Reds complete Broxton trade

The Reds received Minor League right-handed pitchers Kevin Shackelford and Barrett Astin on Wednesday to complete the Jonathan Broxton trade from Aug. 31.

Shackelford, 25, split the 2014 season with Class A Brevard and Double-A Huntsville. After he had a 0.87 ERA in 12 games at Brevard, he was 2-4 with a 4.86 ERA in 40 relief appearances.

Once a catcher for Marshall University, Shackelford was a 21st round Draft pick of Milwaukee in 2010 and was promptly converted to a pitcher.

In 27 games – including 18 starts — for Class A Wisconsin, Astin was 8-7 with a 4.96 ERA and four saves. Over 121 2/3 innings, he allowed 132 hits, 36 walks and 12 home runs while striking 81 batters.

Astin, 22, was a third-round Draft pick in 2013 out of the Univ. of Arkansas.


I thought we were going to get some talent back for Broxton that could help us in the immediate future. Doesn’t sound like that.

Like I told someone on Twitter, it wasn’t realistic to think a big return was coming back for Broxton. Reds got salary relief and that was the biggest plus for them.

So was Jocketty being unrealistic or just lying when he said “I think the players we are getting back are both guys who will contribute in the next couple of years at the major-league level”?

Thats the talent expected to help???? LOL. WALT NEEDS TO RETIRE

The Brewers took on an 11 million dollar contract! Be realistic!

Assuming this trade allows them to re-sign 2 or 3 of the pitchers to become free agents after next year (Chapman, Leake, Cueto, Latos) and/or it (plus the money saved on Ludwick and Hannahan) allows them to spend on a left fielder this offseason, it’s still a good trade. The return from Milwaukee was never the biggest concern.

Kyle. Agree it was about the savings and I hope you’re right about Ludwick and Hanahan being gone in 2015.

Walt has retired just hasn’t announced it yet!

I agree that the salary dump was the main reason for the trade but Jockety did say the players the Reds would get in return would contribute in the next couple of years. We’ll just have to wait and see!! However, this is the same man that said the Reds were buyers the last two trade deadlines .

Astin allows 168 base runners in 121 innings? Sounds like a typical Reds move.

And the beat goes on …………..

Walt can fool the vegetable man with his words but not the true Reds fans

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