Game 141: Mets at Reds



What inning will the Reds get their first hit and will they score with the regulars back in ?9

Like seeing Bourgeois in LF, but think he should bat 2nd. Didn’t think he had the speed for CF. Thought he had a good swing and took what they gave him, didn’t force it. Would like to see Negron at 2nd instead og “EgoMan”.

Phillips thinks he is all that but he is not. He might have rushed return to the game. Negron at 2nd a given to us, but to Price????? I donot think I can watch another loss like last night. That was a heartbreaker. They need to score runs early on and lots of them to win. Hoping Votto does not come back this season and continues to heal. We need him back pre this season.

I think Jay Bruce will drive in 6 runs tonight , hit a HR to left ! Or strike out twice and ground out into the shift !

It was a heartbreaker, but wasn’t it fun to watch guys getting base hits when they were needed. Going with what they were given and not forcing it. Again it was Price going with the relief pitchers that have failed him on multiple occassions that lost the chance to win. Probably use Hoover and/or Ondrusek tonight. Just wondering when we will see Chapman again in a save situation.

Sure hope it’s the first scenario!!!

Price must have gotten a dressing down by the first team by his last night lineup that first team is close to last place in the central


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