Pena catching Corcino

Brayan Pena, who was scratched with an illness from catching for Johnny Cueto on Thursday, was in the lineup on Friday. Pena was paired to catch for rookie Daniel Corcino, who is making a spot start for the injured Mat Latos. Regular catcher Devin Mesoraco, who replaced Pena on Thursday, got a night off.

“Pena was going to catch Cueto yesterday and he was sick and unable to make that start,” Reds manager Bryan Price said. “I like to give Devin a breather every now and again. In this case with the language connection, even though Daniel is bilingual, it also plays well in giving Devin a day off here. He’ll still be catching regularly after today.”

The Reds will be seeing younger pitchers on the mound for the first two games against the Brewers — Corcino and David Holmberg on Saturday.

“This isn’t where we anticipated being at the end of the year but it is a chance for us to see some of our young prospects and be able to evaluate a bit for a next year,” Price said.


Bla, Bla,Bla…………. I hope Pena can catch Cueto next time. Mesoraco didn’t do a very good job !!!!!

Real disaster wasn’t it ! I guess it would have been a no hitter if Pena caught. Now Price says even though Corcino is bilingual, with the language thing, Pena would be better. Don’t get me wrong, Mesaraco needs and deserves a day off. Don’t know if Price is trying to convince himself or the fans, or maybe just lost.

Price as someone recently said is in over his HEAD

Price learned from Dusty that the most important aspect of managing is to make nicey nice with all the players and be their best bud. !!!! To hell with putting the best eight on the field ! Price is in WAY over his head !!!!!!!

So if the Reds had all spainish speaking pitchers , Mesoraco wouldn’t catch at all !!!!!

Maybe the Cards will get him to replace Molina in 2018 when Mesaraco becomes free agent. Would serve the Reds right. Maybe Walt trades him in the offseason for a couple more minor league pitchers.

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