Game 144: Cardinals at Reds



Kudos to Price for putting the best first 8 he has against the Cards due to their involvement in the pennant race…..

Yes a double thanks to Price for doing that especially since I am sitting here in the parking garage getting ready to walk over to the game.

Hoosier Virg….have a couple of cold ones for me…….Enjoy the game….

Thanks T2 I have never been a drinker and I’m glad because of the prices of beer at the ballpark LOL. My cold one is a diet Pepsi with two hotdogs I put my feet up and watch my favorite team in my favorite park. Been doing this for over 60 years.

What purpose does starting the best 8 do as far as developing new talent and putting us in a better position to evaluate personnel to prepare for next year. I for one would rather watch a lineup of new guys. The best 8 are a very boring team to watch.

If I want to watch those guys I will drive to Louisville and pay a much cheaper price. Besides if the Reds don’t know what they have by now after their time in the minor leagues I would not think much of them as talent evaluators. I have watched Dunn Votto Bruce Cueto all of them come up to through Louisville and you can pretty well tell watching them down there who is going to make it and who isn’t. Besides that is a neat ballpark to watch games in and very fan friendly just like GABP.

Strong: Its called maintaining the professionalism of the game… As any MBL season comes to a close, it is a professional expectation among major leaguer’s; their management and coaches as well as all front office staffs that a team OUT of contention (THE REDS) fields their BEST starting 8 players against a TEAM that IS IN CONTENTION (The Cards)…. The one exception over the years seems to be the pitching position, as a team out of contention, usually has a starting rotation with sore arms, and it is hard to justify risking permanent arm or shoulder injuries when you have fresh- young – minor league arms now on the expanded roster…. Boring to you or not, this is an established MBL professional protocol.

From a previous post. I agree with Doug.

Interesting article by Doug Gray at YardBarker:
‘The Reds need to figure out the answers, or try to, on the guys they called up. They shouldn’t care about “playing regulars against contenders” or “sticking with the guys that have been here all season”, both things that Bryan Price has said over the past three days. Why should the Reds do things for other teams benefit? Do what is best for the Reds organization and let the Brewers, Cardinals and whoever else worry about their own organizations. The guys that have been around all year are well out of first place with no realistic chance of changing that. It’s time for another approach, at least in the short term that is the final three-and-a-half weeks of the season.’

And I disagree with Doug whoever he is LOL.

Hoosier VIRG: a cost effective tip: Go across the street from the Reds Hall of Fame and the Holy Grail….. Johnny Rockets can give you grub and a drink — and its much more cost effective than in the GABP….. If they have DOGS…have them wrap’em up in aluminum foil for you to keep em hot at the game….

Agreed T2 about the financial tip I have eaten at Johnny Rockets many times. It is more of a traditional thing for me now to go eat a couple of dogs at GABP and stand there and look out over the river as I munch on them and enjoy the view. I sit right in front of the twins stacks first or second row because they are the best seats in the house you can see everything and the price is right. Like I said once a year I do the diamond seats with my grandson as our birthday presents.

I agree with Strong ! The way it looks , the Reds play contenders most of the games left! Don ‘ say you need to figure things out with these call ups and then cover your rear end by justifying why you can’t play them !!! Price and the Red’s management has become very good at speaking out of both sides of their collective mouths. !

I’m sure glad the Reds played their BEST 8 and showed respect for the professional process !!!!! A whopping 3 hits and not to mention another impressive performance from Ondrusik !! Yahoooo!!!

Sure was exciting to watch. Pathetic.

the good news is if we keep playing like this we’ll get a top 10 pick in next years draft.

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