Latos hurt; Schumaker surgery

Daniel Corcino will start for the Reds tonight instead of Mat Latos, who has a bone bruise in his right elbow.

It is not known how Latos suffered the injury. We should learn more when the clubhouse opens soon.

IF/OF Skip Schumaker had surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder.

Schumaker originally dislocated the left shoulder trying to make a diving catch on March 21 during Spring Training. On July 10 vs. the Cubs, he injured the same shoulder in a collision with the right field wall trying to make a catch. That incident also left him with a concussion.

Reds lineup:

Hamilton 8
Negron 5
Frazier 3
Bruce 9
Phillips 4
Heisey 7
Pena 2
Cozart 6
Corcino 1


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I thought I kept pretty good tabs on the Reds, but this is the first I’ve heard about Schumaker having any injury. Did I miss something or is this the usual Reds minimizing problems players are having and then it’s surgery or the DL.

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Wow – more injury. BTW – saw on Price’s defense of Smith. OK – sure, no prob. Killing rallies when there is little room for error, no prob. Great pitching and defense yesterday’s game.

Latos don’t want to pitch, move him this winter. He will move by himself when he can, Latos can’t take the heat.

I see where Price says we have put ourselves in the role of spoilers. Not what we were led to expect from this team. The “we” includes Price, the coaching staff (especially 3rd base coach Smith), the management for overselling the talent the Reds have and for not addressing the weaknesses and doing something about it, and finally some of the players whose performances don’t measure up to the money they are being paid. This season is a total organizational failure no matter how successful the Reds are in their “spoiler role”.

Couldn’t have said it any better !!!!!!

Losers always get hurt easier! It’t the fastest way out

The announcers are saying how Skip has not been up to par for quite a while. Couldn’t extend and swing through the ball well. Then why was he playing. What did it get us. They said he never told Price he couldn’t go. Who’s running this team anyway. Schumaker is at.235. We don’t have a LH bat anywhere that could have replaced him or a RH bat that hit better than .235. If not, this has turned into a very sad mismanaged organization.

Again, you’re comment is right on the money !!!!

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