Price impressed by Yo-Rod

Reds outfield prospect and September callup Yorman Rodriguez was given his third start of the month and his first one in left field on Sunday vs. the Cardinals.

Rodriguez has played only five games entering the night, but has impressed manager Bryan Price in that short amount of time.

“I think he’s performed well in his limited opportunities,” Price said. “I’m excited to see him out there and see him play. He’s really impressed me with his approach. Even if you’re out there for batting practice, he has that middle-of-the-diamond to right-center approach. For a guy who has enough power to think he’s a home run hitter, at this point in his development he could be a pull approach guy and he’s not. I’m kind of anxious to see a little bit more of it before the season is out.”

Rodriguez, 22, was signed on his 16th birthday out of Venezuela in 2008 for a then-record bonus of $2.5 million. He has five-tool ability and the potential of offering the Reds some things that don’t currently have — especially offensively.

“We think he can,” Price said. “He’s getting the opportunity to show the Major League staff what he can do at the Major League level. We’ve seen him in Spring Training once. Kind of like the showcase of Billy Hamilton last year in September, he didn’t play a lot but when he played, he impressed. I think it made us all feel better going into this season that he was ready to come up here and challenge for that spot in center field.

“I don’t know that Yorman is quite to the same place developmentally because he hasn’t played any Triple-A yet but this is a great opportunity for him to kind of give us an idea of what he offers at this point in time of his development. He does provide us with a guy that we’re all organizationally we are very excited about being an impact player for us in the near future.”


The question is are we impressed with Price?

So will he play him rest of season or Ludwick?

Duh? That would make sense, so don’t expect it. Could play him in all 3 OF positions the rest of the way and get a really good look at him. As usual, I hear doublespeak.

Seriously? Yo Rod has impressed? Who? It my limited wisdom I can tell dude can’t play and will never be able to play at top level. It is all coach speak…..I wished for once a coach would tell it like it is. In Yo Rod’s case it would be “we wasted 2.5 million on a kid who has been unimpressive at every level of baseball he has played.”

Cueto is 18-9. Scheduled for 9/23 against Brewers and 9/28 against Pirates.
20-9? He has no chance for the Cy Young and in reality shouldn’t win it anyway
this season; Kershaw is having a superb season. Without Kershaw around, he would have won it already, and probably again this season.

Just to finish the thought…
Cueto, this season, is….
4-0 against Pirates; 38 IP with a 1.89 ERA.
1-0 against Brewers; 8 IP with a 2.25 ERA.

Reds attendance total is 2,291,197 with 6 games remaining split between the Brewers and Pirates, in that order. Here are the averages and totals that they may garner:
If they pull in 20k per game they will end up with 2,411,107
If they pull in 25k per game they will end up with 2,441,157
If they pull in 30k per game they will end up with 2,471,197
Last season they had their best attendance year, bringing in 2.492,101 fans.
All in all, a very good attendance total this season regardless of the outcome
and their sub-.500 W-L record.
Congratulations to the fans; obviously a very tough year.

It will be interesting to see a comparison of season ticket sales in 2014 vs 2015, especially if the Reds aren’t aggresive in the offseason.

And that is where Jocketty (Castellini behind the scenes) comes in. And, to his credit, I think he will do whatever they are able and willing (cash available) to do. Jocketty does not get enough credit; he’s no rookie and he’s not a novice to the process. What fans seem to always do is harp or complain about today; seldom ever looking back and giving credit for the successes of any manager, coach or player…in this case a very talented and seasoned GM. Many do not even remember a short time ago when the Reds were in a major quagmire, circa: Lindner and company. Back then, we had no chance and I can’t even imagine what we could talk about during that desert walk.

Neb. I don’t know if I share your eval of Jocketty. He wore out his welcome in St. Louis and was fired for the devisiveness in their organization. The Cards have continued to succeed without him. We’ll see what transpires in the off season.

