Latos status in limbo

Reds pitcher Mat Latos, who missed his last two starts with a bone bruise in his right elbow, played catch from a short distance the final two days in Chicago, still does not have a target date to return to the mound this season. However, a return before the season ends has not been ruled out.

“We’re hoping that there will be a chance to get him on the mound one more time before the season is over,” Reds manager Bryan Price said on Friday. “But right now, that’s just optimism. We haven’t gotten to the point where we can say ‘yeah, he’s ready to throw a bullpen and if he gets through that ok, he’ll pitch on this date.’ We’re not there yet. I hope we get there but if we don’t, we’ll go with the five guys we have.”

To me, there really appears to be one more window in the final week of the season for Latos to get back into the rotation — on Wednesday or Thursday vs. the Brewers. That’s when both Daniel Corcino and David Holmberg are scheduled to start next, respectively. I don’t envision Price taking a final start away from Johnny Cueto, Mike Leake or Alfredo Simon before the season ends on Sept. 28.


Why bring him back this season?

This season is over

I will never understand this thing about getting Latos or Votto back in there. Seems to me there is nothing to gain, but potentially a lot to lose.

Since all these games mean so much, and since you have such great triple a replacements, why take the risk, or is this to much for a rookie manager to understand???

They just might want to show the rest of the teams that these guys are healthy again in case of trade options.

Interesting thought HoosierVirg.

The only reason Votto or Latos should play this year is if the Reds intend to trade then before the start of spring training

Another reason to play them might be to show the Fanbase that they are healthy and that would help some of the fans decide on buying tickets. I really don’t think they’ll play them if there’s any doubt at all because of their huge contracts anymore. The Reds will protect their assets as any good business would.

Absolutely. One, it’s for the fan base for next season. Two, it’s for other teams to
know that they are healthy. Off season tickets and off season trades; makes a great
deal of sense. Personal opinion…Votto is for the tickets, Latos is for a trade.

I agree Neb

Trade them? Votto contract is the worst in mlb and Latos is a head case as well. Price is so intimidated by this group. Realize this they don’t respect him, and he is weak and the team is on total disarray . It started with Dusty and they need to totally clean the house

Total disarray is very accurate. They are going to have to do one of 2 things. If they don’t do the first, then they’ll have to get off the pot.

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