Games 151-153: Reds at Cubs

I’m not working this series. Back on Friday from St. Louis.


I have some comments on 2015. I would expect replacements for J J Hoover (his 10 losses, including Non Holds are a direct result of the Reds being out of a Playoff spot), Manny Parra (not reliable), and Ondruski (not reliable). Position players to be replaced would be Hannahan (replacement: Negron) and Ludwick (unperformed). The bench players would be Santiago, Pena, Schumaker, and Negron. Heisey should be the left fielder, and Bourgeius, with his speed, would be the 5th bench player. It’s hard to believe there is no .275 to .300 hitter in the Reds system. That is what is needed.

Shoey. Agree with one exception. Heisey, I believe is a bench player. Has been given enough opportunities as a starter and has not performed well. Additionally,
three players I would like to see the Reds trade in the off season are Curtis Partch,
Neftali Soto, and Donald Lutz. They may or may not make in the majors, but I feel they will never be given that extended and consistent opportunity by the Reds. I just hate to see potential talent wasted.
Finally this will be the last comment from Strong. Don’t celebrate yet it’s just a name change that reflects my feelings more accurately. My new moniker will be “Tired of Waiting”.

Todays lineup:9/15
1.CF: Billy Hamilton
2.2B: Kristopher Negron
3.1B: Todd Frazier
4.C: Devin Mesoraco
5.RF: Yorman Rodriguez
6.LF: Jason Bourgeois
7.3B: Ramon Santiago
8.SS: Jake Elmore
9.SP: Alfredo Simon

Good to see some call ups getting a start.

Until we get that number 4 hitter that relishes the chance to drive in runs and wants the challenge we won’t be an elite team. Votto and Bruce don’t have that mental make up. We need a Nelson Cruz type and a shortstop that can hit. Afraid price needs to make some changes on coaching staff but he won’t.

Mes says he wants to be that #4 guy. If he continues to improve, maybe. Totally agree on SS and coaching staff, especially Steve Smith.

Price looking forward to seeing prospects play
9/14/14: Yorman Rodriguez hits a single to center field to collect his first career hit
By Daniel Kramer / | September 15, 2014
CHICAGO — Three September callups made their way into the lineup Monday against the Cubs.
Yorman Rodriguez, who is the Reds’ No. 12-ranked prospect, Jason Bourgeois and Jake Elmore went a combined 1-for-8 in a 1-0 loss, one in which Cincinnati recorded just three hits.
Manager Bryan Price said that the Reds haven’t used many of the new additions to the expanded roster due to the tight pennant races that many division foes are in. The Pirates, Cardinals and Brewers are all contending for the playoffs. The Reds’ prior two series before Monday were against the latter two.
“We try to respect that,” Price said. “We’re running most of our regular players out there as often as possible. So this is a great opportunity for them to play, No. 1. No. 2, to get a little more evaluation time before Spring Training of 2015. So I’m looking forward to seeing them play.”
September callup Daniel Corcino takes the mound Wednesday amid rotation attrition that has sidelined right-handers Mat Latos and Homer Bailey.
Bailey is done for the year with a strained flexor mass in his pitching elbow. Latos was scratched from last Friday’s start against the Brewers with a bone bruise in his pitching elbow since. He hasn’t yet been cleared to play catch.
“Undoubtedly, you don’t always bring the same team back intact, so it’s nice to know what we have in our system,” Price said. “Either for guys that have a chance maybe to make our club out of Spring Training next year or at least from a depth perspective down in [Triple-A] Louisville in the next season.”
Price noted that he will likely dish out a lineup on Tuesday attuned to Johnny Cueto, the team’s All-Star starter.
“It’ll be certainly a lineup that you would for the most part come to expect when he pitches — guys that have been here with us — and then we’ll see what happens on Wednesday,” Price said.

