Pena sits with Cueto pitching

Brayan Pena has caught most of Johnny Cueto’s starts this season but not his last two, including Tuesday vs. the Brewers. Pena was also not at first base and out of the starting lineup altogether for the fourth time in five games.

Once again on Tuesday, Todd Frazier played first base while Kristopher Negron played third base.

Brayan’s had a terrific year for us; he’s done way more than we ever expected as far as playing first,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “He’s played a lot, he’s played more than he ever has played at this level. I may periodically play him at first and pinch hit and stuff like that, but I’m giving some other guys a chance to play right now.”

Although the backup catcher, Pena started 43 games at first base this season — a gigantic leap considering he played only parts of four games there his entire career. While he wouldn’t be considered a Gold Glove talent in the field, he really has done a nice job filling in for Joey Votto. He made just one error and has also turned in a more than a few nice defensive stops this season.

Here is one of his finer stops:


That clip is one of my favorite plays of all time! And Pena gets up laughing – he doesn’t believe it either!

Unfortunately Pena cant hit just everyone else not named Frazier or Mesoraco. If it were my team those would be the only two everday starters that i would be guaranteeing an opening day slot for. Worst offensive hitting team of alltime for the Reds. Statistically we have the worst hitting outfield in all of baseball. The worst hitting everday player in cozart, our leadoff hitter is ranked next to last in Obp for the one hole, and we dont have a cleanup hitter. Need I say more?

With Pena and Devin at least the catching position is covered pretty well. Glad Walt picked up Pena.

I agree . Pena was a great addition. I would just like for Price to not sit Mesoraco every fifth day . Maybe next year .

snippet from
Paul Daugherty
Reds, 2013. . . Votto plays 162, Bruce 160, DDBP 151. Three starters throw 200-plus innings. Four make at least 31 starts. Six of the Everyday Eight play in at least 150 games. I’d say that qualifies as extraordinarily healthy.
Reds lose wild card game in Pittsburgh.
The point, then, is this:
If you are among the Aberration Crowd, you would suggest that the same core players who failed to win a division series when healthy one, two, three, four, five years ago will magically make like Ponce de Leon next year. Not only will they all be hale and hearty, but they will reprise the seasons they had when they were younger. And history suggests, that still won’t be good enough.
I don’t need a data pile the size of the Manhattan phone book to tell me that aging players don’t perform as well as younger players. The goal here is to be better than St. Louis. That’s it. Will the old core be good enough to do that? History says no. I don’t care how many numbers you throw at me. Baseball rosters are organic and dynamic. They don’t require occasional re-tooling. They demand it. Unless you enjoy living the popular definition of insanity.
There is also the issue of the clubhouse mix. I’m sorry there is no metric available to measure that. But it’s important. To bring back the old gang one more time – the gang that could not get it done – would be to suggest that coming up just short is OK around here. The Reds of Votto, Bruce, DDBP, Cueto, Chappy etc. have had nice years. Their teams have been highly competitive lately, this year (and 2011) notwithstanding.
They haven’t won enough. At least not enough to satisfy local expectations. Why on earth would anyone believe they’ll suddenly change that? Where is the history to support it?
If you want to continue to dwell in the land of numbers, have at it. Make yourself a helluva fantasy team. If you’d like to join the rest of us here in reality, even better. The Reds will not catch St. Louis next year if they do not make significant changes, to the roster and, by extension, to the clubhouse atmosphere.
And for those of you who think my opinions are issued in a vacuum, let me assure you I spend hours on the telephone and in the clubhouse. Do you? I’d love to hear about your resources, you know, beyond a laptop and a television.

Thanks Neb, missed this one. Not much to add.

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