Should Votto return?

In a little while on, I will have the latest update on injured Reds 1B Joey Votto, who has been on the disabled list since July 8 with a distal strain of his left quadriceps.

There has been progress, manager Bryan Price said on Wednesday. But Price also noted there is a long way to go baseball-wise, before setting a timetable — or even thinking about a timetable, to get Votto activated again this season. The club is still trying to get him on the field — this season.

“His commitment to playing and our commitment to wanting to play is important. It deserves every attempt,” Price said. “If we said hey ‘you can play in a week and play the last several days of the season,’ that might be something we deem worthy as a stepping stone into 2015. To get him ready to have a single commemorative at-bat in the last game of the season isn’t really the goal.”

My opinion: There are 16 games left after today. Votto has little to gain from coming back this season and in a way, more to lose. Let’s say he can play the final week of the season and he hits the cover off the ball — many fans would probably say “it’s too little, too late,” or “why couldn’t he have come back when the season was still meaningful?” If he comes back and performs terribly, it only leaves a bad taste to end the season and leaves no optimism for next season. He also risks re-injury, even if he appeared to be 100 percent. Many non-contending clubs, at this point, would not attempt to bring back a star player from an injury this late in a season.

There could be other motivations at play, like giving fans another reason to come to the ballpark or just something as simple as he should play since he’s being paid to play. But I think it’s time to shut it down and look to 2015 when the Reds will very badly need Votto to be 100 percent and able to contribute.


Mark, agree with you 100%. Too much to lose, nothing to gain. Is there something in his contract that makes it important for either the Reds or for Votto to play again this year? I have not understood the reluctance on either side to shut it down.

Agreed MArk. Again good article

If the doctors say that playing the last week does not risk relapse, there is no reason for him not to play. If the doctors say there is a risk, then you don’t play him.

From a strictly financial standpoint, the team would benefit from showing to fans that Votto is healthy and they can expect him to fully contribute next year. Plenty of fans think Votto will never be the same again. That’s got to be a drag on ticket sales.

Steve. Good point about ticket sales for next year. I’m sure the Reds had projected income forecasted for this September that they won’t meet. The injuries and the post AS collapse have cost the Reds a bundle, IMO.

When is ever a player at caliber speed when he comes back from an injury; it takes
several games. Bringing Votto back for a hand full of games is ludicrous. Additionally, there is absolutely no reason to take such a risk. Let the guy mend 100% and come back next season equally sound, or 100% healthy. Votto is worth his weight in gold when he is healthy; Cincinnati isn’t the same when he isn’t.

Neb. I agree . There is NO reason to bring him back this late and with so little to play for! If the Reds bring him back for financial reasons , then shame on them !!!! Just another reason to lose respect for this management te !!!!!

Neb. Welcome back. Hadn’t heard from you in a while.

Ditto Neb! Hope everything is well with you !!!!

Thanks guys…end of the season and end of the Reds this season. Will have to catch up to you two and others when the season starts; 2015. It’ll be interesting to see how the team changes over the next 5-6 months; it’s gonna be an interesting off season with bullpen and LF still in obvious needs. Of course, there are 4 SP getting ready to enter FA (’16), so a lot is on the table. The good news is that we have some incredible trading chits. Remember: we all have a common and sustained interest…”OUR CINCINNATI REDS!” Be good, be kind.

Yes we do! We might express it in different ways and not always agree but we love the Reds!!!! Thanks for putting up with me !!!

Neb. You’re the statitician, I’m an observer. Need both. If not, a team wouldn’t need scouts. Always enjoy your input. GO REDS.

Ditto! I’m not bright enough to get all those stats and strong is right !

Agree with your opinion, Mark. Besides, for me, it’s all about TEAM, never about one player, even if it is Votto. Thus, the idea is to try & forget this disappointing season and move on. Joey coming back this year means nothing.

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