RUNS 559 – 28th Overall
BATTING AVERAGE .239 – 27th Overall
ON BASE PERCENTAGE .299 – 28th Overall
SLUGGING PCT .366 – 26th Overall
With the above on our season report card, the Reds need to ask themselves if this is an anomaly or is it lack of talent in certain pockets of the team. Clearly with superior SP and Chapman, any R production would have resulted in more W than L. The Reds have identified a major gap in production; that being a solid LF that can produce at the plate. Unfortunately, the last bone fide LF that produced was in 2008; Mr. Dunn. Since then they have played a number of LFers, only to compound the problem by Price moving around deck chairs much like on the Titanic. Our second position that screams of lack of production is middle relief. We continue to try many that continue to put up poor Hs; we need to address this in the off season as well.
The last item that really is the first item is salary; we have some pretty healthy contracts that may bind our hands when it comes to trades. In this regard, we may have to make some provocative trades; save Votto. With loosened up monies we could change the look of the Reds, but again, it all starts and stops with R production.
So now we are slowly turning our attention to the off season and one, Mr. Jocketty; can he spin his trading magic as he has done previously? We shall see, and of course, we are all looking into the fishbowl so anything may happen and in my opinion, only Votto, Cueto, Frazier and Mesoraco are truly off the table. One last note, a lot of what we can do or will do is predicated on getting us to the 2016 season when our TV deal will be renegotiated and we will have extra monies to spend on talent. Until then, we have a number of SP that require contract attention and that will take some creative negotiating and some necessary creative trading.

Today’s lineup 9/16:
1.CF: Billy Hamilton
2.C: Brayan Pena
3.1B: Todd Frazier
4.RF: Jay Bruce
5.2B: Brandon Phillips
6.LF: Chris Heisey
7.3B: Ramon Santiago
8.SS: Zack Cozart
9.SP: Johnny Cueto

Normally, as you know, I would complain about the lack of call ups, but with Cueto going for #19, it is what it is. Johnny be good. Reds offense….see the ball, hit the ball.

Don’t worry Mark. The Reds took the series off as well. Shutout 2 games in a row at Wrigley!!! Feels like 1982 all over again. Can’t wait to see proof this won’t be tolerated in the off season. Or look out Redswill be last next year

Last 3 games: 27 innings, 2 runs, 9 hits. Johnny not so good tonight. Reds offense…see the ball, can’t hit the ball.

Today’s Lineup 9/17:
1.2B: Kristopher Negron
2.3B: Ramon Santiago
3.CF: Yorman Rodriguez
4.LF: Ryan Ludwick
5.RF: Donald Lutz
6.1B: Jack Hannahan
7.SS: Jake Elmore
8.C: Tucker Barnhart
9.SP: Daniel Corcino
Results can’t be any worse than the last 3. It will be fun to see what the non-regulars can do. Why Luwick and not Beaujois to make it complete non- regular??

Report: Reds may not renew affiliation with Bakersfield
David Clark, 2:53 p.m. EDT September 17, 2014
The Cincinnati Reds have not renewed their affiliation contract with the Bakersfield Blaze, according to this report by’s Zach Ewing, leaving the Class A-advanced team in limbo until the end of the month.
More from Ewing:
But rest assured, said Blaze assistant general manager Dan Besbris: The Blaze isn’t going anywhere.
“We are 100 percent for sure playing affiliated ball at Sam Lynn (Ballpark) in 2015,” Besbris said in an email.
And it could still be as a member of the Reds organization. The Reds, who have been affiliated with Bakersfield for four seasons, can renew their contract with Bakersfield before Sept. 30, but they’re also free to do so with any other Class A-advanced team.
“It just means they wanted the chance to talk to other cities,” Besbris said.
Minor-league affiliation contracts are generally signed for two, four or six years, except in instances where a parent organization owns a minor-league franchise.
In four years with Bakersfield, the Reds have sent several top prospects to Sam Lynn, including current major-leaguers Billy Hamilton, Tony Cingrani and Donald Lutz.
The contracts for six High-A franchises (those in the California League, Carolina League and Florida State League) were allowed to expire by Monday’s deadline, according to Baseball America.
One of those spots has already been filled: The Chicago Cubs announced Tuesday they were leaving Daytona, Fla., of the FSL for Myrtle Beach, S.C., of the Carolina League.
That leaves five major-league franchises and five A-advanced spots remaining: The Reds, Mariners, Indians, Braves and Rangers will play a sort of musical chairs with minor-league cities Daytona; Lynchburg, Va.; Zebulon, N.C.; plus two in the Cal League, High Desert of Adelanto and Bakersfield.
The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported earlier this week that the Reds are among four leading candidates (along with the Braves, the Indians and the Rangers) to replace the Cubs there.
C. Trent Rosecrans adds that all of the Reds’ other affiliates have contracts through 2016.

Would seem to make more sense to be in the SE rather than the West.

Article on Bleacher Report names Billy Hamilton 5th best CF in Major League. quite an accomplishment for a rookie. Looking forward to his improvement next year. Definitely a bright spot in a very bleak year.

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