Jocketty not D-backs GM candidate

There had been speculation brewing for much of the summer that Reds general manager Walt Jocketty could be a candidate for the D-backs GM job if an anticipated change was made by his former Cardinals manager and current chief baseball officer Tony La Russa. Jocketty’s three-year contract with the Reds expires after this season.

That change came overnight Thursday when LaRussa dismissed GM Kevin Towers and offered him another position in the organization. Various candidates for the job emerged on Friday, but La Russa went on record to say that there would not be a working reunion of sorts with Jocketty. He will not be a candidate to replace Towers.

“I think I’m very confident in saying that Walt is entirely committed to the Cincinnati Reds and he’s total interest is about what it takes to make them a champion,” La Russa told reporters in Arizona. “And I know his loyalty to Bob Castellini and the folks that work with the Reds so Walt’s not part of what we do here. He’s working and he’s committed.”

Jocketty was traveling on Friday. A message was left for comment.

UPDATE: Jocketty told me via phone that he was optimistic he would re-sign with the Reds.

“I’ve had discussions with Mr. Castellini and we’re still working out some things that will be resolved hopefully very soon,” Jocketty said while traveling to see the Reds’ Class A Bakersfield affiliate compete in the playoffs. “I feel like I have a commitment to win a championship here. I want to hopefully stay until we accomplish that.”

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Translated it means LaRussa doesn’t want him. Question is do the Reds want him. Stay tuned for the offseason.

They let Dusty walk because he couldn’t get them to the next level. Why would they allow Jocketty to stay when he hasn’t done much to move the needle since he arrived in 2008?

Reds fans love a winner, and incessantly rag on a loser. This year’s team is a stinker but I don’t think this year’s team is indicative of his entire tenure. I believe Jocketty can win here and the biggest reason I believe so is our 2012 season. I for one would support Walt in Cincinnati for a few more years and if he does get that championship, he can punch his ticket to the Reds Hall of Fame and become Cincinnati Immortality. Go Reds!

Uh…… I don’t think so !! Not with this current bunch !

He’ll need to pull off some miraculous trades and do a complete rebuild in one offseason…………not likely.

I would agree that a complete rebuild is unlikely. I would disagree that it is necessary. LF is the only question mark of the position players in my mind going into next year. The boldness to move Chapman into the rotation and a healthy Cingrani could provide much needed SP depth. We definitely need bullpen help to ensure the likes of Hoover and Ondrusek never set foot on our mound again in a Reds uniform. I have hope that Marshall, LeCure, and Parra can be productive next year. Thoughts??

Flush Each Season Away As Long As We Have The Jock

I would argue that the Reds have many question marks. Will Votto ever play a whole season without injury ? Is Bruce willing or able to hit . Is Marshall finished ? Can the bullpen rebound , period ? The big one is , do the Reds have the money or knowledge to get it done? I have very little confidence in Castilini and company !!!!! There are many more. However , I hope you’re right Tyrus !!!!!!

Indeed there are a lot of questions, Jim. I guess that’s why we keep watching this team, through thick and thin! Maybe they can finish these last three weeks on a high note to give us hope heading into the offseason.

Walt was handpicked by Mr. C to be the GM of this ballclub. It should come as no surprise that he will be here till he figures he is done with the job. When Mr. C was in the part ownership of the Cardinals he saw all the success that one of the best sports franchises has had. He is trying to emulate that success with the Reds and hence the reason he brought Walt into the fold.

Tyrus, Hoosier. You are both right !!! Although frustrated , this will always be our team !!! Hopefully I can be a little more patient! Not one of my assets! But I ‘m working on it . Go Reds !!!!

I would like to see Joe Morgan promoted to President of Baseball Operations, like Tony LaRussa,. This would place him in a position between Mr. C and The GM and give him more input and authority than he has as Senior Advisor to the President and Chief Executive Officer. This would make Jocketty the GM period and not President of Baseball Operations and GM. Don’t know the answer but how many teams have their GM also President of Baseball Operations. If not Joe Morgan than someone else with the knowledge for that position.

Not a bad idea !

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