Playing to Game 162

All of the remaining 19 games the Reds play in 2014 will be against NL Central opponents, with 16 of them against teams still in playoff contention — the Cardinals, Brewers and Pirates. At this point, all the Reds can do is try to disrupt the race as much as they can.

“Hopefully, we do make a difference in a positive way for our ball club,” Reds manager Bryan Price said on Monday. “We know these games mean a lot as far as where these teams — if they end up in the postseason or not. There should certainly be an investment on our side and make it a difficult thing for opponents to extract a victory from us.”

Playing division rivals or not, the Reds are desperate to finish 2014 with something positive, a tall task since they have gone 16-32 since the All-Star break entering the four-game series opener vs. the Cardinals.

“It eats at you from the inside, out to not play better than we have,” Price said.

The Reds ranks last in the Majors in second half batting average (.222), runs, hits, slugging and on-base percentage.

“We want to finish the season a lot stronger than we’ve played in the second half,” Price said. “It’s a troublesome feeling to go home, as frequently as we do, with a loss. I’m sure it’s eating away at everybody. It’d be a real nice reprieve from that heaviness to go out there and start to win more games. Certainly with respect to the those teams that are contending for the playoffs, we want to give them the best that we have. We have to do something selfishly, and that’s go out and win our games so we can feel a little bit better about how we finish up.

In the past four seasons, only 2011 was a year where the Reds were left to be spoilers. At the same time, they have some September call-ups they need to look at. It’s going to be a fine line for the club with how they use their younger players.

“We’re trying to respect the process and play as many of our regulars as possible against these contending teams, with still periodically getting a glimpse at some of the guys that we have for future consideration,” Price said. “That’s really what’s the challenge of this, is outside the Cubs series, everybody that we’re playing is still in contention. Yet we do want to see — I would like to see and I’m sure Walt [Jocketty] and the front office and out coaching staff would like to see — some of these guys play with a little bit more frequency. So that’ll be a challenge. We’ll see how that works its way out.”

Worth noting:

The time of the Reds’ Sept. 21 game at St. Louis has been moved to 8:05 p.m. ET because it’s been picked up by ESPN for Sunday Night Baseball. For ESPN, it’s a potential chance to have the Cardinals clinch the NL Central. Another incentive for the Reds, perhaps, is not being the opponent that has to watch a team clinch playoff spots against them. It is possible — not necessarily likely — that the Reds could see St. Louis, Pittsburgh and Milwaukee all clinch playoff berths against them. That would sting just a bit, no?


Really, playing all 162 games! They have been playing the last 40 games with surrender white flags. This team has quit and Price has not handled it very well.
Nor has Red management. This season from these players is unacceptable, but listen to Chris Welsh on tv broadcasts and he has a million excuses. Enough!

Price talks the talk but doesn’t ‘t walk the walk! The Reds are and will play second fiddle to the Cardinals unless they make some changes. Unless Cueto is pitching , they should have at least one or two of the call ups in the lineup!!! All Price has done with this statement is cover his rear end when he doesn’t play these guys .

The announcers do indeed seem to take every opportunity to remind the fans of the injuries, etc. Article by C.T. Rosencrans today on talked about the multiple injuries the Cardinals have suffered this year. One quote I thought spoke volumes: “The thing is, the Cardinals haven’t been great — they’ve been good enough and peaking at the right time. That’s the thing, when you have the best organization in the game, good things tend to happen.”

Pena batting second. Thats a big’ol come on man. Bring back Dusty next year.

I was looking for a GREAT response to a previous post on this topic (another thread) to “STRONG”…. But Brian Price has said ALL THAT needs to be said..
This is PROFESSIONAL Baseball, NOT The sport of professional wrestling…
Pride, Professionalism, and give the fans the FIRST team…
“Respect the Process”…. SAYS IT ALL… You can BITC%&# allyou want about Price as a manager, that is your prerogative, but again…. He and his team are PROFESSIONALS, not circus entertainers….
Relating to guys that have quit…. If you do not think that will be dealt with in the off-season, then you do not know Bob Castellini and Tom/Joe Williams very well.

BTW : MARK This was a GREAT STORY…. THANKS for your continued professionalism….

I suppose you do know these guys well T2 ! I am glad the Reds respect the professional process because they sure don’t respect their fans! They have done nothing the last two seasons to improve this ball club ! Nothing but lip service !

JIM: As a matter of fact I do know two of the 3 very well….. ANd do the MATH of the amount of $$$$$ they have put into the Reds and THE FACILITIES TO INCREASE THE FANS EXPERIENCE….. infinitesimal MORE $$$$$$ than the Brown family down the street.
Signing AND KEEPING CHAPMAN…was not for the fans? Give me a break… 20 + other major league teams would trade huge for Chapman..He is a bargain at his salary.Signing VOTTO to a LONG TERM $100 + million deal? Did the owners do this because they wanted to “throw away money”? They made a long term commitment to B.Phillips, arguably the best defensive baseman in baseball at the time, who continues to play HURT….for the fans…. Anyone who notes “They have done nothing the last two seasons to improve this ball club ! Nothing but lip service !” is too emotional to look at the facts…. The Reds needed and RBI GUY this year…. a big bopper in Left Field…. They tried to get this, but the price was way too high for a small market team like the Reds…As I have noted this since last November (hot stove league days) to the point of making Mark sick of hearing it, I will concede that this Walt’s/ownership’s one failure this 2014 season…. any other griping is just that…T2

Yes , right ! Chapman was signed to be starter. , Bruce can’t hit , Bailey is over paid for a .500 pitcher . I agreed and liked the Votto and Phillips’ trade at the time . I’m tired of them saying they were buyers at both trade dead lines and did Nothing! How did Hoover turn out among relievers ?

