Game 150: Reds at Brewers

Hamilton 8
Negron 5
Frazier 3
Mesoraco 2
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Ludwick 7
Cozart 6
Leake 1


Ludwick and Bruce, how sad. Would be nice to see Rodriguez, Lutz, or Elmore. Tired of seeing Ludwick when everyone knows he is gone from next year. What’s the purpose. Oh, that’s right….tradition is everything, reality be damned,

Be careful Strong! Mark doesn’t like cranky posts ! Better yet. , the truth hurts ! I do agree with you .

Jim — I don’t care about negative posts, or cranky posts. I just wish you’d be constructive. Complaining 180-straight days is tiresome. If you don’t like my replies that challenge you to be constructive, go to another blog, please.

The only thing they owe Ludwick is the disastrous amt of money that our FO agreed to pay Ryan. The organization owes the fans the smarts and desire to improve our club letting him play after his production the last 2 years will not make this team better for the future., but allowing Rodriquez and Lutz to get some looks could help the group who pays these salaries.

Agreed ! Why can’t the media see and (or) understand that ? You can call me cranky , negative or whatever you want but a large number of bloggers agree with my posts!!! The truth sometimes hurts . This organization is bad shape !!!!!


Mark . I’m only expressing my opinion ! I thought that’s what this was about ! Apparently not ! You’re the one who mentioned cranky . You said nothing about being constructive until you ‘re response !

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