Games 142-143: Mets at Reds

I am off the rest of the series. Back on Monday.


Today’s lineup:

1.CF: Billy Hamilton
2.C: Brayan Pena
3.1B: Todd Frazier
4.RF: Jay Bruce
5.2B: Brandon Phillips
6.3B: Kristopher Negron
7.LF: Donald Lutz
8.SS: Zack Cozart
9.SP: Johnny Cueto

No Mesaraco, go figure.

Price is either bullheaded or stupid !! I think it’ both. Mesoraco has been hitting of late ! I guess they don’t need offense . Lol

Interesting article by Doug Gray at YardBarker:
‘The Reds need to figure out the answers, or try to, on the guys they called up. They shouldn’t care about “playing regulars against contenders” or “sticking with the guys that have been here all season”, both things that Bryan Price has said over the past three days. Why should the Reds do things for other teams benefit? Do what is best for the Reds organization and let the Brewers, Cardinals and whoever else worry about their own organizations. The guys that have been around all year are well out of first place with no realistic chance of changing that. It’s time for another approach, at least in the short term that is the final three-and-a-half weeks of the season.’

I have commented before on this subject and I agree with Doug.

Lucky you. You do not have to watch the free fall. Hopefully we will get at top five pick next year for finishing last in the division. Hope they can make good use of it.

Hey guys , I have to take a step back with today’s lineup. The Reds have to try and win with their regulars for Cueto. He’s in the Cy Young race. Price had it right today. !

Sunday lineup:

1.CF: Billy Hamilton
2.LF: Skip Schumaker
3.3B: Todd Frazier
4.C: Devin Mesoraco
5.2B: Brandon Phillips
6.RF: Jay Bruce
7.1B: Jack Hannahan
8.SS: Zack Cozart
9.SP: Mat Latos

Why in the world is Hanahan playing. He is a player that has to be gone next year and has contributed zilch over the last 2 years, injured or not. Put Lutz at 1B and let him play several games in a row, against both LHP & RHP. Whether you like Hanahan or not, respect him or not, whether he is a nice guy or not, he is wasting opportunities for future talent. The Reds seem to have a nice guy culture which is not the same as a WINNING culture.

Does anyone know how many different lineups the Reds have had this year ? I would be willing to say since Votto got hurt , Price has put a different one out everyday!!!

Kind of reminds me of the Jerry Narron days…..

I mean even if it’s the same 8 guys , it ‘a a different batting order. ! And I don ‘t think it’s been the same 8 guys.

Mark said the last game with Orioles was #109. It looked like the 3 games with Mets were different than used before. So that makes it 112. Also, Hoover is still Hoover. And we left Partch in Indy.

I think our last two managers would have screwed the Big Red Machine up! Price is in way over his head !

I think it’s more than the managers, it’s organizational. The Cardinals have always had a culture of winning. I belive that culture made Jocketty successful not the other way around. As a result you have Mr C. and Walt in Cincinnati but the culture is still in St. Louis. We seem to have a culture of being overly nice to the players, of wanting to win, but not committed to winning, and also locked in the small market mindset of we can’t compete.

I wish the Reds had never had an All-Star break. Should have flown to Japan and kept playing.

Lol What could’ve should’ve been .

If ands and buts were candy and nuts oh what a season it would have been.

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