My previous comment is to point out how these professionals have quit. I believe that is a fact. As for Price, he gets a pass as a first year manager, he will long remember this season. As far as the franchise goes they have made a great effort. I believe this and I also believe they are a fans franchise. However, when we have players whom have quit, they need to go. I like Hamilton, Votto, Frazier, Cueto, Latos, Bailey, and Chapman. That is where it ends for me. Seems Mr. Bruce will have a lot to prove come 2015, I just doubt he has the ability. I have always seen him as overrated. The Reds need to keep 3 starters, that should be Bailey, Cueto, and Latos. Trading Latos will be a mistake. They just saved $10m with Broxton, did he ever fade? Cozart is a good glove but a rally killer. Philips is on a decline and I believe this will continue, but a great guy. I worry Votto does not have the body to endure the long grueling season and my fears are he is injury prone, I hope I am wrong. Truth be told my confidence in the Reds (I have been a Red fan for over 55 years, all be it from here in L. A.) is not to strong. With 2010 I saw a raising team but I do not see it any more.

pd morgs. Couldn’t agree more. Also been a fan for over 55 years. Chris Welsh was just saying this is a good opportunity for players to put on a push to improve their stats to put them in a better negotiating situation for higher salaries. So much for team and professionalism. Forget that they have failed all year. Let’s continue to play ’em so they can put a push on for more money. Disgusting.

Sad to say but that’ what players on teams that are of contention do! Professional sports at it ‘s finest ! Stat driven for $$$$$.

Hooray for the “A” team. 0 Runs; 3 Hits. Sure glad they didn’t play the minor league guys. Kudos to the “new guy pitchers”, Axelrod, Holmberg, Dennick, and Villareal. Then there were the “A” team pitchers, Parra, LeCure, Hoover(no it wasn’t him), it’s just hard to tell the difference when it’s Ondrusek.

well another shutout. can you say the stat drive is not working??? the team looks beat every night.. they seem to play better for Cueto. at least get 1-2 runs for him Sigh!!.. teh rest they are beat once the other team scores 1 run!!!!.. This offense is looking like 1982.. BORING to watch… Not worth buying tickets.. you see the Cards have injuries but they deal with it.. go get help, bring up QUALITY replacements.. The Reds do not know what those are… they seem to have quit at the All-Star Break!!.. sadly ownership doesnt sat squat.. DO NOT blame injuries.. they are only missing Votto now.. STILL LOSING!!!.. AND when he brought in Ondrusek to face Adams when he has Chapman throwing in the bullpen, why wasnt he brought in to face the Lefty hitting Reds Killer????? dumb move there killed any chance to win or tie in the ninth!!! Cubs might catch them..,Bob and Walt deserve last place.. Hanahan on the team is a joke( have to pay him 2 million to leave, wasted money).. wasted money. the contract for Ludwick with a 4.5 million buy out is another dumb contract.. 6.5 million for nothing!! how they going to fix this??? i see the Cubs getting further the next 2-3 years while the Reds are near the top of the drafting list.. yay!! just what i want to do in the summer, watching a losuy baseball team with ZERO accountability!!

Cant think of a season when I was looking forward more to it being over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went to the game last night and for the first six innings it was evenly matched. This team has Not given up they are Not phoning it in. Heisey made three good catches and cut off a ball holding it to a single. Pena was driving all over the place at first stopping ground balls. Cozart was being the human vacuum at short again. Bruce almost got one at home. Billy makes playing in the outfield look so easy. The team I saw on the field was not phoning it in or they wouldn’t of made those kind of plays. Injuries have heard this team immensely that is a Fact not an opinion. Look how they have affected the Rangers and to a lesser extent the Yankees. I heard no boos at the ballpark last night because the fans realize that the team was trying it’s best and that’s all you can ask of any team.

Hoosier Virg….someday I hope to watch a game with you… A true fan with a keen eye, not blemished by blow -hards that need to vent because they have a miserable life…. Stay true to your knowledge and love of the game Virg.

Blow-hard here. Rising up from from the depths of despair caused by my miserable life. In spite of my apparent lack of knowledge or love of baseball and not measuring up evidently to the definition of a true fan, I will continue to express my views on the sad state of affairs concerning this current Reds team.

T2 and Hoosier are the blow hard.When Phillips was asked to bunt following Mesoraco ‘a lead off double , you could tell he went through the motions! Pena dived for one ball where he could’ve , should’ve taken one step to his right and gotten in front of the ball ! The fact is The Reds’ management has let us down by signing too many big contracts and doing NOTHING to improve this team!!! I don’t know if they’ve mailed it in or not but the talent just isn’t there !!!! The record after the all star break speaks for itself ! The injury excuse is for losers which is exactly what the Reds are !!!!

Jim I did not call you names and I would appreciate it if you did not call me names even though you were kind enough not to be too harsh LOL. I respect your opinion and I hope that you are mature enough to respect my thank you.

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