Game 146: Cardinals at Reds



What in the world did Negron do to tick off management. I think it’s been 5 games since he started. He wasn’t a Sept. call up. He has played a vital role and management talks the talk about what an asset he is. Doublespeak ????

Strong,I don ‘t think management knows what the hell they want or how to do it if they did !!!! I have zero confidence in them !

Small crowd tonight .

With jocketty it will get worse, he is a joke now. Bet he is not there at game he travels a lot when it gets hott!

Wow – a pitcher tossed! Don’t see that much. Hey – what happened to Neb?

Rounding 3rd. Neb’s back, check the Votto post. 1st time for me seeing pitcher tossed while still on the mound.

Thks! Good to know.

Another well played game. This season is a tale of 2 different teams.

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