Game 145: Cardinals at Reds



Glad to see Price keeping “A” team in the lineup. The Reds are on a roll and could possibly overtake the Cubs for last place in the Central. Don’t want to mess with that kind of success.

Which Red to Rock, how can any Reds rock when they all carry white surrender flags on their personal.

Protect the professional process baby !!!!!

Tradition, Tradition, Tradition.

End of 6. Reminds me of the Reds in June. Stringing base hits together, great defense, good pitching. Fun game to watch.

They did play well tonight ! !!!

All except the bullpen…………again.

When will this miserable season end? I keep hearing sports writers, including the one hosting, with their upbeat commentaries and it makes me sick. I’m beginning to wonder if even the pitching is as good as I assumed it was. But perhaps it is. I’m not calling for anyone’s head. I always thought, and still do, that Walt Jocketty can get it done but my faith is stretched. While we should always focus on pitching and defense first that does not mean we ignore offense totally. We need offensive help and likely more than just one guy. Were going to have to go out and sign a proven offensive threat and then have our scouts hopefully find one in the minors that can be called up next year. Votto, Phillips, Mesoraco and others need reliable help and reliable back up. I hope the pitching is fine since we have been rightly focused on better pitching. But it should be plain to see we can’t just ignore offense and expect it to magically show up. While pitching should always be the focus we should bank money, save it up or what ever to grab a nice offensive guy every time one reasonably shows up. Good Day.

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