Frazier, others getting steals

The Reds’ Todd Frazier became a 20 homer-20 stolen base man when he swiped second base in Friday’s loss to the Pirates.

While there have been instances of the Reds being burned by their more aggressive ways on the bases this season, this is one of the successes this season.

“I think he’s established that he can do that,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “That’s kind of what we’ve been looking for with our group – to find more ways to exploit the strengths of our players. Todd is not a burner.”

Besides Billy Hamilton, who came in with 55 steals, the list of Reds stolen bases is interesting.

Frazier – 20-for-27
Bruce – 12-for-14
Heisey – 9-for-11
Cozart – 7-for-7

“That is in large part is combining instincts with opportunity,” Price said. “If they weren’t good instinctive players on the bases, they would be less likely to be given the opportunity to steal bases.”

*The Reds have made no formal decision for Wednesday’s starter at Chicago, but Daniel Corcino is listed on the game notes. It’s not a lock that Mat Latos (bone bruise in right elbow) won’t pitch, but it’s sure seemed less likely.

“We’re obviously not going to force this, force feed Mat his last few starts if he’s not feeling good,” Price said. “It doesn’t make much sense for us. I’d like him to pitch but I don’t want to exacerbate a pre-existing issue. He’ll have to come quite a ways in order to make that next start.”


Interesting about the stolen bases Mark thank you for pointing those out. Those are some pretty good percentages for steals there. It shows as Price pointed out that those players have some pretty good base stealing instincts.

Frazier’s is not good enough to be a help to the team.

I have been very happy about the Reds aggressive base running. I look at Cozarts record the previous 2 years(under Dusty) and in 289 games he was 4/4 stealing. This year 7/7 in only 136 games. This is one positive influence Price has had on this team. My complaints on this subject have been about 3rd base coach Smith. I don’t think he reacts quickly enough to what’s happening in front of him and therefore has made some terrible calls. This is one coaching position that I think needs changed for next year.

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