Game 147: Cardinals at Reds


Pena has been scratched because of illness. Mesoraco will catch and bat fourth. Bruce will bat sixth.



Mesoraco is only hitting .285 and was 0-2 last night! He is not a good enough catcher to catch Cueto and God forbid he play first base ! His name ism ‘t Jay Bruce ! Unbelievable !!!!

Think negron not playing is absurd too. Look at the attendance now and until we get a real mgr that understands the game and hold players, and coaches accountable we r doomed for failure. Look for Walt to try to talk Cairo back

I am likewise miffed by the continued exclusion of Negron. Agree with your assessment of Price. Product of the system that needs changed. Evidently, tradition is everything, reality be damned.

When he can, look for Meso to be in Pitt he is being disrespected by price

Agree 100 percent! If I’m Mesoraco , I’m out of Cincinnati as soon as I’m a free agent!!!! Price is in way over his head !!

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