Reds’ Billy Hamilton to work with Juan Pierre on bunting in offseason
Posted: Mon Sep. 22, 2014
Cincinnati Reds centerfielder Billy Hamilton is planning on working on his bunting with former outfielder Juan Pierre this offseason, Hamilton told ESPN’s Buster Olney.
Hamilton has had 17 bunt hits on 51 attempts in his rookie season, according to FanGraphs, and said that’s an aspect of his game he wants to improve. Pierre, who spent 14 years in the major leagues with six teams, had 215 bunt hits over the final 12 years of his career.
Hamilton, 24, is in contention for National League Rookie of the Year due to his strong defense and speed, having stolen 56 bases this season.
The rookie has hit .253 with an OPS of .653 overall this season but has hit just .204 with a .521 OPS since the All-Star break.

This kid is going to be a superstar. What amazes me is why other Reds don’t do the same thing. Seems to me that Cozart could make good use of a hitting instructor. I wonder if the team initiates the arrangement, or did Hamilton. Maybe you, Mark, could set us straight on that point. Thanks.

I’ve never understood how a player can go through HS, college, minor leagues, and get to the Dance but can’t bunt. A real failure of the system to develop complete players, IMO.

I have to agree with you on this point. Some time ago I presented a post that showed that all four minor league Red’s teams were near the bottom in nearly every rankable statistic. It was a shock to me to find this out, but unfortunately validated the realities of the Reds. I think I posted it last season. In any event, I think the Reds are keenly aware of this and are taking steps to correct the situation.
However, something like this takes time and effort; continuing to acquire and hone talent and doing so by outstanding coaching; something I think the Reds organization needs to address…top to bottom; all 5 clubs.

They sure are packin’ them in, in St. Lou! Baseball fans appreciate seeing the game played right. Too many times in 2nd half here – seeing lack of execution – I guess primarily in case of moving guys over, swinging at first pitch for example. I see no reason to stay with Price and his coach crew. How can you reward such a nosedive?

St. Louis is the ultimate baseball park for filling the seats; non better. They fill the seats more so than any other ballpark, year after year. They can, and have, played the good, the bad and the ugly, yet they have fans that are beyond any other than any other team or ball park. They are the quintessential ballpark for filling seats by fans…the Reds can only hope to gain such notice. With that said, it’ll never happen.
It’s what I am very familiar with…location…location…location…

The Cardinals have always been one of the best sports franchises. Since Mr. C was associated with the organization for a while he is trying to bring that sort of organization to Cincinnati. GABP has become one of the better parks for the fan to experience the game.

R3. Agree. We play a boring game of baseball. Did last year and the year before. Swing out of your shoes and hope you hit a home run. Swing early, swing often. Etc.
Neb. It’s more than location. Why would a fan want to travel 50 – 70 miles on a regular basis, or spend an hour or two in traffic to see a boring team. The fans in St. Louis do because they are going to see baseball the way it should be played. Since we can’t attract fans that way we have several BARK IN THE PARK games and what any gimmick they can think of. PLLLEEEEEAAAASSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Yo Rod will be your starting left fielder next year . The foundation for this decision has been laid .

When I refer to ‘location’, I am more importantly referring to location of the entire team versus stadium. In this regard, I don’t believe Cincinnati could ever outdraw St. Louis. Clearly the Cards hugely successful years since the mid-1990’s had a great deal of influence, as did the successes of the Reds over the last handful of seasons. Both teams built new ballparks, but repetitive visits in the playoff are the foundation for growing attendances.
BTW…guess what GM is responsible for both team’s turnarounds? And it wasn’t done by smoke and mirrors. He put together a prolific team in St. Louis. Since he arrived in Cincinnati in 2008 the Reds have now played in the playoffs 3 of the last 5 seasons. It should be noted that with that accomplishment, attendance has risen to all time high; new ballpark, et. al.
Credit must be given when facts bear out and validate irrefutable successes.

How much did Wayne Krivsky have to do with the Reds’ current roster ?

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