Game 149: Reds at Brewers

Hamilton 8
Pena 3
Frazier 5
Mesoraco 2
Phillips 4
Bruce 9
Ludwick 7
Cozart 6
Holmberg 1


Where is Negron? He needs to be in the lineup somewhere now and definitely next year.

Silly me. I figured Negron would be playing. I should have realized that after going 2/4 with a HR he would need to be out of the lineup.

Does it really surprise anyone ? Negron doesn’t make enough money to be in the lineup !!!! Besides , Price and company didn’t bring him with the big club out of spring training . God knows this management team hasn’t made a mistake all year !!!!

Thank God Ludwick was with the big club. At least we have his hot bat and power in there to go along with Bruce in RF……..the dynamic duo.

Price doesn’t even know how to be a “spoiler”

Jim — your streak of cranky comments have to be nearing Ripken-like levels of longevity. Why do I suspect it wouldn’t be different if the Reds were in first place and ahead by 10 games?

Mark. Simply put, I don’t trust the Reds’ management . They have let their fans down all year long ! That’s just my opinion ! It might be different if they had at least tried to help this team . It seemed like ever other team in the race at the all star break did. . I don’t buy this small market stuff or the injury card . There are other tes with similar situations !!

Jim, I tend to be cranky too and I agree with you on the points you made. I would add one more that gets me super cranky and that is continuing to do the same things that aren’t working over and over and expecting that somehow they are going to work this time. Still cranky over the non use of the new guys because we have to adhere to some tradition that really has nothing to do with the integrity of the game and is, in my opinion, detremental to the development of the talent this team needs to move to the next level. I’ll stop now, because I could go on “ad infinitum”.

Good game tonight. Excellent job by Holmberg. Great defense and timely hitting.

I guess I’m just too old school for Mark! I grew up watching the Big Red Machine and they spoiled me !! I want these Reds to do well but OFFENSIVELY they are not very fundamentally sound and very weak !!!! I don’t believe in shuffling the lineup every night or a personal catcher for certain pitchers ! And Walt Jocetty couldn’t begin to be as good as Bob Howsman. !

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