton gets the hardware.

Hamilton is #1 in FPCT in the NL; #4 in all of MLB with a .994 FPCT. If not for his post all-star game swoon, he would be walking away with the trophy. As is his September has been terrible and his competition’s closing numbers have been stellar.
The good news is that the writer’s carry the votes and see these guys several times during the year, and it is based on a rookies “body of work”, not just 30 games worth.

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