Nice defense behind Cueto

Of course, Johnny Cueto’s latest masterpiece of pitching for eight innings will stand out the most from a 1-0 win over the Cardinals on Thursday for the four-game series win. But there was some help behind Cueto.

Two plays especially stood out:

To end the third inning with Matt Holliday batting, 1B Todd Frazier robbed him of a hit with a diving stop on the grass at the line. Frazier threw to Cueto covering first for the out, just in time.

To begin the seventh, Jay Bruce made the play of the day with a leaping catch at the wall to take a home run away from Matt Adams.

“Great defensive game,” Reds manager Bryan Price said.

Here is the Bruce play:

“He hit it well enough for it to squeak over but not well enough for it to get it far enough up,” Bruce said. “I was just able to time it up and get back there quickly enough and make the play.”

It’s the second time this season Bruce has robbed someone of a homer. He did it to Miami’s Giancarlo Stanton on GABP on Aug. 10.

“I’m just out there trying to do my job,” Bruce said.

See below:

From the contact off of Adams’ bat, Bruce felt like he had a play he could make.

“You’ve got to try and get back there as fast as you can and find the way in the process,” Bruce said. “I try to use my feet to feel the warning track. Playing baseball so much, you learn that kind of stuff.

“I knew it was going to be close. I didn’t know if it would be just out of reach. You don’t want to assume it’s gone and get back there and it hits the wall. You always want to assume you’re going to have a play on it.”


I am very happy for Cueto! Let’s hope he doesn’t get the shaft because he pitches in a small market !!! The Reds need to start promoting him for the Cy Young !!!!!!!!


You got me T2 !!!! Have to agree. .

He did the same thing a year or two ago when my grandson and I were on the first row in section 145. He came from right field to right-center jumped up put the glove in our face and actually took the ball out of the stands , he is one of the best defensive right fielders you’ll ever see IMHO. It is fun to sit behind him and Billy now.

Is anyone in the media talking or writing about Cueto and the Cy Young or am I missing something ?

Kershaw – LA is a lock. Take it to the Bank. Big market. LA heading to post season.

That’s too bad! I think Cueto is more deserving considering the run support he ‘s gotten this season.

Hope Cueto hits the 20 win mark. He deserves it. Like more offense in a game, but it was a good one. Let’s go remove Milwaukee from the playoff picture. Been a month since we won in a row…..let’smake it 4

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