Game 155: Reds at Cardinals

Hamilton 8
Negron 5
Frazier 3,
Mesoraco 2
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Ludwick 7
Cozart 6
Leake 1


The Dodger bullpen is imploding again today, now losing 8-7 to the Cubs after leading them 7-2. Seems to me that the Dodgers, as well as other teams, would be champing at the bit to have a guy like Chapman heading into the playoffs. And, based on Chapman’s contract and status, the Reds could truly pick up some quality beef in exchange…a lot of quality beef. I would make Chapman available but would rather wait for the post season when all teams would have a chance to bid; however with that said, I would certainly be prepared to entertain any thoughts or trade offers today. It’s going to be a very, very interesting off season when it comes to actual trades in an effort to plate some R.

Neb, trading this late, would Chapman be elgible for the playoffs. He could help get someone into the playoffs. Broxton caved for the Brewers yesterday.

Re: todays lineup. Replace Pena with Negron, everything else the same. should yield same results as it has for past several games. Was impressed with Holmberg, the way he settled down and then held him. Too bad he found out what the rest of the starters have found out this year, and that is give up a run or 2 and you’re a LOSER because this offense STINKS as bad as breaking wind after consuming several beers and several hard boiled eggs.

A trade is a trade and any team that has designs on a player may well be before the season ends in order to cutoff or be firster on a trade; only to get to the playoffs. However, as I inferred and believe…the Reds should wait until after the season and hear from all the teams. Makes a lot more sense in order to get the best for the best.
Imagine the trade bait we have…save only Cueto, Votto, Frazier, Mez and Hamilton.
Trades are going to happen, no doubt; as is the Reds offered Latos and Phillips already this season. With our extremely poor R production, and I mean embarrassingly poor R production, the Reds will be in full swing this off season.

Neb. Can’t tell you how much I hope You’re right. If not, It’s going to be a long season next year.

Dodgers would NOT have use of Chapman rhis year in the playoffs.

Reds lost all 6 games this week. Is this what’s called playing for pride? So very sad!

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