New High Class A team

According to a tweet from Class A Daytona, the team has signed a four-year affiliation agreement with the Reds. The high-A team will replace Bakersfield in the Reds system after four seasons.

No official word has come from the Reds as of yet.

Daytona was known as the Cubs and was their previous affiliate. Obviously, there will be a new team name coming soon.


Although a week stale, it is a very interesting article about
Smith and the Reds…
Smith disputes ‘25’ guys thrown out
By Hal McCoy | Wednesday, September 10, 2014, 05:51 PM
CINCINNATI — Steve Smith hears the figure, 25, and he isn’t pleased about it. That’s the figure the Cincinnati Reds third base coach hears all the time.
It’s the number being bandied about as to how many baserunners he has sent to their death at home plate this year.
And he disputes it to the nth degree. In fact, he has counted them himself.
“If I had sent 25 guys to be thrown out at hoe plate I’d fire myself,” he said. “The number is nine. Six of them were before the All-Star break and only three after.”
As luck would have it, Bryan Pena was on second base in the fifth inning when Brandon Phillips singled to left. Smith sent Pena and he was thrown out at home.
After the game Smith walked up and said sheepishly, “Make it 10 on me. But, dammit, I think six times it has been Pena.”
SMITH WANTS IT known, and he is telling the honest truth, that most of the runners thrown out at home when they were on third base, “Were run on contact outs.” If a runner is on third and the batter makes contact and a ground ball is hit, the runner is to break for home.
It is the way manager Bryan Price wants it — aggressive base-running. What most fans don’t realize is that just because a runner gets thrown out at home doesn’t mean if he had stayed at third he would eventually score. With the way the Reds have hit with runners in scoring position this year there was no guarantee that if a runner had stayed on third base on contact he would eventually score.
“I have sent only two runners this year that I regret sending,” he said. And one of them was a decision I thought was a good one.
IT WAS A TIE game against Pittsburgh and a ball was hit to right field for a ground ball base hit. Ramon Santiago was on second and Smith sent him homeard. It took a perfect throw by rookie Gregory Polanco and a great tag by Russell Martin Gr to get Santiago. The Reds then lost on an Andrew McCutchen home run.

The meaningful statement to me in this article is:
“If a runner is on third and the batter makes contact and a ground ball is hit, the runner is to break for home.
It is the way manager Bryan Price wants it — aggressive base-running.”
Sorry Mr. Smith and Price there is more to it than that. Instructions from you to the runner to make sure THEY make the decision whether they should go or not. It’s not automatic. There is a difference between aggressive base running and being stupid. If Smith thinks he’s clean and not a fault, because Price thinks it’s OK, then Smith needs to go toe to toe with Price. Need somebody with some BA**S to do something. Finally Mr. Smith, don’t throw Pena under the bus to cover your A**.

He doesn’t need to fire himself, will see if Price has the guts to. Their has to be some changes. The thing that I think totally destroyed the players confidence in this organization was the night Leake had the guts to say that they needed manage ment to do something. I don’t understand when players need help they keep them up here and keep running them out to fail, while cards send them back till things are straightened up. It will never get better with this regime too castellini stays out of the players decisions

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